The Karelian Bear BRANCH USSR Academy of Sciences

The Karelian Bear BRANCH USSR Academy of Sciences

Over the years, the team of authors under the leadership of AI Flinkman conducts work on the large (about 70 words Ltd.) Russian-Finnish dictionary. Work on the dictionary this year ends. Dictionary will be the first great dictionary of modern Finnish language, as in previous dictionaries lacked many words of the Soviet period.

In 1952 he completed another great work — an atlas of the non-Russian (Karelian, Lude, livikovskih, veysskih and so on. D.) Said KFSSR. The atlas contains 250 maps and a detailed explanatory note. Work on the atlas was organized by a member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR D. Bubrikh, during the life of which was assembled the basic material and mapping is planned. Work completed under the supervision of a senior researcher A. Belyakov. Actively involved in mapping researcher branch NA Anisimov.

Branch organized the scientific work on the grammar of the Finnish language (phonology and morphology), by bringing to this work, in addition to their staff (MM Hyamyalyaynep, A. Belyakov), the scientific strength of the Karelian-Finnish University (Chair of the Finnish language B. E. Zlobin, A. Morozov), Teachers’ Institute (AI Kirjanen) and Tartu University (Professor P. Ariste, Associate Professor P. Yu Palmeus). Currently, there are only a grammar school of the Finnish language. It is easy to be the first grammar of the Finnish literary language, which might serve as a tool for students and teachers of secondary schools.

Professor DV Bubrikh, who took an active part in the work of the Karelian-Finnish branch of the USSR, left a number of printed and handwritten works on the history of the Finnish language, written in the period Arakcheyev regime in linguistics. In this regard, this year a branch was a discussion on the book by D. Bubrikh «Historical Phonetics of Finnish-language Suomi» (Petrozavodsk, 1948), in which it was noted that this work was written in the comparative-historical terms, is greater value.

Preparing the manuscript for publication DV Bubrikh «Historical morphology of the Finnish language,» which is a continuation of said book.

Successfully hosted a conference dedicated to the second anniversary of the publication of the works of genius Stalin on linguistics.

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