Valeria Gai Germanicus

Valeria Gai Germanicus

«Political and social issues are not interesting to me even more than the female series, which I shoot.»

Valeria Gai Germanicus turned the rustling among the media in Minsk. One she refused an interview, another — is agreed with the third limited set of answers «yes, no, I do not know.» «Big» has got a little blood. Before Eugenia Sugak

Germanicus appeared though not as good fairies, but not evil stepmother, that’s for sure.

— Leroy, you said that the lack of opportunity to take a full-fledged movie makes you so unhappy that you can not watch movies of other Russian producers.

Now, when your film, «Yes and yes» is almost ready, that has changed in life and mood?

— I became calmer. I got what I wanted. Many of my friends and acquaintances said that, I am satisfied in this regard. And things got better, now I will shoot the next movie. But what he will yet do not ask.

— You want to go with the film at international film festivals. And what if it is not noted the call whether to repeat the story of the «Taffy»? ( In 2010

Germanicus was not given the prize in the category «directed television movie,» which caused a very strong reaction Valerie — approx. auth.)

— I became comfortable with such things. Then I was little, and I had a very different perception of reality. Moreover, we pretty much drank there, and all perceived in a distorted light. But … «Taffy» -That was closed while I shoot. While I apologize to academics «Taffy» that my behavior was unworthy behavior of a Russian officer. This will not happen again. I’m sure.

-A grossing film, its fees are important to you, as well as the prize at the festival?

— When will I get a percentage of each show, charges will care about me. And yet in our country operates such a scheme, where all rights belong to the producer, I charges the film is not important a priori. And that’s a plus, because I can shoot whatever I want without thinking about how many people will look at it.

— In an interview, you suggested that your film «Everybody Dies But Me» is not seen by enough people because of the bad publicity. Do not you think that just overestimate the audience, and he is not quite ready for this movie?

— When I say this, I mean advertising, on which the author’s cinema can not be spent. Yes, the outdoor advertising from the auteur cinema is almost there, but it is not critical. Plus pirated copies on the Internet doing their job. Yet

«Everybody Dies But Me» actually got a very good rental in Moscow and France.

As for the audience, it should be brought up, for some years in our country there was a big gap in cultural education. However, the modern spectator crowds knocks on auteur cinema. We recently tried to watch a movie Serebrennikov’s «Betrayal», and only in the third or fourth cinema tickets were. In the author’s cinema is now a great demand, as well as to the literature.

— And as often happens, the director instead of art-house and independent films slips viewer donut hole? After all, to be honest, many only pretend that they like and that they understand such art.

— I do not criticize someone else’s work and do not watch other people’s movies, so as not to fall into the temptation of criticism. Therefore, I can only speak for myself. And I try to fill his films suffering and joy, that did not work this donut hole. The hole it in my heart. From this and the movie is.

— And there is a possibility that the hole heal?

— Yes, your prayers only if.

— You do not like to criticize someone else’s work. And yours?

— For myself I strict, but work with me a hundred people, and the work will be signed my name and nobody has a right mess, and I have a right to ask. Friends say that I’m from the category Samoyeds and go to extremes.

Although I never think that I could have done better, I try to do my

«Best» and the result I always like. I’m narcissistic director. I really like what I’m doing, I’m overwhelmed, this wave is a tsunami. I get a real buzz when taking pictures. Critique I perceive exactly.

But I was lucky, and all the way critics like me, I thank them for that. I was not offended, even when she was at a tender age. Apparently critics share my pain.

— Are you strong in creative conflict-money? Will a good amount to shoot for something that is abhorrent to your view of the world and a movie?

— Shoot for the money? Yes, I do, and this for several years. Well series «School» I was not disgusted, but I did not get much money for it.

I took it almost for the idea. But to take money for me no problem, even if I do not like the script. I will agree to the proposals of a commercial nature. Many of my fans think that this is not right and try to criticize me. But they are young, live under the wing of their parents and eat my mother’s meatballs for breakfast. And I have to earn money, because she is responsible for his family. I take such projects in the name of the home, which should be supported not only spiritually, but also financially.

— And what an interesting item of expenditure have in your fees?

— In general, I’m not ready to share it with the world. His first fee I got six years ago at the festival «Kinotavr» for short films, then the prize was 5 thousand dollars. I bought myself out the dog (pointing to the large Chinese crested with pink bangs

— Approx. auth.). Well, no, I have not bought it for

5 thousand dollars, of course, but for five hundred. Well, back debts remaining money.

— How do you work the new film producer Fyodor Bondarchuk? Whether he will impose his vision?

— Last time I saw Bondarchuk on the recording of the program «Cinema in details».

We filmed this program when I was working on the «Short Course», that is, two years ago. Since then, I have not seen him, he told me tinkling sometimes, but most of us have not met with him. The film is «Yes and yes» — is the author’s original movie, and obviously Fedor wanted a film company in the luggage personal project.

Do not put pressure on me before the producers,

God spared the artist. And how easy is it to step on your throat, again, it depends on the amount of the fee.

— You have a pretty audacious character. You can flare up, slam the door if you do not satisfied, even if you know what to put the project in jeopardy?

— I do not need it at all. If at stake is a large sum, it means that people from me anything they want. Here the act of purchase of Sale, business, and I do not break off. Terms of the contract simply did not allow me to slam the door. I am a director, it’s my job, and within the framework of the paper that I signed, I can not afford to behave unprofessionally. I can not be the work of a hobby, I’m not so independent from the commercial side of the issue. But my personal experience no one cares, except for some relatives. Even some relatives, they do not care.

— Everyone likes what you’re doing, even my mother.

— Thank you … Tell my mother that I will continue to try to please her.

— Many of your interviews I have the impression that you are not particularly proud of your series «A short course of a happy life» ….

— The work I’m happy, maybe something else — no, not the work. As part of the genre «Short Course» — one of the best works. This is the best shot we have in this category teleromanov. I like the cut the ribbon opening the women’s series, and is now trying to do something like that many, and you know, with my same actors and the same topics. Before me, there were women’s series, but not so big. But I watch TV shows, even with «Tatiana’s Day» I am aware of.

— Leroy, you are strongly shunned even just conversations on socio-political themes. But they could be a good story for the film. Or your movie will always be only about love?

— Political and social issues are not interesting to me even more than the female series, which I rented. In my film such topics may not enter. Can I remove the historical movie and there will be the theme of the policy, but it will be historical nuances. I, as an artist, do not appreciate the current political situation because of my ideology, the artist is abhorrent in principle.

— What caused the young age of all your heroes? You do not want to grow up, and you’re interested in the younger generation?

— Do you think that I have a small brain? (laughs) In my new film heroes in the region of twenty-five, and it has not quite young, at least, they have other conflicts, and not a conflict between fathers and children, which I still lubricate like in the TV series «School». I do not discriminate — or small adult. I am interested in people in general.

In the words of Saint-Exupery: «There is nothing more interesting human relationships.» Well, as a writer, he said that, of course, not as a pilot.

— How do you choose the script?

— If it is not my script, then all the terrible vaccinations I choose very painless. You can be a donor and you pump out a lot of blood, and may take from a finger. You’ll soon see my second feature film and learn how to look my script. But the vision of the original script and the final result is always the same, the idea moves very organic, and can be modified. Do you want to remove

Amelie, but in the end it turns Gaspard Noel. This is normal.

— What do you as a director, and do you feel aggrieved as director-woman?

— It is necessary to ask my subordinates. I do not know myself, but I try to be objective about yourself, other paintings. On gender issues, I do not face. Probably, a woman must be a good wife and mother and cook borscht, why are so few women in the profession. Work laws that we come up with, a woman loses a lot when it becomes a director, for example. I’ve had no one needs, I have no husband, who insisted that I spend the night at home, and not to make a film. But if I was not a director, nothing in my motherhood would not change.

— And what is it, your motherhood?

What is unusual about the child’s upbringing can be expected from the director, extraordinary personality, and even goth?

— I bring up a child without fanaticism and female frenzy. Nothing unusual. First of all, I do not Goth, I’m a woman-mother. About someone wrote that he astronaut, about someone — cook about me, I Got. Around me all the gothic old Goth Gothic sees everything, and in his heart at this time … Gothic rose blossoms rose gothic alchemy of love. Actually, sometimes I wait in fear when my child gets to Youtube, but not shy of its manifestations.

— How is the fight against internal demons?

— This fight is all, some just do not notice it. And I’m especially sensitive. But how easily I fall asleep ponocham rather it depends on what I ate or drank during the day. My inner feelings depend on the social environment and the conflicts that occur. On level ground, I do not throw up their hands and do not sprinkle ashes on his head, especially before bedtime.

— What is the cruelty in the movie, what is its meaning?

— If you want to know the origin of the violence in a movie, I will send you (I really thought it was the hell-approx.

author) to the time of ancient Greek drama. I work within the drama, and it never changes. You just choose a genre, and you have your own handwriting.

What do you choose for yourself, comedy or tragedy, depends on you, and that there should be in the movies, it is not necessary to the movies, I do not know.

— How has the attitude of people when you are from a simple girl turned into a cult director?

— I do not consider myself to be religious, and do not like about this cinematic pathos. I’m just starting to make movies. What has changed? There was a wide range of social communication, which I try to limit, but now I can choose myself what I shoot. I already have a lot of suggestions, and this in addition to my own movies, I’ll shoot in September. And before that I had no choice, I had to agree. Now I can choose from for me less painful. With regard to relations with family and friends, they can not change, if you do not change. I have not changed. I can be happy or unhappy, but my profession does not change me, and until I was in the movie of the same human condition. The human — all too human, wrote Nietzsche, it always stays with you. And character, it is not treated. Although I can meet a childhood friend, and he will say, «Oh, you’re so pathetic!», Not even communicated with me. It happens with people, and with me there. In general, my job does not affect privacy.

— And you have his personal life, as I was warned not to talk like …

— Well, what is to know … You’re not the newspaper «Life». Everyone who wanted to merge into it, for a long time have merged, you can read about them. But in general … Happiness and peace of mind — it is a struggle, it goes forever. Every day, like a white sheet, every day anew, you wake up, and everything new. Especially when you’re being bipolar.

— What is it, the ideal for you to film a movie of your dreams?

— Each of my film is a film of my dreams. In this case, the second, «Yes and yes,» which will be released soon. And when I read the script of the third film, which we are now writing with my screenwriter Fascia Rodionov, I realized that this is a film of my dreams, and this will continue. When this is over, over and creativity Germanicus.

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