«We have to be competitive and successful»

This is the fifth time in Moscow will be a landmark event in the elevator industry — International Exhibition «Lift Expo Russia». It has become a traditional place for solving many manufacturing problems that are relevant to industry challenges, a platform for showcasing the latest technologies, the promotion of new equipment and services. On the preparations for the event and planned exposure we talked to AA Zolkina, CEO of MGUP «Moslift»:

Journalist: Anatoly, will soon be held in Moscow Exhibition «Lift Expo Russia — 2011». This is not the first exhibition of this scale, which will showcase the latest achievements of both domestic and Western-lift business. The more this time will please visitors of one of the leading specialized companies in the country?

AA Zolkin: We are very seriously preparing for this event. For us, the exhibition is not so much a report on our achievements in the two years, as a demonstration of Russia lift business success.

A study of innovation in the elevator industry has allowed our company to create a competitive lift that meets international standards of energy efficiency, safety, comfort, quality and design, and most importantly — the specifics of Russian appropriate operating and safety requirements. It is very important that our latest products will be used not only in new buildings, but also in the houses to be reconstructed and repaired.

This year’s «Moslift» has already participated in several exhibitions, and experts have appreciated our products, noting its numerous awards. In March in Moscow «Crocus City» held VII All-Russian Forum and Exhibition «State Order 2011», where our company for the seventh time as a leading provider of capital to showcase their products and services to the state and municipal customers.

The scope of public procurement is now experiencing a large-scale positive change. The Moscow City Government is working hard to create a transparent competitive environment and civilized conditions of trading when placing public orders.

However the main awards in such activities. Previous exhibition provided an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with our competitors and partners, develop a serious business relationship, to find many customers to agree on an algorithm of our cooperation, and provide all the necessary consultations.

On «Lift Expo Russia — 2011» will be presented our joint development with foreign companies the latest models of the elevator. We hope that the exhibition will give a new impetus to the development of the domestic lift business, and superior quality of new elevators will ease rational space saving, energy saving. It is time to move away from megalomania, modern elevator should be based on modern technology.

But today we can say that over the last twenty years in the industry is perfect if not a breakthrough, then, at least, a huge step forward. Lift twice more economical, the same factor decreased their metal content. Used new modern drives. For example, last year our Office for a new technique developed by a series of elevators MYPOW capacity of 400 and 630 kilograms. To improve the energy efficiency of elevators developed electric drive with frequency converter company «Danfoss», which saves up to 50%.

At the moment our priority is the development of energy efficient technologies. Specialists of the company developed a complete solution — a unique elevator MYPOW Series 0410 (II), which allows simultaneously solve the problem of creating a barrier-free environment and save up to 8000 kW / h of electricity per year.

Application of variable frequency drive for modernization or replacement of elevators provides energy savings of up to 60%. Simultaneously, the production of new elevators cabs «Moslift» installed energy-efficient lighting systems also significantly reduces power consumption.

Journalist: Anatoly, now there is a lot of talk about the need to adopt a new federal law regulating the whole technological cycle of life of the elevator. What do you think of this initiative?

AA Zolkin: The law is certainly necessary. Lift — the equipment is high-risk, and to treat it as a simple lifting device, at least, irresponsible. We need a clear law regulating the certification of elevator safety. And the requirements of the law must be sufficiently high. This concerns not only manufacturers, but also the entire system of maintenance. In Soviet times, by the way, it was. And now created a huge number of committees, commissions and non-governmental organizations, and it is extremely difficult to determine who controls it, who is responsible for what and who is who should coordinate the work. Branches must be a clear distinction between departments, each of which will perform certain functions and solve specific issues. Rostekhnadzor, existing under the Government of Russia, must also clearly define their powers.

Journalist: The Moscow government listens to the problems of the industry, helping to solve them?

AA. Zolkin: Yes, recently the Moscow government assistance is quite significant. We are partially exempted from taxes, and it allowed the company to purchase new equipment and vehicles.

Today, the Moscow government is ready to decree the creation of its lift building plant, which will produce 4 000-5 000 elevators a year. Project documentation has already passed the examination of, and now it remains to solve only the issues of financing the construction.

Journalist: Mayakovsky is a phrase: «Learn to live without glasses and blinders, smart DAC eyes all that is good in our country and that is good — in the West …». In your work you are targeting a foreign experience, apply their methods of work?

AA. Zolkin: Unfortunately, our Russian mentality does not yet allow us to live according to European standards. This applies to the level of culture of our citizens, and their financial well-being, and, of course, to do with the property. Therefore, for a long time will have to explain to people that the elevator — it’s their property, it should be protected. And the producer himself to get used to the European style of work. If Europe is necessary to replace the system unit at a certain time, then it must be replaced in a timely manner and independently of the state. Maintenance checks carried out there very clearly, punctually. We have the same equipment can be replaced only after his failure. It is sad. Discipline in respect of maintenance of elevators should be very strict.

By the way, «Moslift» — one of the first domestic elevator manufacturers was, according to the UE1 4707, European energy certificates elevators. General Director of «TUV SUD Russland» Jochen Scholz personally handed certificates to the elevator products. Thus, our desire to conform to Western standards of their work is not unfounded.

Journalist: Anatoly is not a secret that sooner or later, global integration of the developed countries will lead to the need for Russia joining the WTO. And it will require us to some economic concessions to the West. Are we ready for it?

AA Zolkin: Monopoly in modern conditions is impossible and unprofitable, it should be understood. As much as we want to support local producers, we have to cooperate with foreign partners to share technology. Compete not only on price but also quality. Today we get products and Scherbinsky and Karacharovsky and Mogilev Elevator Plant, we cooperated with many foreign companies. And that’s fine, that’s right.

Unfortunately, we still have very high production costs, among other things, it included the cost of electricity consumed, payment of rent, taxes, and so on. D.

Who raised the unified social tax to 34%, that is a year we lose about 200 million rubles, and in fact these funds could remain in production, develop it and, ultimately, contribute to the welfare of the people. With regard to Social Security, we have created the pension fund, which today reported nearly three thousand people, and about 500 veterans already receiving a supplementary pension.

Reporter: your company from year to year manages to maintain its leadership position in the domestic elevator industry. What is the secret of success?

AA Zolkin: We have a strong collective agreement, which clearly spelled out all the duties of the company to its employees. And when people feel socially protected, and this protection, he works better, he clings to office, sees prospects, confident in wages, an opportunity of additional education and training. All this creates a healthy climate in the team, as a result of rising production volumes.

Journalist: The surname «tzolkin» in the elevator world everyone knows. You have many years heading «Moslift.» What are their achievements during the management company do you consider most important?

AA Zolkin: The most important thing — we really have grown and expanded. If before our work was limited to Moscow, now we are work-

Central emergency dispatch service «Moslift.» Monitor the 60 thousand elevators online it throughout Russia. And it’s a lot. Today «Moslift» delivers its products and in St. Petersburg and Tula, and in Sochi, providing partners with packages of «turnkey» and follow the installation work. The result of this policy was to preserve and increase jobs.

Second, we saved all our labor traditions.

Third, it sets up its own production, which production takes a worthy place in the market.

Fourth, the company formed by the basic law — the collective agreement, which unites all of our branches.

It managed to grow his shift professionals to establish their own training staff. Agree, the enterprise, which cultivates its cadres from the eighth class of high school — a stable future.

But the main thing — a love and respect for the worker to his native enterprise.

All this allows us to hold high mark «Moslift.»

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