Simple failure

Simple failure

The child does not like what he is offered, baby prefers something else: Apple juice orange, drawing reading, white blue cap. This «do not want» the perfect and correct: it says that the child begins to form its own view of the world, themselves and their activities. Parents should try to take into account the variety of baby as often as possible: the child has a right to their own tastes, interests and preferences. Of course, when it comes to employment, crumb is gradually accustomed to the word «necessary». But remember: the first «do not want», which sounds, in two to school, which is education «must» rise to the child in full growth — at least five years, and an interest in learning and work in the first experiments, the development of science more importantly diligence.

Any rebellion thing is not easy, especially for the kid.

It takes a lot of courage to express their denial, because pipsqueak see how much it upsets parents.

Strength test

First of all — parental prohibitions and family boundaries. Even adults often try to break the rules, to say nothing about the children! And if you, for example, told the kid that you have a family decided to eat only at the table one day he would declare, «I will not!» And try to chew chop, cutting circles around the living room. Just to see what would happen and how strong your inhibitions. At such times it is important to be calm and confident firmness and resolve to break the rules. Remember: the family border — is the basis of security of the world, self-esteem and self-love and care from parents to children. But of course, these boundaries and rules should be reviewed with the growth and development of the baby. For example, if half of the year crumbs strictly was prohibited to touch the trash can, the five-year kid could be responsible for something to be treated with garbage bags in the trash.

Sooner or later even the most flexible in the world a child says his first «I do not want!». Some parents while clutching his heart drops, the other — on the belt, the third brawl until they were hoarse. But to find a constructive solution to cope with the children’s revolt without loss is also possible.

Before choosing a strategy of behavior in this case, the moms and dads and grandparents to keep in mind that «do not want» are different.

The manifestation of negativism

The first manifests itself as the main indicator of the crisis three years. The child says «no» and «do not want» all the suggestions of adults, especially parents, just the spirit of contradiction, often to the detriment of himself. Its contents are not interested in the proposed, and the very negation. Such negativity — an ordeal for the parents, it must be easy to go through. Comfort themselves that such behavior — • indication that the baby moves in its development to a new level. By the way, he himself in these moments is very, very difficult. Typically, the period of children’s negativity does not last more than two or three months. Of course, provided that the parent-child trust relationship.

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