Cyprus — an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea. Its atmosphere is impregnated with ancient Greek myths and legends, which give a fantastic feeling to all its guests. Tourists are attracted by the possibility of year-round recreation.

A few words about the dam.

On the island of Cyprus have always been a problem with fresh water, and therefore built a dam. In early spring, when melting snow in the mountains, the reservoir filled to the maximum, and within a year the water from them gradually climbs, so its level is reduced. Of course, anticipate the water level, as well as the weather and the spring itself, and accordingly, it is impossible to conduct bass.

Dams in Cyprus are very diverse (more than 20), and largemouth bass is not in all, so before you are ready to go fishing, you need to visit the local Department of Fisheries, where you can get complete information about Bass reservoirs, as well as to license I catch, the value of which is 1 calendar year is about 35 euros per person.

Almost all of the dams are located in mountainous terrain, you can drive them without any problems. It is worth noting that for travel on Dams in search of bass you need a machine that can be easily rented at almost every corner. The tourist season starts from May 1, so the prices at this time strongly fly, but in March and April are very, very pleased. It is better to rent a car for the team — so it will be cheaper, and the search for the fish easier.

If something and have difficulty with is the left-hand («English») movement. Roads in Cyprus is very good, traffic jams almost never happens. Before the reservoir can be reached in almost any weather on a regular passenger car, so do not rent a SUV. About advise bargain price — it often helps to save.

Depths at the dam are very large, can reach several tens of meters, so the principle of ‘throw away from the shore «is unlikely to work — you can not just wait for landing weights. Fishing usually takes place on the small and medium depths, where, apparently, and concentrated the underwater life in Cyprus reservoirs.

3 stages of spring bass.

Bass — one of the few fish that can be caught, no matter what stage it is found: before spawning during spawning and after spawning. As spring Cyprus takes a different stage in which resides a fish depends on the temperature of air and water, the water level at the dam. Even on a pond in different parts Bassy may be at different stages of spring.

Tell us about them in more detail.

Prednerest. In the spring of bass in large quantities sent to the spawning grounds and is quite responsive to the bait. Males are looking for a place for a favorable reproduction near the shore, and the females at this time kept close, but at greater depths, waiting for their fans will lead them to the nest.

In other words, if you suddenly find yourself on the activity of a medium-sized largemouth bass in any place is given to punching relief is justified congestion females somewhere in the depths. The males are the most warmed glaze, so we arrived at the dam should pay attention to what part of the body of water is illuminated by the sun, and most of all searches should start from there. During this period, the fish is caught and actively feeds on all kinds of bait, important to correctly identify the location.

Spawning. At this stage, the fish is constantly on and has been set up nests and laying of fertilized eggs. Complete spawning takes place when the water warms up to 18 ° C. It feeds on bass inactive, but bite can cause. By type of bite angler can tell, he spotted a male or female.

Females largemouth bass on nests usually takes Housekeeping activities — supports the nest clean and tidy. If the socket will bring leaf sprig or plastic worm, the female gently suck it, then classifies aside from the nest and spit. Males are fiercely defending the marriage bed and attack predators that and look to eat eggs or fry. Therefore, active bait moving near the nests, causing quite a wicked bite.

Postnerest. Out ikromet and emaciated females away from nests begin to restore power. Males remain in the nests to protect young fish, and then, too, are beginning to eat, to return to its former shape.

Small males at this time demonstrated a voracious appetite and can be caught on a variety of lures, mostly they are caught on the spawning grounds of the former. Over the weeks, they gradually move into deeper space.

Large females can stay in their postnerestovom state for weeks. If you can entice them to bite, it is usually due to the use of the Texas rigging or any rubber baits slip them right under your nose. In the following weeks, they too will go to the deeper areas and will feed more actively.

Putting gear on Cyprus.

Rods. You will need a rod length 210-270 cm, with sample tests from 7 to

28 g, enough powerful and at the same time respect the universal, for different types of baits, throwing good qualities — it is often necessary to make long-range casting. Take a spinning reel or a multiplier inertialess — decide for yourself, and the others catch and without problems.

I advise you to take a trip with him a few rods — Cypriot land is not spared spinning, because the conditions of catching almost extreme, and high-spirited bass is able to break down any, even more than once proven in duels tackle.

The last trip I used a rod ST. CROIX Legend Elite ART IPC ES86MHF2 3 / 8-1 oz, and several gear was left but to them, it never came, as I tackle this covers the entire range of lures. And move on Dams several tackles uncomfortable, so versatile compact rod in priority. Coils. Coils (if not to take into account the multipliers) must have power, have good traction and smooth stack the line. Personally, I use the coil 4000 Series classification SHIMANO or 3000 Series classification DAIWA. Most coil selected by the standard balancing rod.

Lesko. Cord better use durable. Bass — a very strong fish, and almost always have to drag it right through, so as not to give him the opportunity to sail away into the bush, so the ceremony is not necessary. Optimal cord 00,160,18 mm, in some cases, 0.20 mm. I liked the «Braids» SUN-LINE Cast Away and PONTOON 21 Exteer, which I successfully and caught.

You must also bring a fluorokarbon: water dams on many Cypriot clear, and the bass there is always alert, so the leash of this material with breaking load of 8 to 15 Libra will be very appropriate. Personally, I use fluorokarbon from reputable companies — SEAGUAR and BERKLEY, and he is very well-proven.

Leash do usually meter, binds him through a small swivel. In cases where the bass comes across quite large, it is better not to use leashes and catch on net fluorokarbon wound on a spool. Small leash is not able to greatly expand and bass at his sudden jerk can easily break it. Using a clean fluorokarbon as the main line, you can avoid the annoying breaks.

The rule here is simple: clear water — catch on fluorokarbon, cloudy water — catch on «Twist». Fluorokarbonom with bites in clear water can be many times more than without it.


When bass fishing lures used varied. We must be prepared for anything, because his behavior, as well as his diet may vary from day to day. Therefore, I tell a little about bait that it is desirable to have in the arsenal of Bass, and the method of catching them.

Lures. Let’s start with crankbaits, which does not happen much. Sometimes just a little time to try everything.

Spring willing enough bass lures class minnow, and it is better to have a variety of both size and color, and the degree of immersion (swimming, sinking, suspending).

With the size it is better not smaller — the mouth of a big bass, so the optimal length of 80-100 mm wobbler (although there are moments when they can work the bait less 60-70 mm and 110-130 mm longer). At catching on wobblers always worth paying attention to young fish close to the shore and come out of it. Often the bass feed on leaves where spawns other, smaller fish, it is also worth considering.

The same applies to the color of a wobbler — preference is given to natural color, which has a young, you noticed on the pond. The water in many dams crystal clear transparency reaches several meters in some places, so well-chosen colors of bait sometimes can significantly increase the number of bites.

Do not ignore the lures of acid colors in spring in the upper reservoirs of water is muddy because of her running into the mountain tributaries, and the use of so glaringly colored baits can be fully justified (it is in theory but in practice can turn anything).

One thing is certain: noisy lures (with balls inside) is preferable because the bass is able to notice any vibrations that occur in the water. I can cite the example of a few cranks, which showed good stable results last spring: RAPALA X-Rap 100, PONTOON 21 Chaos 72F SR, RIGGE MD 86SS and their analogs.

Posting wobblers twitching, and very different. So, at the dam Evretu bass bite on rapid twitching without pauses, and was more aggressive than the wiring (short sharp jerks of the rod without stopping and simultaneously slack coil), the bites were angrier and more confident. And after only two days predator changed their preferences and respond in the same places on the pause, the pause could be several seconds, but the wiring was to remain the same aggressive. In general, the wiring has to constantly experiment.

Slinnerbeyty. This American bait used in catching bass are very active. It is not too common in Russia, so a few words about it. It consists of a small wire bracket, which is located at the end tab and the bottom portion is rigidly mounted dzhiggolovka often silicone skirt. This noise is able to attract bait bass in muddy water and serve as a stimulus when it is bad biting.

One of the main advantages of spinnerbaits — its high permeability. When catching in underwater thickets he is almost without equal, and submerged vegetation at all dams of Cyprus very much. That’s why these baits should be in your arsenal.

Mainly used bait weighing 14-24 of Cyprus is enough to have two varieties spinnerbaits with a petal-type narrow shape Long (to fish to spit and steep walls) and a wide teardrop petal type Aglia (for fishing in the bay or flooded overgrown shrubs).

Posting spinnerbaits can be normal, with methodical rotation coil, or hopping, with some pulling rod when spinnerbaits as it accelerated, and at the moment, until you have exhausted slack fishing line reel, it is in free fall. Plus silicone skirt is compressed, then dissolved. Hard to say, when to use these baits — suddenly they can work, and no statistics on them there. Just suddenly «shoot» at different times and in different places. Therefore it is necessary to constantly experiment and try. Sometimes that largemouth bass was caught only on them.

«Veki.» This is one of the most famous Bass rigs, bringing a very good result. Wacky word literally translates as «stupid» or «nutty.» These worms are nothing like our usual wriggling worm, rather on an elastic rubber baton, and how to bend them no, they want to re-adopt its original «cane» state. And yet — the classic Worms, for the «veki» do not have any pronounced «tails.» They are smooth along the entire body, slightly tapered at the ends.

Of specific models plastic worms designed to snap «veki» can be used GARRY YAMAMOTO Senko, YUM Dinger and other counterparts. Among the fans of bass fishing is popular phrase: «If largemouth bass do not bite on Senko, he will not bite at all.» And so it is — at least in Cyprus this lure is almost always works.

Attachments «veki» is one of the most simple mounting options. All that is necessary in this case — is a hook. His factory in the center of the body of bait — and you can throw into the water and catch, and the need to pierce the body perpendicular to the bait in the water is not cool. Simple, primitive, but at the same time very effectively. The hook should be fairly wide hooked. These products are produced by many manufacturers to indicate on the packaging «wacky», so it is difficult to mix.

These hooks may be of conventional form, such as, for example, OWNER Wacky Hook, or be the engagement and have an eyelet, hook protecting sting, such GAMAKATSU Worm. The use of such hooks allows fish in underwater jumble of driftwood and other strong places, and among diverse aquatic vegetation.

Worms for «veki» spent quickly, especially Senko, so it is recommended to use special rubber rings («gum»). We select the one that fits tightly to the body of the bait, and pulled into the middle of the body, and the hook is put under the gum. Thus, we do not tear the bait, and the gum is a stopper, not allowing the worm to fly off the hook when biting or when vyvazhivaniya bass.

The analogue of «gum» can serve as a small piece of thermal insulating tube. We select the right diameter, cut and stretch the body to his bait, and then pierce the hook bait with this handset. Thus, we reduce consumption of bait several times.

In all the embodiments described the artificial worm no additional shipment has not, which is consistent with the idea of ​​this equipment. Actually is a kind of hook and sinker the bait, which itself has a considerable weight. This is enough to throw it. For example, Senko at a length of 5 inches is the approximate weight in ’10

With regard to the posting of this bait, nothing special about it-after casting we just give her down. How to calculate the wiring? Same Senko 5 four seconds sinking about 1 m. Accordingly, the same lure smaller will fall longer. This is very important because the water in the dams is crystal clear, we visually determine the depth and catch.

The very way of fishing is designed for catching both from the bottom and top of the bushes in the water column. Bass very attractive free, the natural fall of the bait, it is able to react, at a distance of several meters. This style of fishing is rather slow, but to choose the right size and color lures, which today largemouth bass are biting, you can quite quickly have thrown several fished every promising place, removing his active fish.

Topvotery. Catching on surface lures — one of the most emotional and exciting. They can be very diverse — from Popper and Walker to rubber frogs. The most important thing in Cyprus — is clearly the time to use them.

During the warm water bass tends to leave it in the warmest parts of the reservoir and runs it through the day. Catch topvotery to be there. Best watches — morning and evening, and the evening out in contrast to the morning is expressed more clearly. Here effect and the wind — that in the evening he always dies down, and calm on the surface to catch bait becomes very comfortable.

With the size of surface lures granulate is not necessary, everything is the same as with wobblers, you need to experiment. For example, in a shallow spill Germassoyya on the last day of our trip bass in the evening was not averse to taste the «frog legs» because the darker it became submerged in the bush, the croaking of frogs grew louder. And visually attracted frog bass is much better than Popper and Walker. It is clear that went into play ….

«Texas» and pedestrian snap. In general, «Texas» for fishing in snags and on their dams in excess. This snap-in is a silicone bait a hook mounted on the blanket on the principle of «nezatseplyaiki.» The original podgruzku a lead or brass gruzilo- «bullet», put on the line before the hook. This form allows you to free weights to handle all of snap through any branches and sticks without the risk that it will get stuck anywhere.

Weight «bullets» for fishing dams often varies from 7 to 18 g, more often 10-14, the slower sinking equipment, the better. In contrast to the classic bottom jig where the optimal length of the pause until it touches the bottom of the lure of a few seconds, catching the «Texas» good hang up to 10-15 seconds. Fishing takes place either along the steep walls, or «dray» snags.

Baits can be very diverse, from different simulations crustaceans and cuttlefish to worms and conventional tail twisters. Posting «Texas» consists of alternating snap a few turns of the coil and pauses. After contact with the bait on an obstacle such as a bush or a stone is slowly drag on it snap, making smooth movements with the tip of the rod. Somewhere out there and sitting bass, and the probability of its great bites.

Catching on «Texas» is very popular on the island in May when the largemouth bass is in a period postneresta, slipping to little depth and met there with the bottom mounting.

In addition to the «Texas» snap on the island and other work, for example, a pedestrian, such as «Caroline» snap or ‘Moscow’, or as it is called, «bypass leash.» Lure it can be used very different, everything depends on the behavior and activity of the fish. Sometimes that lures with bulky tails worked better than usual «worms.» Color is also important in the general -eksperimentirovat and again experiment.

The dangers of the island.

If you intend to catch bass in the dams of the island, you should definitely be aware of the dangers that lie in wait here anglers at almost every step. You have to be extremely focused and concentrated and, as they say, watch out. What is the danger?

Sun and chaparral. Many people coming to Cyprus, enjoy the sun and the exits at the first dam to undress, to sunbathe. The spring sun is deceptive, and just a few hours can be very burnt, so that further relaxation turn into unbearable torment. We strongly recommend using a sunscreen that you can buy in any shop next to the hotel, where the choice is huge. You can also buy a hat that protects your neck and ears.

Take care also your hands and feet. The island has a lot of thorns. It would seem that a scratch will heal quickly, but in fact the wounds from scrapes and splinters in this climate are beginning to fester, especially after a few days of fishing. Therefore, should definitely wear pants made of thick material (for example, jeans) and shirts with long sleeves tight, they are well protected from the rough.

Rocky shore. 80-90% of the shore — a cliff, which has to go on fishing, so shoes should firmly fix your foot, so you do not sprained foot. Therefore, trekking boots are very popular among fishermen of the island.

When walking on rocks watch your step because of loose stones abound here, and the risk of falling is very high.

Snakes. In Cyprus, there are 8 species of snakes, of which 3 species are poisonous and can therefore be dangerous to humans.

At the dam represents the greatest danger viper, or as it is called, Levant viper. The body length reaches almost 2 meters, weight — 3 kg. The head is very large and wide, with a sharp neck interception, rounded snout, vertical pupil of the eye. Above his head is covered with a ribbed scales only at the end of the muzzle scales without ribs. Painted in grayish-brown tones, drawing within the range varies. At the dam it is well disguised, and immediately see on the ground it is not always possible. Viper venom is second only to cobra venom.

When the bite of this snake gives 50 mg of venom, and without timely and proper treatment are frequent deaths.

In the spring of snakes are very active and aggressive, as they begin the mating season. In his last trip, I personally encountered viper twice, and if the first time she saw me, she crawled away, in the second I hardly had time to notice it and just did not come. So it is better not to stick your hands where you do not have to always look at his feet. Just like the snake you do not attack and bite only when you step on it.

Local herders, despite the heat, go to the high rubber boots. Many anglers are used in addition to a high protective footwear special plates. Still recommend take allergy medications and bandages, takes up little space, and in an emergency can save lives.

Very afraid it is not necessary, since the 2000s, yet no one fisherman in Cyprus was not injured, just be careful.


Summing up, I want to emphasize once again that in Cyprus fishing requires good physical shape, DC and banal caution.

The trip itself is inexpensive, it turns out even cheaper than a trip to the Lower Volga, and bass fishing itself is extremely attractive, and you can hunt in it put to use extremely high range of lures.

I call to release all caught fish back to their native element, as in any way to catch bass in the spring brought prespawning that under favorable conditions will be the ancestor of several generations of these remarkable fish.

For those who believe that if a fish swallowed the bait up to the gills, it will not survive, let a buff do not think so. It is very common in such cases bite the bait and let the fish.

I recently had a case where a bass frayed braided fishing line on the rocks and came down, and a few minutes later he appeared with a crank in the mouth in sight.

Some unimaginable movements, he tried to free themselves from a wobbler, and I saw that the wobbler already susceptible. Then the bass simply lost sight of, but I think that because of such movements, he easily cleared and the remaining hooks. So take note of this.

On the island there are a lot of restaurants where you can taste wonderful delicacies. Himself I must confess I have not tried the bass. And while fishing never any of the fish killed. Just out of respect.

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