«Siemens» investing in the future

The success of any company is not possible without staff, who are its main value. In this regard, «Siemens» is committed to ensuring that all positions were occupied by the most qualified and competent professionals. However, the company employs not only professionals with years of experience, but the young cadres.

Menno is why «Siemens» actively cooperates with many major universities and research institutes in Russia. Among them, the Moscow State University. M. Lomonosov Moscow State University, MSTU. Bauman, Ural Federal University, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology and many others. With the assistance of the company on the basis of educational institutions are laboratory lectures for students and teachers, the company is involved in the scientific and practical conferences and forums. At job fairs employees «Siemens» talk about innovation and about how to start a career in major international concern. Such cooperation is mutually beneficial for both parties.

The main advantage for the university is to reduce the gap that exists today between knowledge and skill level of graduates who expect to see high-tech companies in their employees and partners. The state is also interested in raising the level of training of young specialists of engineering specialties. Today, allocated significant funds to equip laboratories and training centers with modern equipment. Many universities that are among the partners of «Siemens» to include in their laboratory and research centers equipment and software «Siemens», thanks to which students master advanced methods of measurement, automation, control and data processing.

Most of the work with the students is the Department of Corporate Technology. The Department annually organizes training undergraduates and graduates of specialized universities. Practice in the company — another opportunity to improve the knowledge and skills to get the research work. Students make calculations and measurements, conduct laboratory experiments to create a prototype that is involved in the full cycle of a new product or technology. Some data can then be used by them in the course or research paper.

The next step will be to develop a comprehensive approach to working with the universities through the synchronization of actions taken in relation to higher education institutions various divisions of the company. This will combine the competence of the Department of enterprise technology to the interests of the business sector of the company and to achieve more significant results. For example, equipment engineering centers and laboratories of universities equipment «Siemens» will provide an opportunity to continue to use them as demonstration sites for customers and for training on the new equipment in regions where no own competence centers.

In addition to supporting students «Siemens» and focuses on high school students. As part of the «Generation 21» project is being implemented on a national scale

— All-Russian competition for schoolchildren nauchnoinnovatsionnyh projects. Its main task — to involve young people in activities aimed at improving the quality of life and the global issues of the modern world. Competition is implemented in all eight federal districts of Russia. For example, this year the theme was chosen free. Participants are encouraged to show imagination, thinking to solve urgent problems of the modern world. A reference point for them will serve those areas in which the company operates: energy, industry, health, infrastructure and cities. Support for the initiative «Siemens» had about 4,000 Russian schools, and 90 universities. Winning the competition provides the opportunity not only to gain new experience and feel the importance and weight of the work, but also get a cash reward.

«Siemens» enables students and high school students to determine the direction of further professional development, to understand what it means to work in one of the leading international companies to take part in interesting projects.

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