To be or not to be garden tools factory in Pavlovo-on-Oka?

To be or not to be garden tools factory in Pavlovo-on-Oka?

To answer the question posed in the title of the article, it is not so simple. To do this, make a small excursion into the past …

Even in 1962, in the tenth issue of «Gardening» published an article by a senior engineer of the Head Specialized Design Bureau Gorky Economic Council (now the Volga-Vyatka) V. Ryabov «To accelerate the production of garden tools.»

The authors report that they have in the office created prototypes of garden, vineyard and garden hand tools and motorized tools for all areas of the country: loppers, pruners, plodosemniki, rippers, cultivators, and even a set of electrified tool to caterpillar tractors DT-20 for pruning fruit trees . «New instruments and mechanisms — ie further wrote. Ryabov — are easy and robust construction.»

It would seem better to have nothing and desire. But there it was!

As if anticipating the course of events, the author wrote: «How soon will begin mass production of such a tool? Hard to say. Yet there are times when a new ,, in the way of his birth and the development meets all sorts of obstacles to overcome which takes a long time. «

Unfortunately, it must be noted that the concerns so on. Ryabov were in vain.

Two years have passed, and the Volga-Vyatka economic council has not yet organized the production of garden tools.

This issue was discussed in the Economic Council and a number of other institutions, make decisions, give directions, and «things are there.»

In the same 1962 deputy chairman of the Volga-Vyatka economic council tonnes. Lapin sent at the same time a letter the newspaper «Izvestia», «Economic newspaper», the magazine «Gardening» and Economic Council of the RSFSR, which recognized that m. Ryabov rightly worried about the production of garden tools and assured that «the reconstruction of the plant will start in 1963 in accordance with the envisaged investments for this year. For plant garden tools designed special machines. «

But these assurances turned out to be completely unfounded. Red tape around this issue continued.

To the Editor received more complaints about the lack of good garden tools. Then we turned to an expert for an explanation of Gosplan tons. Marovo and received a reply from him, stating that in

1961 Gorky, now Volga-Vyatka, the economic council was requested to organize through the reconstruction of the Pavlovsk plant «Metallist» the country’s first specialized factory for the production of high-quality garden and grape manual and motorized tools. At the same time Ukraine and Belarus had to make for this purpose and place the plant in 1963, special machinery. We were allocated the necessary investments for the development of project documentation and reconstruction of the plant. They are included in the following years. Nevertheless, economic council stubbornly refuses to absorb funds for their intended purpose, and switch them to other objects. After the application of the economic council chairman VM Sukhov exclusion Pavlovsky plant garden tools from the number built in the current seven-year period was rejected by enterprises, we started the reconstruction of the plant. But soon finance the construction stopped.

In such an unfavorable light illuminated the course of events so on. Marov.

Checking on the instructions of the editorial board has fully confirmed these facts. As it turned out, the question of the reconstruction of the Pavlovsk plant sought to push the Head of the Supreme Economic Council of General Engineering r. Glukharev (letter dated 26 February 1963), Deputy Chairman of the Economic Council of the RSFSR tons. Chentemirov (letter dated 17 April 1963), Deputy Chairman of the State Committee tractor- and agricultural engineering at the USSR State Planning Committee t. Tarasov (letter dated 29 June 1963).

It finally had its effect: in early 1964 started the reconstruction of the plant. But not for long. Already in August, the work was stopped.

…Blazing sun mirrored letters at the entrance hangs a sign: «The plant garden tools.»

We talk with the chief engineer of the plant Mikhail Malyshev.

— Yes, that vy1 — he exclaims, — it’s just a sign! And we do all of the same knives and locks in old buildings. Construction suspended. Come see for yourself!

— Here see — shows Mikhail hand — held for the preparation of the construction site, have laid the foundations of buildings, built a warehouse of finished products. But the master had only 40 thousand rubles is followed by an order to remove the remaining hundred thousand. Now you do not know what to do!

Food to the manager of the trust «Rosinstrument» AI Pavlov, who is subordinate to the Volga-Vyatka economic council.

— My personal opinion — said t. Pavlov — is: a place to plant garden tools chosen unsuccessfully. He’d better not be in the Gorky region, and, say, Moldova or Ukraine.

It became clear that m. Pavlov did not want to burden themselves with the production of garden tools. However, he looks for it: the production of garden tools included in the plan trust at the plant in 1965. But such a solution causes confusion among factory workers. After all, for the production of garden tools you need special equipment, which is already beginning to arrive at the plant, but no place to put it. So benevolence tons. Pavlov turned out to be untenable.

Willy-nilly, I had to appeal directly to Valentin Sukhov.

The conversation took place with the participation of Deputy Chairman of the Economic Council of the capital construction field t. Ananyina. There was a ton disposal. Sukhov, «garden tools factory in Pavlovo-on-Oka organize. One hundred thousand rubles for the reconstruction return. And if the plant has mastered them to the end of the year, to add more. «

The plant returned provision for the continuation of the reconstruction, the end of its title in the list provided in the

1965. But there came to an end on this tape? Will the gardeners of the country is a good tool?

To give a positive answer to this is premature.

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