«We need to move the brand forward ‘

What is the «national identity» and car brand that remains today, when the Swiss watch to Chinese parts, and technical stuffing for the «Rolls-Royce» delivers BMW? This and other questions were answered by the correspondent of «Buy a car,» the head of the «Rolls-Royce Motor Company» Torsten Muller-Otvos.

— No detail of our cars is not made BMW. Everything we do — is take some components and modify them. The history of «Rolls-Royce» soaked Britain, and our company greatly values ​​its history and very attached to their country. And just that our clients appreciate.

— How do you motivate people? How can we instill this «atmosphere of Britain» to those who design and build the machine?

— Ninety percent of our people — the British, the factory is located in Chichester, and all the engineers — the British, as the chief designer. I’m actually the only German in their immediate environment.

— How do you keep the tradition of the brand? Whether you’re driving on the old «Rolls»?

— Of course, you need to look themselves in the company’s history — but at the same time it is necessary to move the brand forward. And just this is the main reason why we have created a «Right» — a model which is a new step for the brand.

— What is it really new?

— This machine — what I call «an excellent grand tourer for a perfect gentleman.» The car, which will drive myself to give incredible pleasure.

— «Rolls-Royce» every year increases the sale of the cars. Are not you afraid in the pursuit of Massive loss of exclusivity?

— No, I do not fear. Last year we sold 2600 cars.

Although this is only a small drop in the ocean of cars sold, but the drop is certainly precious. And while you do not see on the «Rolls Royce» in every street, and we will remain the exclusive brand.

— Do you plan to lineup expansion? The two-door coupe you already have what could be the next step?

— This brand as the «Rolls Royce», needs to be developed carefully. We are not in a hurry to try new forms. But watching the market closely, and see which segments could be interesting for us.

— Do you plan to run a luxury crossover or maybe office on wheels?

— And these segments we follow, but these plans have not.

— How do you see the lineup, «Rolls-Royce» of, say, fifteen years?

— I think, and then we will see about the same machines that now. Of course, we will be selling sedans and our grille is not going anywhere. The changes will affect more power plants, perhaps we even will be a hybrid.

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