The plans of the Moscow underground to continue the reconstruction of the subway as usual

The plans of the Moscow underground to continue the reconstruction of the subway as usual. According to these plans over the next 6 years old escalator in the Moscow metro will not remain. May 27 reporters showed how work is underway in the lobby of the station

East lobby station «Revolution Square» Pokrovskaya line of the Moscow metro, closed on December 8 last year, will be opened after reconstruction and replacement of the escalators at the end of 2009.

— At the end of the year will open the lobby, and in September the start to the finish of the lobby at the same time starting the installation of escalators, — said the deputy director of the reconstruction of JSC «Metroinzhrekonstruktsiya» Alexander Logatchev. — Being redevelopment premises and repairs and restoration, that is, putting in order of finishing.

Entrance Hall station — object of cultural heritage. During the reconstruction of the station will replace the granite floors and partially — marble on the walls, and will be restored to the original form of lighting in the station, set new box office, police office and turnstiles. Restorers will restore the unique mosaics and bas-reliefs. Again glistens with gold carved on the marble walls of the text of the anthem of the Soviet Union.

In multi-storey buildings in Grozny is vigor installation of new elevators, the press service of the President and Government of the Chechen Republic. Currently, experts are preparing to operate 96 lifts.

According to SS-E Haladova, Director CBM «Management of repairs and maintenance of elevators» Gorlift «in 2010 it is planned to mount 22 elevators in residential buildings of the capital of the republic, as well as 16 lifts in new buildings of the city.

— The country, along with recovery

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