The Ballad of networks

The Ballad of networks

Networked digital audio empower fixed and temporary installations, the key factor is the further development of their mutual compatibility.

Held in the framework of the exhibition Integrated Systems Europe 2013 Congress of network AV Technology AV Networking revealed that part of the «B» (video in the abbreviation «AB») still remains to be worked out.

Congress President Bob Snyder (Bob Snyder), chief editor of Channel Media Europe, commented on the idea of ​​the congress: «We wanted to draw the public’s attention to network audio system and what resources they require networks to share experience of successful integration, to get acquainted with new equipment leading manufacturers. «

Protocols — is the language in which digital networks communicate AV devices. In the world of audio languages ​​are many, and all — proprietary: CobraNet, Ethersound, MADI, Dante, AVB, Ravenna … Their goal — to ensure compatibility between the equipment of more than one brand, harmonize, so to speak, AV ecosystem. In one of the presentations, it was about understanding the advantages (and disadvantages) of proprietary solutions in comparison with open standards. Summary: The key to success — the choice of a system that would work today, and years later.

Indeed, open standards available to everyone, even if they all use, compatibility problems will not be lowered. «Patented» — not a dirty word. The use of proprietary solutions makes sense because they only reliable, for example, in multichannel AV systems.

It is in this way made a report on the application of the protocol Dante managing director Audinate Lee Ellison (Lee Allison): «Dante — a» reasonable compatibility «, a patented solution from Audianet, which includes software,» iron «, and standard TCP / IP protocols for the transmission of multi-channel uncompressed audio in high resolution over long distances with minimal latency on standard wo-MB or gigabyte Ethernet networks. «

Note that currently support Dante built into hundreds of different products.

Developing the theme, Mr. Ellison said: «Knowing the network equipment market, we do not want to» eat from someone else’s table »: Dante and so works with all usual for aytishni-ing switches. And our goal — installers and contractors to explain how important it is to move to network technology for audio. This would eliminate the direct connection of equipment in separate cables and create a matrix systems with a flexible structure and a single cable. «

We also note that there are currently several alliances and organizations that are involved in the development of protocols for AV / IT networks. It is possible that we will soon see a second generation of AVB, despite the fact that AVB technology developed relatively slowly because of the small number of compatible network switches with it.

It is important this: that their work on the specification of the AV networks are not in vain, AV consultants, installers and integrators should be a good understanding of network protocols and the intricacies of their «compatibility».

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