Waiting for the game.

Waiting for the game.

A specter is haunting the minds of …

…ghost Star Control’a. It is difficult to describe the game Excession: Out of the Void — new "arcade-Space «project of GameFX Technology. Fly us immense space, collecting resources and destroying climbing from a parallel dimension evil that match the collective name Excession.

Firstly, the authors generously give us the opportunity to choose a vehicle from 6 options. Each boat can carry up to two dozen different sizes weapon that promises to make the upcoming showdown interesting and diverse. Also, the game "wants" 3D-accelerator, but it also ensures the sea, and other special effects are beautiful.

«Immense space» the most brazenly appeared divided into 24 stages, and that we have consistently held (by the way, five of them — the bonus and they still need to find). As resources are the some crystals, which need to be produced from flying in space asteroids. Do not worry, build bases and barracks do not have crystals — it’s just energy reserves for your vehicle. Enemies, however, is also not averse to profit by those things. Therefore, killing adversary (I promise that there will be about 3D views biomechanical freaks), you can get it mineral reserves as a reward. Well, after the successful rescue of the galaxy — welcome to the open spaces of the Internet or LAN.

It is expected that the game will be released next spring.

Stronger behind the wheel …

…Hold on, driver! As a young company Pseudo Interactive under the patronage of the well-known manufacturer of keyboards and mice — Microsoft Corp. — Now works at a toy called Inertia, in which you once again try to sit behind the wheel.

In general, the situation is as follows. No. SKH1H planet inhabited by some «mechminds", Reaching very reluctant to make contact with aliens. At the same time, many corporations are happy to pay the earth a lot of money for technology that can «borrow» from this civilization. Demand, as usual, gives rise to supply. For a reasonable fee a lot of thugs on the planet agree to go down and come back with the required bonus. You, by the way, come in their numbers. So, buying a car according to your tastes (and size "kupilki"), Equipping it with all sorts of devaysa (weapons, armor, etc.) and getting a regular job, you go into the world mechminds.

Mir them, I must say, is very interesting. Firstly, detailed physical model of behavior of your car. It accounted for an incredible number of parameters arcade shooter. Gravity, friction, medium density, moments, weight, aerodynamic performance — all this is computed in real time, allowing you to create extremely realistic world. Bullets ricochet, as they should; falling in the river, you will start slowly (in accordance with the weight of your car, too, are calculated dynamically) to dive until you reach the bottom; hitting a sector with zero gravity (are are), will float in the air helplessly, until you realize that you can use to move out of shots …

At the same time, despite the obvious bias towards the simulation, the authors clearly rank as a game to a class of shooters, and it pleases. In addition to the above, engine contains almost already standard features: dynamic lighting, support for local and wide area networks (plus many modes of multiplayer battles), friendship with 3D-accelerator (via Direct3D) and a joystick on the back of the power relationship … should I go on? In general, the game will be released next year. We wait-with.

Unreal Polish.

Two opinionated Polish companies — Mirage Media and Corwin Software Studios — are keen to compete with the monster industry Epic MegaGames and «protracted century"Unreal’oM. At the moment, the aforementioned Poles are working together on a game Mortyr: Schloss which, in their own words, "udelaet Unreal, at least visually «… Of course, to be quite honest, it should be noted that the comparison is not entirely correct, because Unreal is able to work without the accelerator-3P (quite well), but Mortyr — Unfortunately no. But let this fact on the conscience of the authors.

In fact, the «engine" the game can not be assigned to particularly outstanding instances. He just does whatever is necessary to make a game that requires the mandatory presence of 3D-accelerator. Textures are smoothed; surface emit light (places); colored lighting paints the vicinity of all the colors of the palette; the light falling through the window acquires a shade of glass; there is even a mirror and dynamic shadows, but it is hardly the achievement of development, in one form or another, these "features" we have already seen. However, the fact that «not seen" (or rather heard), it is worth noting system RSX 3D, developed by Intel, which allows you to get a full three-dimensional sound effects for any audio card. In general, it seems that the game is going to be pretty, but nothing more.

Further, according to tradition, every game is necessary to have any subject (preferably original, interesting and intricate procedure). At the core lies Mortyr following story (as far as it meets the above-wishes to judge you). Firstly, Mortyr — is the name of the protagonist of the game, whose main occupation is to carry out secret tasks of the government somewhere in the future (specific timeframe yet to be determined). It so happened that the views of this most Mortyr’a something broke with the views of the authorities. The result is that it (the bosses) decided to get rid of Mortyr’a, sending him to the distant 1942 — to find out whether there was a link between the tip of the Nazi leadership and the future of the Mafia (as wrapped something!). Finding himself out there, Mortyr, lost no time in entering as a volunteer in the army of allies — or rather, the British, and the distribution falls into the local riot police. Two years later, he gets a job in a top-secret lab to infiltrate «the Wehrmacht". Looking ahead, we say that in this laboratory, and is a portal that connects with the future of the Germans. In short, in the end you have to go about 30 levels: 15 pieces down — to the castle hidden in the depths of a time machine, and 15-up — this time on the basis of the Mafia in the future …

Have you ever wondered how a «normal" monster can survive a direct hit from Rocket Launcher’a? Developers — thinking … In Mortyr: Schloss one missile can scatter a whole bunch of creatures, but standing alone Fritz enough one (maximum two) bullets, and this is certainly the right decision. But do not think that will be easy to play and uninteresting, «quality" in this case it is replaced by the «number". Fortress is just packed with monsters — mountains and rivers krovischi meat (so beloved old PeZhe) are guaranteed. It’s nice that it is not packed full of dead "statues"Awaiting your arrival, and virtually live and virtually same-minded creatures. None of the reptiles is not in place, they are constantly roaming the area, trying to find the enemy, that is you. But the find. And even try to kill. It is important to note that your character is also quite a few injuries to go to the light. Realism is still a double-edged thing …

The game will be released sometime in 1999. We wish success ambitious Poles?

Evergreen arcade.

Something is wrong with the good old Activision. On the one hand, it continues to publish fabulous game, and the other — on the outskirts unearths some "Classic arcade" Renovated and trying to run them on the market. First «of wide leg» it was extracted Asteroids 3D, and now we are facing and see the reincarnation of another masterpiece of yesteryear — Space Invaders. For what?!

First, a little history. During its existence, and it is almost 20 years, this game has been reprinted several times for a variety of different platforms (from slot machines to big pocket Gameboy’ya) and brought his Japanese authors (Taito Corporation) for a total of about 500 million "green rubles". Impressive? Definitely. Probably, this figure also acted on Activision …

A game that, zilch. Driving around the planet on a machine equipped with a single, but very large laser, you have to shoot the alien invaders landing. Thanks to the heroic efforts of Activision, all actions are now packed with beautiful models, spectacular explosions and other modern tinsel. The rule is only one: one should not reach the surface alive. Think again, it is not necessary, only the spinal cord runs. Just press the trigger, gentlemen. Hooray!

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