«Rotten» genre.

Everyone knows what Dark Reign, but few have heard of the Dark Reign 2. This is because the information about the game virtually none. Reliable — even less. In this regard, it is not clear what people are doing the owners of more than 50 well-designed fan sites, which with great difficulty managed to fill only section "rumors «and "Pictures». Waiting for the game people suffer, forgive me outright garbage — coming up with new units, publish biographies of their characters in the world of Dark Reign, in short — express themselves to the fullest.

Periodically pop pieces ICQ-dialogues "true source «of his expression reminded reports of the first expedition to Jupiter (» God, it’s full of stars! ..") And also suddenly interrupted. "Mobile infantry waist-deep in the water … the beams of searchlights snatching raised above his head, laser rifles … The fog hides the contours of the fortress on the hill … The machine guns on the towers … «

In Pandemic, it seems to be very satisfied with what is happening. Pandemic? Under this name hides our old friends — Josh Resnik (Dark Reign, Battlezone, Mechwarrior 2) and Andrew Goldman (SpyCraft, Battlezone). After the relative success of Dark Reign, and Battlezone Josh and Andrew decided to leave the walls of native Activision and filed for free bread. Doors, however, no one clapped — Activision finances Pandemic and will publish their games. Game is a little — Dark Reign 2 and Battlezone, respectively, "2 «.

And now to business. Josh Resnick believes that the genre of real-time strategy "He lost its former freshness, «and to put it simply — rotten. Let’s not talk about that first Dark Reign was not the fresh piece of meat in the kitchen RTS, better listen to how it plans to get out of the situation and the newly-born guru of our old friend. If we reject the common words, are two ideas: a complete and accurate 3D image scale.

So, the first Dark Reign will only play the universe and well-crafted plot. Everything else will be done again. Polygon units and relief, free-floating camera — pictures of the game more like Battlezone, especially close-ups. Yes, the Marines do raise the rifle up, so as not to soak them in water. Zoom in, we will literally be able to be among the protagonists. Josh decided to abandon large-scale battles in favor of smaller tactical skirmishes with the emphasis on the individual characters. One hundred-fifteen units, and small cards — this is what awaits us in the second part of the game.

However, the card players seem very large, because they themselves … will be less. Dark Reign 2 will boast the correct proportions — more than infantry tanks, tall buildings and large transport ships. Pretty toy tanchikov and houses, everything will be according to the rules! Spin all this beauty should be, the assurances of the authors, Pentium 166 and a mandatory 3D-accelerator. The game will be released in autumn 1999, and it seems about the same time we are waiting for the invasion of a whole new wave of RTS. Will Dark Reign 2 little freshen the air or make things worse — time will tell.

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