In rolling out five biopics: Naomi Watts, Leonardo DiCaprio and other celebrities play idols seventies and eighties.

Naomi Watts portrays Princess Diana. Martin Scorsese takes Leonardo DiCaprio in the film about a broker on Wall Street Jonathan Belfort. Coen Brothers produced drama about a folk singer of the sixties, whose image is written off mainly with Dave Van Ronk, friend and teacher Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs reincarnated in and Amanda Seyfried — to porn star Linda Lovelace.

The best forces Hollywood biopic about the fall release of those who made our lives as it is. The decade between 1965 and 1975 is considered to be the era which defined the modern world. The revolution in the style of life (sex, drugs, rock and roll), in the economy plus the destruction of all hierarchies: the key figures of those turbulent years have now become characters in the film. But, as befits a good movie, the characters are not supermen, but real people with their shortcomings and dreams that do not always coincide with the image of an idol, a symbol of freedom.

To begin with Linda Lovelace («Lovelace», directed by Robb Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman). The wildly popular «Deep Throat» (1975), the picture in the genre of soft-porn with her participation, was made to explain the universal sexual liberation — and Linda for a while it was a symbol. «Deep Throat» was the first of the paintings of this kind was in regular theaters and even won the reviews in «respectable» press. Linda gave optimistic interviews in which described how loves porn and fellatio — about the same spirit today are the stand and Sasha Grey. And what — is, sexual liberation Lovelace took place at gunpoint. No pleasure, only fear and terror.

Divorced Princess Diana («Diana: A Love Story», directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel), as well as before departure from Buckingham Palace, engaged in charity, goes to premieres and inspiring designers. But the performer of the title role of Naomi Watts, accustomed to play blubbered blondes in trouble looks in this biopic misalliance victim rather than the favorite client of Gianni Versace, who managed to turn the prim English society. British and Arab aristocrats flash somewhere on the periphery, and the strongest love «people’s princess», judging by the film, was a cardiac surgeon Hasnat Khan.

The creator of Apple’s performance Ashton Kutcher («Jobs: Empire of temptation», directed by Joshua Michael Stern) is trying to come up to the world a nice interface, but is not enlightened hippies and yuppies that elastic gait goes head, dismisses dedicated staff, makes mistakes, falls — and rises again.

Cry Wolf, who has learned to pretend to be an exemplary family man — a figure equally feels comfortable decades ago, and today. The protagonist of Martin Scorsese’s «The Wolf of Wall Street» — a great machination Jordan Bel-Fort, who made his nineties fortune by trading worthless shares, stranded for fraud, and now — that’s the cynical irony — earn lectures on how to achieve success . Leonardo DiCaprio in the film moved straight from «The Great Gatsby» and still confidently holds a glass of champagne, blowing dust in people’s eyes. But what is the price of this pose?

The hero of the film the Coen brothers ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ singing sentimental ballads, but they only exacerbate the contrast between the beautiful and romantic that Davis declared a rebel, and what he really is — cold loneliness. Which once again proves that people, unlike periods, do not change, and their main objective at all times is one — to be happy.

Vasily Koretsky

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