Varicose veins is sealing, sklerozirovanii or surgical removal of varicose veins on the legs. Since no one in this world likes to be operated, we actively encourage you to: watch your feet and memorize the rules of prevention, so that at least once a day, in his free time, to give pleasure to their tired feet.

The essence of the varicose veins that weaken the walls of veins are stretched and blood flow to the extremities is difficult. Used by stagnation of blood can form clots, and if the disease does start, it comes to trophic changes of tissues. If you have a genetic predisposition to a disease or varicose veins located on the o-i-th stage, it is time to take up preventive measures that will prevent further development of disease.


Most at risk purchase veins are people who by virtue of their professional duties doom themselves to immobility: and the outflow of blood from the legs prevents both sedentary and need a whole day to stand (behind the counter at the hairdresser’s chair, and so on. D.). The moral: the main way of prevention — regular load on leg muscles. And no power (tyaganie rod) and so-called «cardio»: walking, moderate jogging, cycling or rollerblading. The activity reduces the leg muscles, the harder they push the blood up, helping weakening the veins and preventing their expansion.


Besides traffic outflow of blood from the legs contributes to the exalted position of the feet. If you work in an office, at least 2-3 times a day in addition to the walks allow yourself to throw his feet in the so-called «American attitude.» If modesty does not allow to put his feet on the table, put them at least on a nearby chair unattended — so that the heel was just above the shin. In addition, a good prevention of varicose veins are Nordic walking, cycling, roller skating, and other activities in which you amplify blood flow to the extremities.

What to drink? If you have ever in my life showed phlebologist their problem feet, he is likely to have appointed you a drug-venotoniki. Such tablets or capsules are designed to support and strengthen venous walls, to give it vitality and help the body to establish normal circulation. We do not recommend choosing these drugs without consulting a doctor.

MEDICAL STOCKINGS autumn, you can switch to wearing compression hosiery. If you have the first stage of the disease, we are talking about in this article, probably a doctor would not insist on daily wear jersey. With a small veins compression stockings class I needed during exercise — for a hike in the gym, jogging or charging with dumbbells. Also, special tights and stockings prescribed to pregnant women. Note that the therapeutic hosiery pressure is not measured in the usual DEN, in mm Hg.


Different formulations (gels and ointments for the feet, which structure is usually included menthol) as well as douches — excellent means to impart the necessary vascular tone. Therefore, if you have time to care about the health of home raduyte their feet cool baths or shower 1-2 times a week, and if you remember the veins only at work, Garner cooling gels.

Not to think of varicose veins around the clock, make a plan for yourself foot care: 1-2 times a day, I’m doing something good for the veins, and the rest of the time enjoying the results of these procedures — health and ease.

The essence of varicose veins is that excessive pressures in the veins leading to their deformation, which in turn leads to stagnation of blood in the veins, metabolic disorders and in the vein and surrounding tissues as a consequence of their damage. It is manifested by the presence of varicose veins changed, swelling, skin discoloration, the formation of ulcers. Threatening complication of this condition is thrombosis, which can cause disability and, in some cases, death of the patient. Treatment of chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs has traditionally been considered a surgical problem. Especially when you troubleshoot «spider veins» and «spiders». In most cases, a combination of both surgical and conservative (non-surgical) treatments. The basis of conservative measures is a medical compression hosiery (pantyhose, stockings, socks). The degree of compression (class) is defined in millimeters of mercury and adjusted individually at the reception of the expert during the inspection. An important component of an integrated treatment of varicose veins is welcome venotoniki. There is no need to assign multiple resources as a complex mechanism of action (strengthens and tones the venous wall and improves blood and lymph flow) on the basis of modern drugs diosmin with hesperidin, such as «Venarus» (or its equivalent) provides the possibility of continuous therapy For many months. Venotoniki such as «Venarus» can be used at any stage of the disease, they should be applied courses. Ointments and gels fulfill a role of complement to basic therapy for a certain period of time and in any case can not be used as a single agent treatment.

Status of the venous system of the lower extremities can be assessed only after angio ultrasound scan to see a doctor.

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