Russia was the only European country for which the Japanese are prepared with the most powerful version of the 2.5-liter engine, 6-speed «automatic» and all-wheel drive. But is this good «Rafik», how it is presented to us?

Wow — a «Rafik» is the economy mode! But why do you need the fastest version? And who, by the most powerful engine, will be considered a drop of gasoline? And yet — it is worth trying …

I press the illuminated blue button ECO maloprimetnuyu on the center console to the right of the steering wheel, and almost immediately there is a feeling that the car does not go, and leisurely strolls through the streets, looking at the capital’s sights. Not to say that I liked it. Moreover, for augmented fuel economy efficiency climate control system is strictly limited to the specified limits. For example, in the June heat, I set the temperature control to 16 °, and the stingy electronics refused to extradite below plus 22 degrees.

But to experience the proverbial «ECO-MODE» is still worth it — at least in order to understand how venturesome sports mode! Beauty!

In the pits and bumps in Simferopol highway «Rafik» react adequately: the body does not shudder and strong delivery did not give. At the same time not excessively swayed and roll, tenaciously holding on to the tarmac. To reckless driving was still safe and engineers the most nimble car stuffed full set of modern electronics. In addition to the mandatory anti-lock system today with the distribution of effort and Brake Assist is a notification of change of lanes, blind spot monitoring, automatic switch on dipped beam and voice control.

Navigation RAV4 have Russified and is quite simple. But first you need to find it: instead of a separate button that starts the access to maps and driving, it is hidden in the menu «Applications». But it is easy to adjust. Much harder to put up with all the hanging of 165 mm from the ground and did not secure the muffler pipe. This annoying feature is characteristic only for the 180-strong «Rafiq» — that of diesel and 2-liter gasoline RAV4 is quite decent ground clearance of 197 mm. All the matter in a specific layout 2.5-liter engine — the same as in the «Camry».

Upset and fuel consumption. Even when I went to ekonomrezhime diligent, on-board computer showing not less than 13 liters per hundred. And if you’re a fan to drive these figures easily turn into 15-16 liters — too much for a compact crossover. This appetite could be forgiven for hurricane dynamics, but the characteristics of the engine can not be called a particularly impressive. But handsome is my whole half a million, as the most powerful motor put only the most lavishly equipped, and hence the most expensive equipment.

We decided

To get the extra 34 liters. from. and take a little less than two seconds to disperse hundreds, you will have to pay 408,000! The load is the fastest RAV4 will give you a reduced ground clearance and appetite.

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