V. Mchedlishvili

V. Mchedlishvili

Crow — sly bird, always knows where you can profit. When sown for example, corn, be sure to add grain to Poquelin this wretch.

The hungry post-war period it was a pity to feed the crows — have nothing to eat themselves. What is there to do? Yield found eight Valiko Mchedlishvili, found how stumbled.

That is really stumbled and spilled jar Chachi on corn tortillas. Father did not say anything, and put churek the sun — let dry.

Half an hour later came to his senses, he heard a ruckus crow. Gray robber walked waddle around the remains Churek and not afraid of roller. He easily caught and tied for five feet to the bush in the garden. Crows cawed hoarse. Then Valiko let them go. Since then, the crows began to fly around the side of the garden Mchedlishvili. In his invention Valiko not received security certificates, but an acquired taste to make the invention.

…An exceptionally harsh winter was in eastern Georgia in 1976. Night frosts threaten famous Kakhetian vine. In Gurjaani attended by specialists of all ranks and began to think how to save the vineyards. Great Alazani Valley. It does not cover any blanket … Exit engineer suggested Kakheti Energosbyt Mchedlishvili. Valerian Ivanovich offered to skip the wire trellises three-phase current. At night (when the frost most strong) and the excess electricity it is not a sin to spend on heating plantations. Do not delay, we conducted an experiment: in fifteen minutes the temperature of the plants rose by nine degrees. Urgent «electrified» field in the most dangerous areas, and vineyards were saved.

Minister of Agriculture of Georgia Sh Etsadashvili offered inventor working in his system — to address a variety of tasks. So Valerian Ivanovich went to the Republican Gospitomnichesky Trust as an engineer for new technology, in fact, full-time inventor.

Valerian Ivanovich drew attention once that high-frequency currents in a certain dose of a beneficial effect on the living organism. His son, a physicist by training, has calculated the parameters of the generator, which drew up to these doses. To high unit added a powerful source of infrared light, it also activates the living. Passed through a cuttings «wake up» two weeks before the test, and among them was almost sickly.

Reputation of Valerian Ivanovich was fixed definitively, when he made a mechanical «donkey» — unpretentious versatile machine to handle the infield. It so happened that he was invited to the demonstration of compact tractors represented firms in Japan, Italy, France, Portugal, which held the Georgian machine-station. The competition was held according to the rules: each tractor was assigned band, which had to be plowed and harrowed.

The first arose chrome «Japanese», followed him stuck in the mud lacquered Italian tractor, then stalled «French» and «Portuguese». And only Mchedlishvili on his makeshift «donkey» fulfilled all the conditions.

When the guests had left, one of the organizers of the competition, Professor GJ Shvatshobaya said Georgian: «Our priest is no blessing» that the Russian version of «no prophet in his own country.»

…You know how many vines left after pruning? In Kakheti recruited hundreds of thousands of tons. Shish kebab, cooked on the vine, out of competition, but too fat to sink barbecues that can be fed to livestock. Cows, goats, rabbits eat cropped vines, however, when there is nothing else. Tough this food. Valerian Ivanovich had the idea to turn the branches into flour. He came up with a simple piece. The huge tank, the bottom five blades rotate in opposite directions. The branches will be in it with flour.

First Secretary of the District Party Committee Gurjaani BI Sandzhiashvili helped get engines and metal found in the area of ​​the manufacturer — mechanical-repair factory Samtrest. Done quickly. On the first try to get the flour, it is suitable for the production of animal feed. Installing gave five tons per hour.

In Gurjaani twice visited a candidate member of the Politburo, the first secretary of the Communist Party of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze looked installation work and praised. Now the plant produces the first series of installations.

…When the tie grapes per hectare should be fixed at least five thousand vines. The most dexterous grower can make a day hundred garters, so that the entire population of Kakheti season employed in this business. Somehow Valerian Ivanovich with his wife tying vines on his land. Fatima said, «Look, a roller, a thousand years Georgians torn rags on the garter, and bend the plantations from dawn to dusk. You would come up with some clothespin. «

And I came up with. Clothespin seemed to him too complicated, and the clip — goes. The wire is curved so that it is now fixed on the vine trellis wire for the second (common garter takes 10-15 seconds).

…All Kakhetians from small but high processing technology known vineyards. Aisle twice a year, it is necessary to plow (autumn nagarnut ground at the roots, in the spring — on the contrary), six times cultivate and spray 8-12 times. This procedure has long wound. V. Mchedlishvili suddenly terrified: 20 times on the ground passing tractor! Well yes it is asphalt.

And so it happens in the summer. For sprayers are cultivators, sprayers again …

Did the inventor of the rotary cultivator, is mounted on the back of the sprayer. Hydraulic probes Limit warn cultivator of rudeness. Powered original: mow the lawn, shoveling it into the middle of the aisle, and loose soil. When the grass dries up, it was removed and used for fodder. Eliminates the need for the six special cultivation, not waste compacted soil, the weeds are destroyed completely. The economic effect of the innovations have not counted, but that it will exceed a million, it is clear.

… The main supplier of grape sprayers — Lvovhimselmash Production Association — have long been released mechanism that sprays from one passage one side of one of a number of vineyard. Valerian Ivanovich has attached to the device Lviv two tubular frame with holes for spraying chemicals, covering just two trellis. This sprayer treats two rows and adjacent entirety — from one side. In one pass the sprayer does the job six times greater than in Lviv. In Kakheti region has a lot of homemade. Oh, the temptation would be of Lviv Production Association!

…Driving procrastination tapestries wound up not today. Every spring, the peasants dig, «anchor», tighten sagging wire and over boulders buried in the ground. So do everywhere except in Gurjaani district of Kakheti. It uses a new way to anchor posts procrastination — prop up their columns on the opposite side and connect clamps similar to eight. In the spring, when there is a correction of tapestries, enough to pull the anchor pole to the wire does not sag, and lock the clamp system in the new position. The entire procedure takes seconds.

…The informed person told me that at least a tenth of the pillars during installation comes into disrepair. And the cause is not so much their low quality, as stony soil, which is very fond of grapes. Special device pressed pillar, and he — in any.

Valerian Ivanovich decided to loosen the ground first water syringe. At the same tractor he installed an additional tank, pressurized water is fed into a thin tube. First, it drives a foot, and then put the pole.

VI Mchedlishvili filed more than two dozen proposals. All in. However, while that on the scale of the area in the best case — Kakheti. Meanwhile, grape fields in our country are many. And innovations Mchedlishvili could find broader application. For example, in dezintengratore easily processed into flour corn on the cob, bodyl, branches … Its a tractor with the engine of the chainsaw «Friendship» is useful in any peasant economy … The sprayer that handles rows of plants with six sides, and may be interested in gardening and berry and tsitrusovodov … Easy installation activation of planting material is also applicable everywhere like a miracle clip, replacing the garter. Bury and implement!

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