The Institute of Linguistics. A. Potebnya ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF UKRAINIAN SSR

The Institute of Linguistics. A. Potebnya ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF UKRAINIAN SSR

Brilliant works of Stalin on linguistics, to expose anti-scientific, vulgarizing essence of the so-called «new doctrine» of the language created by Marr and defeated adherents of this «doctrine» Arakcheyev regime breathed creative life in Ukrainian linguistics.

After the publication of the works of Joseph Stalin, the Institute of Linguistics. AA Potebni UkrSSR faced the task of a radical restructuring of its operation, based on the teachings of B, Stalin’s language.

By criticism and self-criticism of the Institute research team under the leadership of the Party organization revealed errors marrovskogo wing that took place in the work of some members of the Institute (in lectures and articles, advocate a «new doctrine»), and with great energy directed his forces to rebuild the whole work of the Institute.

Institute immediately in the second half of 1950, rebuilt a thematic plan. Topics addressed were directly or indirectly related to the so-called «new teaching» (for example, Ukrainian translation and publication of works of Marr et al.). We were introduced topics arising from the works of Stalin: a comparative-historical method in linguistics and East Slavic language community, above all on the relationship and the inextricable link the historical development of Russian and Ukrainian languages, topics related to the study of the languages ​​of the people’s democracy ( Czech, Romanian) and others.

1951 has been for the Institute of Linguistics. AA Potebni Ukrainian Academy of Sciences a year of intense activity for the restructuring and deployment of its research work on the basis of the brilliant works of Stalin on linguistics. This reorganization was carried out both by the depth of mastering academic staff teaching of Stalin about the language and the introduction of teaching in the subjects developed by the Institute, and through the living of scientific and practical involvement in the work of the Institute of Ukrainian linguists for the development of linguistic science and teaching linguistic restructuring disciplines in higher and secondary school. A major role in the restructuring of the Institute played a strengthening of ties with the Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (in the sessions held by the Institute received from the Institute reviews thematic plans, and advice on specific scientific issues and topics, and so on. P.), As well as the work of the linguistic seminar at Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Institute of Linguistics, discussion of general theoretical issues in the academic council and others.

Article of the newspaper «Pravda» «Against the ideological distortions in the literature» and «On the opera» Bohdan Khmelnytsky «were accepted by the Institute as an important indication of the party to increase vigilance in the ideological work of the implacable struggle against the recurrence of Ukrainian bourgeois nationalism, against cosmopolitanism and other ideological distortions. Comprehensively discussed the article of the newspaper «Pravda» at the meetings of the Scientific Council, staff of the Institute has based its work instructions set out in those articles.

In 1951, the Institute has worked on nine issues, covering 17 topics Research Plan, namely on the issue of «Methodology of Soviet linguistics» — «Comparative-historical method in linguistics» and «the classics of Marxism-Leninism of the language» (Anthology) ; on the issue of «dictionary of the Ukrainian language» — 4-volume Ukrainian-Russian Dictionary (4th compilation and editing of Volume 2 of the first volume), Ukrainian-Russian Dictionary (abbreviated mass publication, one-volume edition, compilation), Dictionary of grammatical terms; on the issue of «Questions of history of the Ukrainian language and its study» — the monograph: «The language of works of Taras Shevchenko.» «The language and style of the poems of A. Malyshko,» «History of the Ukrainian lexicography», «Essay on the history of the Ukrainian word formation. The prefixes «and» Toponymy Middle Dnieper «; on the issue of «Ukrainian dialectology» — the gathering, systematization and processing of materials for dialect atlas of the Ukrainian language (vol. I, the Kiev square), «Ukrainian dialects Chernigov»; on other issues, «Essay Slavic accentuation», «Ukrainian lexical and phraseological elements in the works of Russian Soviet prose», «Peculiarities of vocabulary and phraseology of the Czech language in the people’s democratic Czechoslovakia», «A brief sketch of the Moldovan language» review of the Ukrainian translation of the classics of Marxism -leninizma.

The majority of the Institute’s planned 1951 implementation ends in 1952 and 1953. However, the research results obtained in 1951, are already being implemented in the scientific and general press, acting in the practice of other scientific works, becoming a manual for teachers of linguistic disciplines in higher and secondary schools, in the practical work of publishers, editors and other institutions.

The printed works of the Institute covered the following issues (specify the most important):

1. The comparative historical method in linguistics; History Russian, Ukrainian and other Slavic literary languages ​​and their connections; questions of word and grammar of the Russian language; definition of tasks of the Ukrainian linguistics (LA Bulakhovsky).

2. The issues of development of languages ​​of socialist nations (IK Beloded, FT veins and others.).

3. Questions Ukrainian lexicography (I. Kirichenko, T. Zaitseva, PI Gorki, VG Marinichenko, E. Doroshenko, MF Boyko, SF Levchenko et al. ).

4. Questions of language fiction (IK Beloded, FT veins and others.).

5. Questions Ukrainian dialectology (FT vein, A. Lysenko, A. Melnichuk, VM Brahne).

6. Criticism of the «new doctrine» of the language (LA Bulakhovsky IK Beloded, A. T. Borsch et al.).

7. Issues of place names (KK Tseluyko).

8. Methods of teaching of the Ukrainian language in secondary school (I. Kirichenko, IK Beloded, FT veins, SF Levchenko, A. Melnichuk, etc.).

9. Issues of language practice and promotion of printing (VS Ilyin, I. Kirichenko et al.).

10. Processing and programming of linguistic disciplines (VS Ilyin, SF Levchenko).

Total was published 50 scientific papers and 51 popular science articles. The most important of these works are the works of L. A. Bulakhovskogo — «Comparative-historical method and the study of Slavic languages», «On the history of relations between the Slavic literary languages», «Some questions of Ukrainian linguistics», «From historical comments on Ukrainian literary language» «Deetimologizatsiya additions in the Russian language»; FT Zhilko — «Ukrainian dialectology» (manual); A. Bielecki — «Principles of etymological research», IK Belodedov — «Development of national languages ​​in the era of socialism in the light of the teachings of Joseph Stalin» and «On the linguistic skill of the writer. Speech characteristics of the characters. «

Researcher at the Institute made up of four programs for linguistic disciplines of philological faculties of universities and educational institutions of the USSR: the program of the modern Ukrainian literary language (VS Ilyin), two programs on the historical grammar of Ukrainian language (SF Levchenko) and the program for Ukrainian language for teacher training (SF Levchenko).

It was published two-volume «Course of the modern Ukrainian literary language» (65 printed pages), edited by LA Bulakhovskogo (I is Introduction, phonetics, vocabulary and phraseology, morphology, stress; II is: syntax and punctuation).

In 1951, the Institute paid much attention to the scientific advice and review the translation into Ukrainian works of the classics of Marxism-Leninism (the work included in the thematic plan). The main consultant for this work is the LA Bulakhovsky, reviewers — I. Kirichenko, BC Ilyin, IK Beloded, T. Zaitseva, PI Gorki, KK Tseluyko, MF Boyko, IA Bagmut. Collaboration with the Institute of Linguistics IMEL is of great importance for the development of Ukrainian socio-political terminology and light sources for scientific enrichment of Ukrainian vocabulary, phraseology and syntax when the beneficial assistance of the Russian language.

In 1951, the Institute held four conferences and extended meetings:

1. The fifth Republican dialectological meeting with Ukrainian language departments of universities, educational institutions and teacher training colleges in Ukraine, as well as representatives of the RSFSR and the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic.

2. The meeting of the coordination of research in the field of linguistics in the USSR with the participation of representatives of the Office of Higher Education at the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the Ministry of Education of the Ukrainian SSR, the Ukrainian Research Institute of Education, universities and educational institutions of the USSR, the publishing house «Radyans’ka school.»

3. session (an extended meeting of the Scientific Council of the Institute in cooperation with the scientific community of Kiev), dedicated to anniversary of the publication of Stalin’s work «Marxism and Problems of Linguistics.»

4. The session (an extended meeting of the Scientific Council of the Institute in cooperation with the scientific community of Kiev), dedicated to the 60th letikgt; since the death of the outstanding Russian linguist AA Potebni reports, analyzes scientific heritage AA Potebni in the light of the teachings of Stalin about the language.

In addition, employees of the Institute were special presentations at the national conference on literary translation (together with the Union of Soviet Writers of the USSR).

In the past year, the Institute held six dialects expeditions of collecting materials for dialect atlas of the Ukrainian language.

The staff of the Institute read for the year to 400 lectures and talks in Kiev and in all areas of the USSR, where the workers went out on the instructions of the Institute of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of Ukraine, the Society for the dissemination of scientific and political knowledge of the Presidium of the USSR and the Office of Scientific and Technical propaganda.

Institute spent much consulting work (more than 400 consultations) for linguistics, in particular candidate and doctoral dissertations of employees periphery.

Under certain achievements in the scientific activities of the Institute in 1951 and has a number of serious shortcomings. Chief among these deficiencies, as noted in the press and in the decision of the Presidium of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, is:

1. Inadequate deployment criticizes scientists marrovskogo wing, had and still have currency in the country; in particular a long delay was a meeting of the Department of Dialectology criticized marrovskoy article Corresponding Member. BA Larina placed in a «dialect bulletin» Institute (1949 Issue I), as well as his performances marrovskih.

2. Lack of attention to the development of the origin and history of the Ukrainian language, the history of the Poltava-Kiev dialect, anti-bourgeois nationalist distortions in covering aspects of the history of the Ukrainian language.

3. Insufficient development of large theoretical problems (correctly noted by the Council on the coordination of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR), in particular, the lack of work on the basic vocabulary and the vocabulary of the Ukrainian language, its grammatical structure; Only at the end of the year started to develop the question of the Poltava-Kiev dialect of the Ukrainian language as the basis.

4. The department of the Institute is still totally inadequate deployed principled criticism of the work of their individual members.

5. Management of the Institute for not moving fast enough and deep-chaired the departments are not always promptly eliminate shortcomings in their work, and has done little for the deployment of scientific criticism and self-criticism at the Institute. The Scientific Council of the Institute has worked less vigorously than it should be.

Management of the Institute failed to achieve the implementation of measures to strengthen the scientific staff of the Institute and to improve the conditions of its operation.

Thematic plan of the Institute of Linguistics. AA Potebni to 1952 provides for a further extension of the work on the main problems of Ukrainian linguistics in the light of the teachings of Stalin about the language. Important in this area are the topics: a) the history of the Ukrainian language, b) on the Ukrainian dialectology, c) according to the Ukrainian lexicography, g) on ​​the history of Russian-Ukrainian linguistic ties. The successful development of these and other problems, as well as for teaching Ukrainian linguistics in higher and secondary education is of paramount importance to create the necessary scientific benefits. These benefits should be built on the correct methodological basis and expose the unscientific, bourgeois-nationalist distortions in the treatment of the history of the Ukrainian language, as well as vulgarizing approach to the study of a number of basic questions of linguistics.

The basis of the work on this issue is the proper coverage of the common origin of Russian and Ukrainian languages, their close connection to development and the creative help of the great Russian Ukrainian language in its perfection.

Attention Stalin to the Ukrainian language, as well as to all national languages, which we see in many of his writings, found, as we know, the expression in his work «Marxism and Problems of Linguistics.» In particular, the indication of Comrade Stalin on the Poltava-Kiev dialect folk, which formed the basis of the Ukrainian national language, is a creative means of Ukrainian linguists in the development history of the Ukrainian language.

In the history of the Ukrainian Language Institute scheduled the following topics: «The origin of the Ukrainian language» (LA Bulakhovsky), «History of Ukrainian literary language» manual for schools (IK Beloded, PI Gorki, VS Ilyin , PP and GP Dotsenko Izhakevich). In the history of Ukrainian literary language will continue to develop the theme «The language of the works of Taras Shevchenko» (VS Ilyin).

A great place in the thematic plan of the Institute for 1952, as in previous years, dealing with Ukrainian dialectology. The Institute continues to work on an atlas of the Ukrainian language dialects. The Institute operates over I volume Atlas (the so-called «Kiev square»); on the other volumes are working under the supervision of the Department of the Institute of Ukrainian universities and teachers of higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

The study of the Poltava-Kiev dialect as the basis of the Ukrainian national language in 1952, presented themes: «Ukrainian dialects of Kyiv» (A. Lysenko), «Severnopoltavskie speak» (IA Varchenko); The study says Poltava region is also under the supervision of the Institute of Linguistics Department of the Ukrainian language of Poltava Pedagogical Institute. They say the work is dedicated to Chernihiv FT veins.

Ukrainian lexicography in terms of the transition in 1952 represented the theme of «Ukrainian-Russian Dictionary» (4 volumes, a total of about 400 authors. L .; Ch. Editor I. Kirichenko, members of the editorial board MF Rila and T. Zaitseva ). At the same time the department of dictionaries Institute conducted a one-volume work on the Ukrainian-Russian dictionary.

Together with the Museum of Taras Shevchenko Institute carries out preparatory work for compiling a dictionary of the language of the great Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko. A great help in this has and will have experience in creating language dictionary in the Pushkin Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Continuing the development of other transition topics: «The history of Russian-Ukrainian linguistic ties» (GP Izhakevich), «Essay on the history of the Ukrainian word formation. The prefixes «(VS Ilyin),» History of Ukrainian lexicography «(PI Gorki),» Toponymy middle Dnieper «(KK Tseluyko),» Comparative-historical method in linguistics «(LA Bulakhovsky ), «the classics of Marxism-Leninism on the language,» a reader (A. Melnichuk), themes of Slavic linguistics and others.

In 1952, the Institute in the process of scientific activity overcomes the deficiencies noted in the work of 1951.

Separate sections of the scientific papers of the Institute carried out according to the plan carried out in 1951 and in 1952, are widely discussed at the meetings of the departments and the Scientific Council of the Institute.

Much better than in previous years, put vnutriinstitutskoe reviewed scientific papers of the Institute, prepared for publication.

The Institute has established a systematic review of scientific publications Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and the USSR Academy of Sciences, universities and pedagogical universities of Ukraine, as well as textbooks for linguistic courses for schools. Most of the reviews printed in scientific journals and in the magazine of the Institute «Ukrainian Mova in shkolі.»

The Scientific Council of the Institute in 1952, systematically deals with implementation of a thematic plan and check the quality of work performed, as well as issues of training through graduate school. Improve the scientific management of graduate students.

Continuing work on scientific advice and reviewing the translation of the classics of Marxism-Leninism in the Ukrainian language, Ukrainian branch IMEL implemented by the Institute in 1952, criticizes the Ukrainian translation of «Capital» of Marx.

This year the Institute has been a great help Ukrgoslitizdatu reviewing the Ukrainian translation of literature in particular has been given detailed review of the collection of translations MF Rylsky works of Pushkin, Lermontov, Nekrasov, Tikhonov, Prokofiev, D. Poor, and others.

Reviewed by the translation of «Dead Souls» by Gogol (GP Izhakevich), the second volume of Gogol (FT Zhilko), «the Noble Nest» Turgenev’s early stories and stories Gorky Yu Fucik — the latter with the Czech language (in . T. Kolomiets).

The Institute prepared for publication scientific notes «Movoznavstvo» number 11 «Dialectological Bulletin», Issue 4, and «Lexicographic Bulletin», Issue 2, and 3.

Institute planned printing of the «Introduction to Slavic accentuation (Czech number)» and «From historical comments on Ukrainian literary language» LA Bulakhovskogo, «the question of Ukrainian language fiction (mainly post-war period — 1945-1950)» IK . Velodeda prospectus dialect atlas of the Ukrainian language, and others.

16-18 February 1952, the Institute held a lexicographical Republican meeting to discuss Russian-Ukrainian dictionary in order to prepare it for reprinting. The meeting was actively involved writers, editors of different publishers, researchers of other institutions of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, representatives of the Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and university professors.

In February and March were carried out advanced scientific sessions of the Scientific Council of the Institute and the Department of the Ukrainian language, dedicated to the memory of Nikolai Gogol, which were heard and discussed the reports: «The role of Gogol in the history of Russian-Ukrainian linguistic ties» (GP Izhakevich ), «N. Gogol Ukrainian lexicography and the first decades of the XIX century «(PI Gorki) and» Syntax Ukrainisms in the works of Nikolai Gogol «(teacher Konotop Pedagogical Institute Shaulsky SI).

In June 1952 it was held an extended meeting of the Scientific Council, dedicated to the second anniversary of the date of issuance of the ingenious work of JV Stalin «Mapksizm and Problems of Linguistics.»

From 1952 scheduled for unscheduled work of the Institute of the work should be called LA Bulakhovskogo: «Introduction to general linguistics» (jointly with VV Vinogradov and A. Chikobava) and «course of modern Russian literary language» (published 5th, revised).

Researcher at the Institute prepared a series of articles for the magazine «Ukrainian Mova in shkolі» Scientific notes of the Kiev State University, and other publications of the Ukrainian SSR.

The Institute, as in previous years, leads a broad scientific advocacy and consulting work, assists graduate students and scientists to the periphery.

In particular, on behalf of the Main Department of Geodesy and Cartography under the Council of Ministers of the USSR, I. Kirichenko and VS Ilyin did a great job of unifying Ukrainian spellings of place names on maps of different types of school education; at the Republican meeting of editors of regional publishing series of lectures on the issues of language and style in terms of editing. Similar lectures were given to employees of the publishing house of the USSR Academy of Sciences, the publishing house «Radyans’ka school» and Gospolitizdat.

Before the Institute is facing serious challenges, which will require great exertion. Breaking through criticism and self-fault, raising their ideological and theoretical and scientific level, the staff of the Institute of Linguistics. AA Potebni achieve the successful implementation of these objectives.

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