Take care of the forest with MFP Toshiba e-STUDI03o6LP

What is written with a pen, do not cut down with an ax! Even milk on white paper, or invisible ink after development remain legible and indelible. Gel pens with disappearing paste — no more than a toy (if they do not sign the bill); the practical application of them hard to find, especially in today’s highly mechanized office. But Toshiba has released (and at the end of last summer introduced in the Russian market) MFPs capable of printing with decolorizing toner, and a special device (recirculator) for the conversion of print back to a clean slate.

Two devices in question, it is best to work together, but to buy them in pairs is not necessary — one recirculator e-STUDIORD30 would be enough for several e-STUDI0306LP. MFP with a 9-inch color display and control brand e-BRIDGE controller apparently not distracting from the overall number of office devices similar class, although attention is drawn to brightly-green accents on a light plastic housing, is clearly designed to emphasize the environmental focus of this unit.

In this case, talk about conservation of natural resources, it is reasonable. MFP not only created using a special plastic on the basis of plant material, and (on average) uses five times less paper than any of its analogue market for the same workload. It’s all about «antisimpaticheskom» toner unobtrusive blue color, which practically disappears (or rather, becomes transparent) by heating. Ekotonera formula patented by Toshiba, and the color is selected such that at first glance could distinguish the subject of recycling paper from the usual.

What to do if your printed document in the course of its use had to put any pictures, resolution and other notes by hand? Again, no problem, if used for this special pens and markers Pilot FriXion, are widely available in local office supply store. The traces left by these stationery, perfectly discolored when heated.

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