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If Christian Dior devoted himself entirely to painting, we would know him as one of the brightest representatives of impressionism. See this exhibition helps Impressions Dior.

The exhibition brings together the works of heritage houses Impressionist painters, runs until September 22 in Granville, the birthplace of Christian Dior. The exhibition of seventy Impressions Dior dresses — from the first to the work of the designer copies authored by Raf Simons at the post of creative director Dior- supplemented seventy paintings by Degas, Seurat, Monet and Renoir.

It is not hard to guess that the problem is not so much a hobby Dior painting (we remember that even the maestro opened his own art gallery with a friend

Jean Bonzhakom), but in an obvious influence on his work of the Impressionists. Artists radically change the approach to the «depiction of» abandoned the academic style in favor of a free manner, based on the emotional perception and memory. Dior, whose peak of glory came in the post-war years, also created his own world — a sensual, light and romantic.

The story of the diorovsky new look resembles the first days of life as a term of Impressionism. The journalist Louis Leroy used the word «impressionnisme» in an article for the newspaper Le Charivari, referring to a picture of Monet’s «Impression. Rising Sun «- as well as the editor

Harper’s Bazaar Carmel Snow, who visited the show Dior, the first exclaimed, «New look!» In the magazine. And, of course, both publications, separated for years, marked the beginning of another era in art and fashion. Impressionists rediscovered color, clean, no academic glazes. Lilies, embankments and meadows on their canvases turned into bright spots. «) And made them look like Renoir’s heroines. Open the album art and look at dresses: one need only look to mentally move the «Garden at Giverny artist» or «Wild Poppies, near Argenteuil» by the meter first-class silk. If you fail, it will help the publishing house Rizzoli: a book about the exhibition Impressions Dior ready to see the light in September.


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