Purists of the genre

Purists of the genre

Some believe that the reality of one. Workers One Reality believe that the only moral genre is a classic arcade game. And after a very successful and enjoyable in all respects Crazy Drake’oM going to shoot a volley of three much-needed fans of classic games. And only then do control shot — four toys which publishes only One Reality, but not write.

Nebula Fighter without interest for fans of the «dodge" from asteroids and shooting little spaceship. The creators call the game not only as «a real arcade.» The theme of flight, shooting and collecting weapons flavored original music and excellent sound effects and animation inserts. Everything has been carefully rendered, TCI acknowledged that in order to achieve maximum aesthetic performance. Special levels are expected to participate in group activities of several players. This arch is de …

At the heart of the game lies Impact heartbreaking story about how the Earth was destroyed by a huge comet, we zanesshego alien life forms. They have destroyed the human race, and the player has no choice but to arrange a vendetta. It is necessary not only to run (not disdaining teleporters) and jump and swim, and sometimes fly. Weapons quite futuristic ers, flamethrowers and bombs. However, this is familiar, and the rest, alas, is classified. We only know that his secret weapon will Therefore many arcade.

Roketz — scrolling game companion. Everything revolves around, do we fly, and resolution — the highest. The game promises to breathe new life into the traditional arcade experience. Will soon, but the data — enough to swear.

Clearly we know only one thing: the music is recorded tracks (apparently, it is so good that the game is given the right to listen to it away from the computer).

Dark Rage. Gloomy cosmic fly without, of course, hinting at what simulation whatsoever. Developed by Drakssen. Our goal is — no, not communism, we must fly, collecting bonuses along the way is more, the diversity of which we should be happy. It promised that the game will be hard, and fast, but the speed of fast action — very fast.

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