«We have to defend those positions, which we can save the industry»

In my organization I left a few members -only about 25. The rest went to «Molo» and «Liftservis.» And the rest ask me about why to join the self-regulatory organization under the law № 315-FZ.

License revoked on January 1, 2010. According to the law number 148-FZ, the order № 274 of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation introduced list of works that affect the safety of the construction. Clearly, if the List it was about the elevators, which are used in the construction — on the aerial platform. It is, perhaps, would be reasonable. And how can an elevator in the building, which should be installed and operated when the house is already built, affect the safety of the construction? There’s no connection with the safety of construction.

In addition, the money that you need to pay to become a member of the self-regulatory organization is not accessible to all, especially to small and medium-sized businesses. And that 90% of our lift companies.

Today, the law number 315-FZ, but two types of activity, as yet never applied. No document, which is 274-th order of Ministry of Regional Development in the Law № 148-FZ, would supplement the 315 th law, in terms of tolerance to activities instead of a license.

What control functions is self regulation-Rui organization? In any case, the company is now controlled by Rostekhnadzor, prosecutors, tax authorities. We are working on the technical regulations. Factories producing elevators, provide us with instructions on how to install and operate the elevators. What else do we need to monitor?

And if so, — ask me — why would engage in self-regulatory organization? Let us work as work. Today, we are entering into an association, it served its function — communication with the Government, with Rostekhnadzor, the documentation we have always done together and the money paid for what developed. The self-regulatory organizations do not want to join. What is there to do? It is voluntary. Today, there are other forms of joint activities — non-commercial partnership, association, foundation, union. They are not canceled.

Those who today are not engaged in purely installation in new construction, it is necessary to wait. The fact that the replacement and repair of the elevators in operation is allowed, there is no explanation of the need for this tolerance activity. We have to mention the maintenance of buildings, repairs and maintenance. So, this kind of work is for those who are engaged in repair and service. And by the way, this volume of the elevators around 90%. About 10-15% — assembly and manufacturing plants.

I believe that the agreement on cooperation and mutual actions to unite the participants elevator market in Russia, signed by the heads of the Federal Association of the elevator industry November 6 came too late. It must be signed much earlier. After all, today, many organizations had not gone under the auspices of the construction, the integrity of the elevator industry would be saved. I believe that many rushed there. It was possible to wait, regardless of the size.

But in any case, we have the idea that a bad peace is better than a good fight. And now we have to go together to the elevator industry was united. Is it bad that we achieve the withdrawal of the law 148go installation and adjustment of elevators?

It is believed that this can not be done, because we have a lot of lift-by-night organizations, and requires monitoring to the market were only bona fide organization.

I argue in this way. I am 20 years was manager of the trust, started from scratch. Electromechanics, superintendents, chiefs of sites with whom I have worked, have now become the leaders of organizations, major highly qualified specialists. We have people who have worked in the elevator industry as the installation and repair of elevators, which would not know their trade.

Builders immediately appreciated its benefits is that installation and adjustment of elevators were in the scope of the Law № 148-FZ, saw that these activities bring with them the amount that they, too, need.

And so liftovikov industry is falling apart. Builders profitable to our electrician worked for them. The builders are making this money to be in them.

It is good that we want to go as a united front, but it is necessary to defend the positions which we can save the industry. If we do not have to give the builders of installation and adjustment of elevators, it is necessary to say so to all members of our industry, not only I talked about this. And it is necessary to defend us all.

I understand that the money already invested. Well, well, let are self-regulatory organizations. But let our industry it will not be building, and lifts self-regulatory organizations. Then we’ll all be together.

I believe that we can not now so once all the break. It must be some kind of transition period, to see and appreciate what is best and what is worse.

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