«SEAT Alhambra»

Minivan «Alhambra» came to us not because at one point he suddenly became desirable in Russian families. In our area it is much more needed to SEATO. What for? Quite simply, because he — the head of a Spanish family.

entertaining cultural studies

The already meager market minivans in Russia every year becomes more and more thinned: old machines go back home, and not gained popularity due, as new in no hurry to bestow his presence dealerships. There is no demand! We’ve both: we need a large family car — take a coupe. I do not want — do not take. A minivans are mostly perceived as a corporate transport. Especially since that sensible van, really spacious and truly functional, is nothing less than a decent crossover.

«Alhambra» — the machine of more than spacious and highly functional. Well done, the Catalans, good transportation bungled! The truth is that it Spanish? All filling machines from German, which is not surprising: «Alhambra» is a copy of the German «Volkswagen Sharan», which in turn is built on the same platform with the «Passat». And let the car at the «Auto Europa» in the Portuguese town of Palmela.

And the name of the machine, if both should dig deeper into history, not Spanish ancient fortress Alhambra, situated in the city of Granada in southern Spain, was built by the Moors, and its name translates from Arabic as «red castle». The first mention of the fortifications erected on the hill of La Sabika, refers to the IX century, and the blossoming of the fortress fell on the XIII century: during the reign of the Muslim dynasty Nasrid Alhambra became a royal residence.

kompanero all places!

I am a down to earth person, and driving me to take a lot more than any board out there Nasrid. However, his acquaintance with the «Alhambra» I started as a passenger — still in the lobby passenger family car almost dominates over the course of the ruling party at the wheel. In addition to the passenger seat is easier to explore all the chips and buns, which are abundant interior of a minivan.

But that’s the place I choose? They are seven! Maybe we should start with hardcore, having pushed himself right in the third row? However, difficulties in getting to the «gallery» I have not experienced: electric gently pushes the wide side door, spreading it along the body, and the extreme of the central seat of the sofa is not only friendly bends back, and leans forward on the rails, opening the passage to the child seat.

Here are just a baby whether they? Not at all! I quickly took a relaxed stance: the chair is set pretty high, enough space for the feet and have a stock over a head — think freely here will feel even taller passengers, than I am with my 170 centimeters tall. Not bad!

Yet children’s place in the «Alhambra» -Is there, their presence should be specified when ordering the machine. The last seat of the middle row — it’s Transformers: flick of the wrist cushion rises by cutting in length and forming a platform for the feet at the base of the seat. Voila!

pleasure center

Generally it is around the average number of passengers concentrated the main charms of a minivan. About electrified door, I said, but it is only a prelude to a real pleasure! Home joy for sitting in the middle of the machine — of course, the panoramic roof: it from the passenger compartment through it excellent views of the snow-capped peaks of the mountain range of the Sierra Nevada, which is located at the foot of Granada with its Alhambra. If the sun, ascended to the zenith, the eye begins to chop through the tinted glass roof, the panorama can be curtained matte shutter.

Armchairs middle row can be individually move back and forth, sliding on the floor laid in individual tracks. In addition, each seat back angle is adjusted. The trim sliding doors made vertical niches that will fit even large bottles of lemonade (or beer if the children are 18 years old), and on the back of the front seats folding tables hung with holes for cups. However, in the very plastic «trays» (in my opinion, pretty flimsy) special needs no -ravno as in beneath them hooks for bags, which can be used only if the tables are in «active» state. This is not logical. A separate item as climate control for the needs of the second row more than logical. It is gratifying that all Russian «Alhambra» three-zone climate is present by default.

that’s what the balance?

I must say, «Alhambra» is not only a family bus, but not untalented family truck. Even in the 7-seat configuration, the luggage compartment volume is 267 liters — it is only slightly less than the hatchback «Ford Focus». In such a situation here easily snaps a few suitcases of impressive dimensions. But if you depose the third row of seats, smoothed them flat floor, the luggage compartment again increase to 809 liters, limited shutter. But if this is not enough, you can always continue to rack up to the front seats, folding middle row — and then offers real cargo van will appear larger than two cubic meters. And here is another problem — where to get so much luggage?

Express delivery

Of all the possible versions in Russia ticket received only top model equipped with a 2-liter turbo engine and robotised gearbox DSG — say, only the most powerful power unit head of the Spanish family has a truly southern temperament. And do not argue: two hundred forces endow minivan really bright character. «Alhambra» smartly starts and exciting move is gathering pace, actively turning over six gears, well-aimed blow sending the speedometer in the penalty area: excellent sound insulation and high seating conceal the true speed. And if you ignore the specific ergonomics with a slight taste of the bus, the finish will be completely personal: a large SEAT extremely easy and enjoyable to drive. Typical «Volkswagen»! Precise steering, impeccably tuned suspension and brakes very understandable if incite go fast. But is the family will share the pleasure of driving?

Now I ask this question early. My family is not so great to try on the minivan — all the more so expensive. The basic version of the «Style» -on the sole and therefore the most expensive — is estimated at 1.391 million rubles, and in view of the additional equipment such as metallic color, the third row of seats, panorama roof, alarm system, parking sensors with rear view camera and other options to taste the price and does ascent to one and a half million.

And if family circumstances forced me to organize my life a universal means of transport, I would most likely satisfied with the machine in another format: the money that the Spaniards asked for his remarkable «Alhambra» reasonable to spend on a crossover, which in our reality much good longer . I am sure that most of our fellow citizens think the same way.

And to whom we need a solid minivan, even if it has so many talents as SEAT? The Russian office is believed that several hundred enthusiasts with family needs in a year — that’s good. And the main task of the «Alhambra» is not how to plant in Russian culture minivenovozhdeniya. All that it requires is a complement is a modest range of brands. Well, or lead. That’s all!

And if so, then, in essence, no matter how good will be sold «Alhambra». His work is already done.

Operation Cooperation

Portuguese factory «Auto Europa» was conceived in 1991 as a joint venture «Volkswagen» and «Ford» for the production of minivans-then this class is considered to be very promising. The first cars came off the assembly line in 1995 — these were «Sharan» and «Galaxy». A year later they were joined and «Alhambra». In 2010, to replace the first generation came to the second, and «Ford» and does left the project — «Galaxy» third generation created on the new platform, and its production moved to Belgium.

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