Vega 3D

Vega 3D

Laser projection level

LASER: Class — 2, wavelength — 635 nm radiation power — 1 mW

Optical scheme: horizontal and two vertical planes

Operating range: up to 15 m (with receiver — up to 60 m)

Measurement error: ± 0,2 mm / m


DIMENSIONS: 162x79x127 mm Weight: 0.8 kg

PRICE: 16500 rubles.

Compact multi-functional automatic laser level Vega 3D is suitable for interior decoration, installation, leveling walls and floors, installation of ceiling structures, installation of partitions, wall mounted equipment, the leveling of wall shelves, and much more. The device builds three mutually perpendicular planes — one horizontal and two vertical, which significantly expands its capabilities.

Alignment of the laser planes is carried out with a pendulum compensator. To control the leveling instrument is at the top of the control panel with LEDs. Receiver laser works when the beam hits the light-sensitive element (self leveling thus should be included in the pulse mode). If you get on the plane of laser light sensor receiver indicator light on three sides, shows the location of the laser plane. Move the receiver until the green LED lights — which means that the risks are on the device combined with the laser plane. At the same time the buzzer emits a continuous beep (can be switched off). To install the receiver in a vertical or horizontal position on the body fluid levels are provided for mounting on DIN rail — mounting bracket. There are two levels of sensitivity — «Just» and «rude.»

Vega 3D — compact, easy to use and extremely durable tool. It comes complete with magnetic mounting bracket for the device, a magnetic target angled target telescopic mini tripod. Packed in a plastic case.

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