«So, I’m an actress»

The series «Mad Men,» made the whole world to sigh for the days when the whiskey flowed a river in all offices, even the smokers smoked on board the aircraft, and the girls wore dresses beating in the eyes of flowers. And at the same time he made the stars before obscure Dzhenyueri Jones, Christina Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss and Jessica Pare. Their heroine for six consecutive seasons proves that behind every successful man is a clever woman.

Sex Bomb «Mad Men,» the redhead Miss extract Christina Hendricks, in real life, a natural blonde, preferring provocative dresses jeans and shirts, dietary salad sandwich with a nice piece of ham, and boss Roger Sterling her husband Geoffrey Arend, with the appearance of intellectual librarian. Even her voice sounds softer than on the screen. «When people meet me, they say:» 0 God! It turns out that you are much younger and not so vulgar. «

The role of Joan Holloway in «Mad Men» was the first real victory Hendricks. Before that, she dabbled in modeling, imperceptibly starred in «ER» … But when the 1960s label it is exciting silhouette, Google zapestril inquiries about Joan. «I, however, a feeling that everything is just do nothing but discuss my chest,» Hendricks laughs, listening appreciation from fans because curvaceous made the subject of worship. As a child, which Christina held in Tennessee (she was born in the family of a forester great start to a fairy story, is not it?), And even at school, where Hendrix was a «girl goth with purple hair and black lipstick,» she had no idea, that she was destined to a great destroyer role patterns. «I wish I could lose weight by five kilos? Of course, yes, I’m a woman. I can not say that I finally overcame passion for weight loss, but generally cope. «

Joan is also doing well: she had to break with the ladies’ man Sterling, marry a doctor and send it to Vietnam, get pregnant by Roger die of boredom in the decree, and then get a divorce and go back to work, where she exchanged a contract with a car company. Again took courtship whatever is happening in her life, Joan outfits remain as tight and cleavage as deep as its philosophy.

Where more than me figure Betty Draper Dzhenyueri But Jones, as cold as the January Glacial its name, used to keep everything under control. Even 11letny actor Jared Gilmore, who played her son Bobby in the two seasons of «Mad Men», warned: «Be careful with Jones. It is not so friendly. » See this could and creators, when the actress said that not very much has received for his role in the saga of advertisers. Perhaps, in South Dakota, where she came from, the ambitions of the people as extensively as local valleys.

Like many girls with white hair and cherry lips, Dzhenyueri began her career as a model. Like many models, she met with Ashton Kutcher, and he brought her to the movies. According to the memoirs Jones fight frend no secret doubts about its future on the screen. The actress, nominated for «Golden Globe» for his role as Betty Draper recognized that grateful to him for those doubts: «Let it be said that to me something is too tough for it inspired and encouraged me best.» In New York modeling agency also found a way to spur future star: billed in 20 thousand dollars for truancy. «I dropped everything and moved to Los Angeles to become an actress,» says Jones, adding that the decision came to her at the grave of The Doors lead singer Jim Morrison.

Kutcher after he had lit her fire Dzhenyueri met with singer Josh Gros ban, and then changed it to a lawyer from Oregon. But the last link in this chain, it seems, has not found his two years of his son John brings one. «Who really fits me, it’s James Brolin of» The Amityville Horror. » A kind man with a beard, brandishing an ax. «

Her character is also not issued a measured life housewives. «Boring is only boring people,» says Betty, and introduces viewers to a screeching halt: having sex with the first counter in retaliation to change (who knew, for the umpteenth time) to her husband, she gives birth to a third child and goes on a successful advertiser Draper to the least successful politician Francis, gain weight to the size of its new in-law again comes to shape and change the hair color. Now what Dzhenyueri Rate this role room for maneuver and does not regret that did not get the role

Peggy Olsen, he once wanted to play. Especially since she has received an order of magnitude greater, Elizabeth Moss, who plays Peggy content pathetic 75 thousand per episode. Not much, is not it?

Inspect Elizabeth off the set: on the red carpet or at the next «how many times to say: I do not know what will be next season!» interview. Dress on the floor (the sudden revelation of the «man of cabbage») and bullying smile says it all: this girl makes the world revolve around you is not worse than its brutal serial Chief Donald Draper.

However, the image of the manic hardworking secretary, rammed their way into copywriters, lay down on the prepared soil. The actress defends her femininity with the same zeal with which Peggy competing to 1 * ^ N be on equal footing with the ever-drinking counterparts creatives.

«I always cry, demanding to allow me more make-up, Moss admits. For the love of humanity, give me a little lipstick! «

Once Elizabeth lived the life of a little girl in a family of musicians botany from Los Angeles and played in the library: laying out books on the stairs, and my parents had to check out this directory. Perhaps such ordered home games went on to continue, but an audit of literary values ​​interrupted Hollywood. In six years, Moss starred in the mini series «lucky break», and in sixteen standing next to Angelina Jolie on the set of the film «Girl, Interrupted.» Probably when her father, a jazz musician and his mother, played professional harmonica, sang a dirge music career daughter, who graduated from high school without attending lectures and was ready, like Peggy, to fight to the bitter end. As if any, on the couch in the apartment Moss and today you can find Hawaiian gitaru.Uznay series creator

Matt Weiner about this earlier, hit a party on the occasion of the birth of Donald Draper could not be number playful Jessica napeZou Bisou Bisou, a mischievous duo Megan and Peggy.

It turned out, the secretary creative director «Sterling Cooper» Megan, famously jumped over several career steps directly on the position of the new Mrs. Draper, in everyday life, too, there is no and will strike the strings. Although before filming «madman» she sang only among relatives. «If the drinks were strong enough», said Paré.

Jessica watched all the series about advertisers Manhattan, closely tracking the vicissitudes in the life of his beloved heroine Betty. And in the fourth season of the successor to the deceased at the workplace Miss Blankenship, received first place next to the study of the Don, and then with himself Draper.

Does that sound like Jesse on his heroine? On the screen, she was the daughter of the scientist, in the life of the head of the education department at McGill University.

Like Megan, Jessica spoke excellent French and, of course, also want to play a movie. Her smile and asks for the poster «Sterling Cooper» in that it only helped. Teeth Megan bloggers were discussed after the first series with it. One of Jessica’s friends once said that the large teeth prevent it becoming an actress that memory Pare shared with her heroine. «But personally, I never noticed that I had some special teeth. In any case, they do an excellent job with the food, «grins Pare. Recently, fans became alarmed when he saw Megan in a vest with a red star hair’s exactly the same as that of his wife was brutally murdered by Roman Polanski. Did the writers and the director decided to kill their favorite heroine? No, and in the sixth season, she, like the other «women Draper» did not let anyone get bored. In an interview with Jessica, a journalist remarked that if the heroes of «Mad Men» lived among us, with their emotional suicide rate rolls over to 90 percent. «Certainly more than 70,» she asked quietly.

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