Vasily Saltykov.

Vasily Saltykov.

November 10, 1955 death snatched from our ranks Vasily Saltykov.

B. Saltykov was born in 1907 in Bialystok. Since 1924, he became engaged in amateur radio, which defined his career. B. Saltykov was actively involved in the first experiments on the use of shortwave radio communications in parts of the Leningrad Military District.

Beginning in 1932, Vasily worked continuously in the field of radio communications and radio. In 1940, having passed the external examinations and defended a thesis project at the Leningrad Institute of Communications Engineers, he was qualified as an electrical engineer on the radio.

During the Great Patriotic War V. Saltykov joined the ranks of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. True son of the Communist Party, Vasyl has always shown a deep understanding of the Party’s policy, the ability to fight for the implementation of its decisions.

Excellent organizer, knowing his job, he devoted much effort to the education of the Soviet hams. A good radio operator operator, the master of long-distance relationships, Vasyl skillfully passed his knowledge and experience of young people. He wrote several textbooks and a number of articles in the journals «Radiofront» and «Radio».

A lot of time he paid practical work on personal shortwave receiving and transmitting radio. They held about 20 thousand amateur radio. Soviet hams and hams of other countries of the world are well known to his amateur radio call sign. B. Saltykov took an active part in the conduct of Mr and links to many expeditions working in remote areas of the country. He first established radio contact with the drifting wintering at the North Pole in 1937.

B. Saltykov was repeatedly elected to leadership positions in amateur radio organizations. In 1955, for active participation s development of amateur radio shortwave radio operators n the training of young operators, he was awarded the badge «Honorary Radio Operator».

His duties B. Saltykov skillfully combined with large public and party work. Over the years, B. Saltykov was the deputy of Dzerzhinsky District Council in Moscow.

Homeland appreciated the merits of VS Saltykov, awarding him the Order of «Red Star» and «Badge of Honor» and six medals.

The memory of this talented Soviet Communicator and wireless enthusiast, a good friend, a modest and sensitive man for a long time in our hearts.

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