Protect the lungs of the planet

Protect the lungs of the planet

C8 on May 13, 2013 a group of students of the Faculty of the Kuban State Agrarian University environmental committed eco campaign. The aim was to conduct monitoring in hunting «Plancheskoe» Seversky district.

As a result of a visual inspection of the hunting farm lands have been identified numerous irregularities in the conduct of logging. The main deforestation carried out on the territory of the State reserve «Erik the Red». In this area, conducted felling valuable trees — beech, English oak, pine Caucasian linden. Also timber being at the foot of the mountain and Popeye Pshada.

From an environmental point of view, logging in this area affect its hydrological regime. The hunting lease flowing mountain rivers Ubin and FC Afips Afipsky, watershed which is a mid range, Cross Ridge and Red Pass, in the upper reaches of the mountains many rivers and ravines. In our opinion, such a deforestation can only be described as «barbaric», as the turnover of the business is taken only an array of forests, and the butt of the tree tops and thrown on the ground saw cut and processing.

The land on which the cutting is done, is part of the habitat of various animals and birds, most of them included in the Red Book of Russia and the Krasnodar Territory, for example, European wild cat, Caucasian lynx, black stork, otter, mink, hawk, falcon and others.

Also in the area inhabited by the Caucasian subspecies of red deer, European roe deer, wild boar. The population has decreased considerably since the last epidemic of African swine fever.

Effects on the nature of the human factor as deforestation, leads to a reduction of natural habitats above animals or their disappearance as a species. According to the participants, activities such as eco-hike, have a beneficial effect on the formation of ecological culture of the person that will change the quality for the conservation of the environment for future generations.

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