Vertex should form Convex brush.

Vertex should form Convex brush.

Downloads? Wait, do not run — first have to work. Long and carefully, not once. Is there such a file … Text, small — only 667 lines (the latter — empty). And there are parameters that must be handed in a text editor to customize. Fun, right?

Do not worry, in fact, I am a supporter of this approach when they are not abused. There — well within. It is enough to fix the six rows to the directories indicated where necessary (which he copied the BSP, where to put the file with textures, etc.), and can be run — the rest is prescribed for you, and quite reasonable. And when will be the time to read the documentation, anything can be edited, with detailed explanations (precisely because they file bsp.ini so much). A significant part of the available options from the program in the traditional form.

Alas, apparently, I was a little inconsistent with this program. My level is normal in all respects, compiled refused — a program qbsp stated that it does not have any object other than the bare walls, and when you run it in Quake everything gray. In the BSP everything in place, everything is visible when looking at the file in any text editor, it looks quite normal — what is there to do? Only after an hour of searching, the manufacture of the same level in the other editors, manual editing of numbers and other sexual perversions, I came across the right decision — Download this level in my favorite qED and study it in detail. A few minutes later everything became clear — is, after I cut out a brush from the first second (thereby obtaining the walls of the room), I forgot to destroy this very second. As a result, my whole room was filled with construction material.

Why this was not visible in the BSP, I did not understand. Destruction of a brush of this led to a complete success — everything worked, although the hour was lost …

Documentation — simple but ample. Although, of course, I would like to read it a little less, but it is impossible. Windows interface is overloaded and too confused, but I feel that in experienced hands can work wonders. In short, I do not know what to say here: everything seems to be good, but difficult to use. Maybe someone of you like it?

My favorite. Most rulezny editor of all time. If you will continue to grow — in general all shut up for the belt. Just look at the image level that I painted it for us, not really straining. And then — in the second picture, the required three hours. And why?

Yes, because its author — Man Talyaferi, author of the famous editor DOOM. The experience affected.

All very natural and comfortable. Getting around the level — two buttons on the keyboard («Ctrl" and «Alt») and mouse. «Ctrl" trapped — all movement takes place, without turning his head, «Alt" — Turning. Left button — in the horizontal plane, the right — vertically. And it all works the same in any of the windows (and two-dimensional and three-dimensional). The only thing that is not obvious — it is a necessity to keep the «Shift" pressed to note brush with the mouse. But it is not too difficult, but the selection is not lost if you accidentally slip.

A basic pleasure — in contrast to all other editors, except for Quark, this does not create "real" brushes until the last moment, and allows you to work with a much higher-level concepts. Probably easier with an example: take the cube. We want to make him an empty room. How to do it in a «normal" Editor? Take the second cube, placed inside first and then click «cut". There — almost the same, but let’s look at the result of the operation.

In «normal» editor, we have six separate brushes (walls, pop, ceiling). And then if we want to change something (do not cut the cube and the tetrahedron, for example), all will have to do first — to destroy the six brushes, taking the new cube … Scaling or relative motion excision brushes — even the unthinkable thing.

And there is the concept qED "negative brush". It can move at any time where necessary, modify, add or remove. Calm the soul does not know any limits. All can be corrected to fit in place. Only at compile level qED divide on the level of real brushes, convex (they Convex), and writes the result in the MAP file, which will give the processing,

And how to make the grouping — just a song! Classic drag-and-drop in full blossom.

Special window displays all objects in the hierarchy level, the negative brushes cut pieces only from positive, in which one group of them. Groups, like individual brushes, you can move, resize, copy, in short, do whatever you want.

Well, nice little things like a rich set of prepared brushes and their groups (for example, a door or a group of chair- brushes) these days are all, but a way to replenish this collection qED, probably the most comfortable: combine the right to the group (not You have to create everything themselves — can be downloaded and someone else’s level) and write it to disk. Everything now can be downloaded at any time at any level, and again in the form of a standard group.

In short, I got so carried away that thing that stayed the whole evening, sculpting levels. Navayal couple «blanks" (very well, by the way) — and realized that the full version to enjoy the level of qED Lite, which is available free of charge, hardly fit (she has a limit on the maximum number of objects), and have to buy the full version. However, the relatively small level of defmatch such dm4, should be enough, if not to get involved in architectural extravagances.

My "first love" in the sense of the editors — that he was the first editor, where I could without too much trouble to make the level of many months ago. This animal has long «in the market", Powerful, overgrown on all sides by huge libraries of all finished architectural frills (tables, chairs, doors, teleporters, etc.). Quite a long time is available on CD-ROM, in short, a good thing. Again, for nekotoryh- simply irreplaceable, as soon as it is available except Windows 95 still under DOS. If the machine or just got weaker curvature of Windows 95 — Qoole for you.

He knows how much. I will say more — all can. Interface- pretty decent, especially not noticeable weaknesses. And you can group objects (because of this, the author and editor of mushrooms in every description, «Object-oriented" with a capital letter, even the name stands for Quake Object-Oriented Level Editor). Only now the window with a list of groups there, and navigate through them is not very convenient.

And that’s what I finally had enough — as is the need to constantly move the mouse. In Qoole has several modes of operation with objects. And the mode of transportation does not allow rotation and resizing. And vice versa. Moreover — to move the point of view or a scaled image in the window, again has its own modes. A switch them offered either mouse (button on the toolbar or the context menu item), or a keyboard.

On the one hand, well — it is difficult for an error that a kill. And on the other — turn everyday tasks into ditches dripping mouse in the table. For example, creating a brush, almost always it is necessary first to move about, and then to scale and move the final. That vozish poor rodent from one end of the mat to another. Since the keys well, very friendly and easy to find blindly. Modes of 11 buttons here are: «O», «M", «R", «S", «V"»E", «F", «Ctrl + M», «Ctrl + R", «Ctrl + Z", «W». Hey, where are you ran? I have not told which button makes! Yes, and mouse all the same can be …

In short, a powerful tool, vertices move, face, too, but that’s a bit nedodumali. There is a window with a hierarchy of groups, no negative brushes, there is no friendliness in the interface.

A hair’s breadth as BSP. Everything is there, but something is missing. And the money you have to pay — and toad strangling with terrible force.

Quark. The name stands for QUake ARmy Knife, it is an instrument for all occasions. After a while one Quark’om can edit anything related to Quake, — levels, models, skins. Already, a level editor is almost finished and the main work is done on the model editor.

There are, however, such small problemki. Well, very little. We decided to invent this thing the creators of their own method of editing levels. And we invented. Only two-dimensional window instead of three — and as a result to understand how actually looks created, it was pretty easy. Again strongly encouraged to create a «rectangular" levels similar to old "Vulfenshteyna".

Weight machines (and where it is now is not), there are also negative brushes, very pleased — downright beloved in qED. Moreover — there are groups of objects, including subfolders, only here to see all the brushes in a group at once is impossible — you need to scroll through their arrows one by one. A wonderful occupation, very calms nerves — better smoking and knitting. Ladies-to-editor with.

But I repeat: one of the three winners of this editor is included, even a bit higher than Qoole. Definitely. Power nemerenno all quite reasonable and in place, the only thing that is not too good — homemade interface, and not the fact that it is bad, it is quite possible that I am not used to it. I will not impose, but still download and see. Moreover, (the most interesting thing I have, as always, left at the end) that this editor, although shareware does not contain any restrictions, Do what you want — and only a matter of your conscience: to pay or not pay.

If I can not pay for your favorite qED, I’ll do the levels in Quark. And what you want.

Do not forget that this is also the editor need OpenGL, so he made 3D-preview. "Weighs" bit, takes on (exact address — in the documentation for the editor), works on any "gland"Although not fast. It is reasonable solution, applied also in Quark. A BSP OpenGL support is expected, but only with these cards accelerators.

But the editor, alas, is rather weak. Creation of a single person, completely free. It is evident that the author has tried very hard, but did not have either the time, or talent. Yes, completely free.

Yes, you can work. A sense something? Most of the operations are performed simply padded digits in the input field. Uncomfortable, you can not look at the result of the operation prior to its execution, and generally pretty bleak.

Although, strictly speaking, the project is developing and we must follow it. Most problems — not by design, but from the lack of time. Is that ugly interface is likely to remain for a long time, and it interferes with work very much. Try in the coming months not sovetuyu.Strashnaya thing — it was careless enough to praise someone from id Software, and this fact is hyped in advertising to the fullest. I wonder how much that someone paid for these words?

This editor — for those people who read the book «Windows for idiots". «Excel for morons", «Word for anatsefalov" and «PowerPoint for moral monsters". This is where you have five seconds after launch will experience the ecstasy of creation. Kicking-and-drop the ready room — and you are the author of the level. Kicking-and-drop it ready corridor — and already a professional level.

I saw once a similar one editor, it can be in the form of text to draw level. The letter «M" — Monster, «W" — Wall "L" — light source. And then the text file is input to the program — and get quite a decent level, even with the torches on the walls.

Funny looks feature — after the room is assembled from individual level, you can hang on the walls of the «hole», it will be, the door or window.

The authors of this editor is something well understood in advertising, but public opinion about him is clearly superior to its capabilities. Just in case, of course, look, but do not expect much. Standard appearance with four windows (without options of choice and location). New objects are created rather strange: you first need to select their type, then the texture, then check carefully that the desired mode is selected (object creation), and after all this, you can draw a rectangle with the mouse. Do you think that’s it? Certainly not! This rectangle — nothing at all, until you press "Enter". The point of this innovation is absolutely incomprehensible to me — because after the creation of a brush with him, you can do the same thing with "unfinished" rectangle.

Yes, again, if you forget to choose the creation mode — everything is exactly the same, only with a slight difference: by pressing a button "Enter carefully draw a box simply disappears without a trace and explanations.

Very strange also that the three planar type not marked, the inscriptions on them, too, at a minimum, that is, no one, so find out where there is the top — a task not for the weak. I possessed place three times starting at the ceiling, trying to find a floor, and the poor man, a man with courage groaned, falling from a height at the level of call.

However, the genius of man overcomes all, and understand what was happening, I was able to. Even the camera was able to win almost to the end, although it is even more difficult than finding the ceiling. After moving in three dimensions made very ugly. Moving the camera sideways and up and down (in a Quaker — strafe) made the right mouse button, the left does not move at all, but it allows you to move your head (including + mlook), and move the camera back and forth do not like something, and «Shift » -rule button … Hands have to uproot the author. To teach it. Yes, I almost forgot — to move in two-dimensional fields of editing, you can ONLY scrollers. To heighten convenience, of course. Carefully brought upon him, darling, pulled, let go, went to the second-induced Pleasure … how many!

And the documentation is not too pleased — in the end, have to clean references to non-existent button, and remove references to the same page could be.

But again, despite the ugliness, you can use — some even love, when accustomed. Man gets used to everything. Again, the basic textbook that tells how to make the first steps there, though not too detailed.

Instead, "population" level edit mode is quite udobno- "Smart Edit" It shows only those parameters that are relevant to the current object (the intensity of light — only for his sources, etc.).

Not sure yet what this editor will be bundled leaving shortly games Half-Life, and the first time when he will fully support its features.

For those who do not like to read — a brief report.

To summarize: to appreciate above all his time, perhaps nothing better than qED simply does not exist. Perfect interface, plenty of comfortable pieces, surprisingly useful and intuitively obvious to work with groups of objects and «negative Brasov". Personally, I have my small levels for deathmatch do it is there. More object-oriented editor than Qoole, whose objectivity declared by the author.

Inability to edit individual vertices Face and, of course, impoverishes architecture. Where it was possible to dispense with one of Brasov complex shape by cutting it as necessary, will have to create a group of several small ones. But, however, it is not difficult.

For those who are not afraid of anything, it has a powerful three-dimensional imagination and ready to overcome the not too clear interface for the power tool, ideal Quark or Qoole. Set pieces more than qED, and the possibility of fine-tuning of each Brush are unmatched. However, the interface is also quite convenient, though less intuitive.

Those of principle use only free software, or simply do not want to spend money on tools, without the slightest doubt, choose BSP. Powerful, with a mass of features and settings. However, a bit complicated to learn and overwhelmed features done in the interface, but it is absolutely free.

Alas, gratuity not save another editor — ToeTad, it is very difficult to learn and dopotopen interface. Well, in fact, make a turn with a brush just by entering the digits in the box, and even without any previews — it’s not a method. Definitely.

Vaunted Virtus Deathmatch Maker and WorldCraft, although it turned out to be quite usable, but nothing particularly outstanding is not flashed, except bald — and seriously recommend them to someone I can not. If trust advertising — deflate, look, in the end there is no outright blunders. But personally, I would not.

About the main DEFAULT.

I want to emphasize that the work of glavnom- texture, placement of weapons, artifacts and monsters, create moving brushes, selection of lighting and the fight against bugs that inevitably gets out in such a complex case as editing levels — I said almost nothing.

Not because I have nothing to say, but because all of the above is almost independent of the editors. And we all like interface — grabbed the monster (in the form of figures or just a rectangle) mouse, dragged where necessary — tossed. And the movement of brushes — simple installation references in the text fields of special objects. Yes, and glitches are caught the same way — plugging holes in level.

However, it must be said about the holes more, so very often they occur. So, we drew level, launched qbsp "file name"We received from the file .MAR * wonderful * .BSP. You can try. Copy it to the quake id1 maps, we went to the Quake — and they were amazed. The brightly lit, as many eye cuts. It stops as dumper cornering. Yes, some strange gray stains on the walls.

Do not worry — get out of the Quake and run light -extra "file name". Actually, the key — extra best used only for the final runs, but it is necessary to know about it. After this program will be normal lighting (if not forgotten to place light sources).

But then it all begins, vis -level 4 "file name". Parameter level can range from 1 (worst) to 4 (best). Naturally, 4 — much more slowly (the second test level I vis’ilsya more than two hours, and he is not a giant). So, almost certainly will speak on the topic vis what your level — is not level, and to work with him, she refuses. Do not be frightened again — she could not find the file imya_fayla.RVT that she had to leave the program qbsp. Where is the file? It turns out that instead imya_fayla.RT5 created with lots of digits inside.

We copy our BSP and PTS in a directory quake id1 maps, run Quake with parameter -particles 10000 and enter the console magic word: pointfile. Then we turn noclip and fly around the level searching for the point where the dotted line pierces the wall. In this spot the level is not closed, it has a hole. By the way, brush the liquid (water, lava, slime) — the same hole, if he sticks out. Caulk. Go to the editor and apply the patch or move to press your brushes. By the way, a good slogan turned out — on it and finish.

P.S. For not found in the review of your favorite editor: I saw him, I about it read, I had even downloaded, but to describe did not because of the limited space in the magazine and of the fact that the editor — sax, he’s just a bug rather than a feature.

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