Vered fans spinning on the jig catching a lot of talk about the preferred bait for catching walleye. We discuss the best colors, the best odds of working-ly and sizes, the recommended weight of the load Yod certain conditions for fishing and so on. D. And: Amoy interesting opinion often SUPPLIES-1yatsya. Having purposefully dzhigovat slykastogo, I did not understand on what bait to focus — so different preferences were familiar sudachatnikov. Therefore I prefer to solve the problem yourself with lures — testing method.

At times it looked like this: preparing a half-dozen baits fished them one by one, removing each of about five casts. After shooting razlovlennuyu effective bite the bait and put the following, different from the previous size, color or model, and it is desirable — all of these three parameters. As a result, only a few fishings razlovil dozen twisters and soft plastic bait, concluding that work completely different bait!

Quite often choose baits for walleye begin to reason with colors. I myself do not just have to answer the question: «What color is preferred for walleye?». But, frankly, I find it difficult to answer unequivocally until now, so different colors of my best workers baits. But continuing to search for the answer, yet trying to somehow organize information.

By catching walleye pike I came out of the jig. By the time I found that personally I toothy predator best takes on the color twister motor oil (motor oil) in various variations. Not surprisingly, it was his I suggested Pike in the first place. And caught. Then, good to catch pike became a pas lime soft plastic bait. And it is also caught several perch!

The following fishings good show themselves from the classical Kopyto Relax, and then shot oblong Bass Assassin. But they were completely different colors, from black-and-white and acid in the first embodiment to a dull red with sequins and dark purple — in the second. Further worked chartreuse n orange. The situation with the choice of color lures more and more confusing.

And whatever you loose I did not soon, if ever allowed, made it clear lures Lucky John. Began testing twisters and soft plastic bait 11h povoy collection 2012, I had the presence of samples in one or two copies of different colors. After catching walleye bait fishing efficiency often comes off and in its place I put a new one. And too caught walleye! As a result, I caught fanged pas ton all the black and white, dark green, silver, light green color, and the largest at the mo-ment — about 3 kg — the bait in a triple range of colors; gray, red and orange. Many other lures Lucky John, too, were literally striped and includes three different colors. Guess which one will work in the first place, it was impossible.

Complete venture with the definition of the most catchability for walleye color I decided at the festival presentation of new soft lures Lucky John, held last summer, the PA, the largest reservoir of Belarus — Vileyka. It addition to the above colorings managed to crush lilac, nondescript gray-brown («watermelon seeds») and a red tail (similar red head). In total, we managed to catch a fellow pas eight different perch bait, not only in color but also in size to form. In other words, my personal color experiments helped to understand that there is no single preferred color soft bait for walleye! Replacement bait might work on radically different colors of Io — it happens often, but obviously working for myself, I have not brought. However, as the form.

Note, however, that at different fishings perch may prefer a particular model or type of bait. Sometimes, for example, twister soft plastic bait works best. There were times that the absolute besklevs cause fanged bite managed only the trailer of a large fleshy «worm.» Although often the opposite happened — it fanged prefer soft plastic bait. From this I concluded that with him in the box is better to have both types of baits.

It is believed that pike loves aibrohvosty elongated shape — elongated narrow years. At one time I thought so, too, catching a few good fanged on Bass Assassin, and then lures Akara. Accordingly, when he met with the «Lucky John», it also began popolzovavshis primarily oblong model, despite the fact that they had a «pike» name Pike Idol. Pike was caught on them regularly, and on a bigger size of 12 cm. Probably, there is still a form of matter. Until that one day all six pike weighing 1280 to 2930 g I caught only elongated Pike Idol. It would seem that the ideal form of the buzz of St.-monkey is found, it is confirmed by the fact that one of the fanged belched after catching his fellow tribesman — elongated pike-perch, a stretch similar to the described soft plastic bait.

But just five days later at the same venue fanged suddenly changed their preferences. Elongated soft plastic bait to catch on just one walleye, though, about 3.5 kg of bites at the bait this perspective I do not see it. Until then, until you put another model — the classical form called Classic Roach. And from the first casting took a walleye on 4330 g, breaking his previous record. Perhaps, in this case, change the bait worked, but then later perches across mostly already in wide soft plastic bait! I believe that the fanged simply change your diet, going to the other prey. For example, on a perch and roach.

Thus, it can be concluded that the ideal form of bait which would be well advised to catch walleye, also exists. At various times, can operate a variety of bait fish, the choice of which is probably due to its current menu. And, of course, the replacement of one to another too often works, as in the case with color, and with a size too.

Recently, when fishing with spinning I try to use large bait. It concerns various types of artificial lures, including soft. And I should note that the rule «big bait big fish» works pretty often for a variety of predators, including for walleye. At least the largest fanged I caught on not fine vibrphvosty length of 10 cm and 12 cm. I’m sure I did use the PRP-semolina smaller, I would have remained without a trophy.

But this does not mean that for small bait will take the small fish. Often perch per kilogram and a half sets pa 2-inch bait. To find out what today choose fanged again need to change the bait. At the same reservoir Vileika I had an interesting situation when the first day of the two-day fishing pike prefer big baits, and the second to give them up, choosing the already smaller — about 8 cm. And the ego happened on the same points.

However, for someone and 8 cm seem not so little Io some time for walleye I rarely use smaller lures. Most often the opposite — increasing their size up to 15 cm. Although in the latter case, too, is not so simple.

Deciding on one of the trips buzz «poupiratsya» it is with the largest tires in my collection (about 15 cm), I was surprised when I first pas her coveted perch small, weighing about half a kilo. And the bites were not single! And just under a curtain of fishing, I finally caught «knloshnnka.» Analyzing what happened, I think I just got on the yield of active walleye, and large bait, he quickly responded, regardless of its size.

To sum up the above, the monitoring of the amount of bait for walleye are the same as on the form: in different, even neighboring fanged days may prefer large or, conversely, smaller prey. You can, of course, always use a versatile 3-inch size and almost always have to catch on with low chances of frequent capture the trophy. And you can, on the contrary, try to use large bait. Personally I prefer the second option, especially since it has confirmed the feasibility of and the quality of catches my comrades,

However, with large baits often unpleasant incidents occur. Firstly, it happens a lot of empty bites, and if the trophy fish pinpoint relatively well, the average often descends, Second, perch like no other love deprive soft bait tails. It is not clear why this happens, because it is assumed that it mainly hit in the head. Disadvantages arise as to the correct and reliable equipment, especially large soft plastic bait.

For zander, there are three main types of tooling jig baits. First of all, classical jig, which is suitable for virtually any form of baits. Perhaps only the most narrow and long may «get along» is not all heads and single hooks. Because of the inconvenience of this equipment can be called the need to replace the entire bait, if you want to change only the weight of the load.

And with TWISTER, and soft plastic bait I use a cup with snap-on twin-GRU zilom- «cheburanshoy» or an offset hook, still preferring the first option.

However, double hooks «protivopokazanys-zakoryazhennyh in places where often just have to catch walleye. Then I snap ofsetnnke doing already. Usually soft baits range from 7 to 12 cm I use three sizes ofsetnpkov, the largest of which — № 5/0.

At one time, I had a prejudice against such uncoupled snap, but after I started Use vat hard spinners with ultrafast systems, problems with neprosekaemostyu virtually none. Well, from bait material undercuts the effectiveness also depends: soft silicone contributes to better pinpoint the bridge. However, the service life of the bait at the same time a little. Increase it helps superglue and lighter (better with turbo), but this I will say below.

When using ofsetnika I almost had to go walleye in the final stage vyvazhivaliya. I can recall only one case, and a really good specimen. Usually, if the fish are not prosekaet not prosekayut immediately on biting, and if detected, the well gets into a boat. Of course, with proper vyvazhivaniya. On the successful outcome of bite affects the bait material. So, if soft soft plastic bait differ virtually 100 percent implementation of quality of bites, some dense twisters zander is still not always possible to shift to the forearm to detect the hook. So dense is the bait to try to equip in a different way.

Articulating a snap, whether double or ofsetnik, twisters and soft plastic bait become more active and interesting game. In a classic jig lure some simply do not reveal all the possibilities of its animations. Therefore, soft plastic bait with very little game I try to equip hinged. And it will be a double hook or blanket, it depends primarily on the extent zakoryazhennosti fishing grounds.

It may be added that the twins uncomfortable narrow equip bait — they may be damaged. Often, this occurs when pushed onto the bait, especially if a wide ear hook. So in this case, still preferably offset hook. At the same time ofsetnik is inconvenient and even inefficient for wide baits. This provided them puncturing bait upwards. If you do it on the side, it does not suffer the impact of cuttings. However, the broad height, but thin blanket soft plastic bait stinger hook of the waste away from the bait and it can cling to cramps. To snap the biggest lures more than 12 cm, the problem is very actual selection of hooks. Find counterparts with forearm length or suitable ofsetnik quite difficult. So often still have to either use a large jig-go-nimble, either to apply it in a pair with a double tee or (as I do for pike).

Large twisters and long-ists vnbrohvo front can be a bit shortened. In the game is not affected, since in these baits active back, but it will be easier to pick up iodine them a hook or jig to properly equip.

The lure of soft silicone, I try to capture further using superglue. If it is put on ofsetnik then nanoshu superglue on top of the hook at the ring, then collapses to her bait and fixes. Mozhio drop a little more glue the bottom, where the hook comes out of the bait. On the jig nanoshu adhesives in parts of Georgia and at the beginning of the hook, and then fully put on the bait. Sometimes the help of superglue seek refuge and a snap on the double.

I have knowingly paid much attention to the additional fixing bait on the hook. With the need to solve the problem of slipping soft plastic bait (a twister in this regard, the problems usually less) faced at a time when he began to catch walleye purposefully. Quite often, he pulled together the bait, not spotted. And if you do not fish, the cramps are often «forced down» the bait, making meaningless the further wiring.

At the end of a Sports Articles few words should be said about the weight of buzz baits. This aspect, I pay a lot of attention is not a hook, like the previous one. Catching fanged usually waters without current, and the choice of weights is due, primarily, the depth and strength of the wind. For depths of 5-10 m in calm weather using a weight of 12-16 g As a rule, they are suitable for a pause of 2-3 seconds. If a strong wind is sometimes necessary to increase the weight of the lure to get a better feel stepped wiring.

Secondary, in my opinion, the choice of the weight factors of Georgia — the size of the bait, and the diameter of the braid. Large volume vnbrohvost plans in the water more slowly than, for example, a small twister. so the same conditions for a great fishing bait is better to put heavier sinker.

Sailing and adds an additional diameter braid. So, the cord diameter of 0.17 mm, the same bait will go down more slowly than, for example, 0.13. All of these factors should be considered when choosing a load mass for bait.

I folded the above data relating to the standard situation, zander, but sometimes also observed abnormal pattern — fanged kept small PA for himself in the depths of 3-4 m and a peck on the heavy bait, almost detached from the bottom. The nature of fishing turns out unusual: Pause minimal preroll part. But often zander like this approach in the wiring jig bait and big perch. Therefore I advise not only to try to experiment with the bait, but to its weight. ■

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