The tradition of hospitality

Traditional style in design cuisine combines the charm of fine details and sophisticated decor, but at the same time provides the comfort and warm atmosphere. The secret of traditional cuisine is precisely matched accents that attract attention.

Elegant classic SILVANO GRIFONI lamp is made of painted wood with the effect of aging.

Table service for 12 persons from Cornucopia WEDGWOOD. The service is made of fine bone china and decorated with 22-carat gold. The source of its design — the mythical «Cornucopia» with unicorns and satyrs.

The image of the cuisine from the factory Dhialma MARCHI CUCINE was inspired by the sun-drenched Mediterranean landscapes -plavnye line facades, soft palette of the early morning, fronts made of walnut, marble countertop. The kitchen is decorated with nickel silver alloy in the spirit of old traditions, when this material is widely used in aristocratic houses, t. To. Was more economical than silver, but no less beautiful and bright.

The combination of noble white with gold — one of the favorite techniques of traditional classics. Luxury kitchen Caprice from ONLYWOOD felt in every detail: that curly columns, semicircular facade, carved decoration, the original form of drying, high cabinets. All elements of the kitchen are painted by hand by Italian craftsmen and decorated with gold foil.

This work of art from the German manufactory MEISSEN released in limited edition of 50 copies. Maker decorated decor «Snow rose» created by the artist Johann Joachim Kandler in 1739.

The service of the Platinum collection BLUMARINE HOME COLLECTION decorated in delicate shades. Light, airy decor of platinum on a white porcelain resembles delicate lace.

Luxury classics performed by factory LEICHT: kitchen De Luxe offers Versailles to enjoy the beauty, inspired by the splendor of the Palace of Versailles.

White recessed oven HBA23BN21 BOSCH with stylized control panel has seven different modes of heating and spacious volumes of 62 liters.

Each surface, whether or facades from an array of natural stone countertop, carefully processed and decorated. Dyeing and distressed wood, painted, sculpted curves of carving, gilding, brass parts — each a classic cuisine is a highlight. This romantic and refined way is to add weathered parquet, stylized lamps made of wood and metal, wrought iron accessories, taps into retro style with bronze trim, elegant harmony with the stone worktop. Of course, the classic entourage will require more free space — in particular for the massive kitchen island, around which it is desirable to keep the aisles are wide and comfortable.

More easily and carefree kind of traditional cuisine will give the window, blend into the architecture of the kitchen units. Indispensable attribute of kitchen space — hood — also decorated in accordance with the general concept of the room. The feeling of antiquity underlined unusual details: for example, a shelf with pots, flowers and tableware, suspended on metal chains over the kitchen island. The final chord of the traditional kitchen appliances will be in the retro style or technique, stylized hidden behind false panels.

Kitchen Piranesi from JUMBO COLLECTION is made in the traditional European style, and include natural motifs — painted by hand on the doors and drawers exquisite carving, decorating column.

Salt and pepper mill in a series of Paris from the French company PEUGEOT, made of beech wood.

Copper pots of exquisite collection Historia from the company RUFFONI. Utensils made of copper has a high thermal conductivity and even heating, so it is used in the preparation of gourmet dishes.

Appliances in the classical style evolved into a business card company ILVE. Majestic refrigerator «side by side» ILVE RN 90 SBS from the series Nostalgie executed in color red burgundy

Kitchen Dolcevita from factory STOSA CUCINE rich architectural elements typical of ancient times: hood, framed by pilasters, flute, carved cornices. The model is made in ivory and decorated with gold leaf.

New Classic collection from MARCHI CUCINE combines ancient traditions and modern technology. For facades island Dechora used steel sheets, table top is made of durable material, which is the know-how MARCHI CUCINE.

Kitchen unit ILVE MCA-70 is made in the style of Majestic Country. Knobs and switches may be made of brass, bronze or chromium. The model includes seven color options. The oven can be a multifunction or gas convection, with a blind or a glass front.

Cookware collection of Opus Prima silver plated, RUFFONI. The cover is decorated with vegetable still life, cast in brass.

Landscapes with autumn meadows inspired the designers to create MOSER this cup decorated with hand-engraved. Real art lovers will appreciate the inlay in the form of butterflies, hiding among the flowers and herbs.

The charm of the traditional model of the factory KVÄNUM Sparre is in the details — is profiled doors with wide frames, elegant metal handles, kitchen island with a solid top made of walnut.

Coffee anniversary collection of KPM, dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the factory.

Table set Hemisphere in the classical style of porcelain, JL COQUET.

Strict kitchen Medina from the factory ZACCARIOTTO CUCINE decorated with refined details shining gold color.

Model Bretagne part of the classic line of the German factory EGGERSMANN. The frames are made from an array of fronts, worktops — from limestone Jura grey.

Champagne buckets Equinoxe, PEUGEOT.

Built in electric oven in a series of Nostalgie by NEFF. Despite the retro design, the model is equipped with the latest features: eight heating modes, including the Vario-grill, cleaning EasyClean®, the function «quick warm-up.»

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