Web profanity

Web profanity

Members of the committee on family, women and children held a round table at which they were trying to figure out how to prevent the mat on the Internet.

Mat on the internet — you’re serious? This question needs to be discussed throughout the country? In my opinion, quite a normal phenomenon. Matt slips into our everyday life, why he periodically does not appear on the electronic pages of the site? It condemns this initiative of MP EB Mizulina.

All the troubles in Russia occur because in blogs, social networks, forums and chat rooms people used obscene language. More in Russia there is no problem. That is why the Committee on family, women and children gathered in full force under the banner of the infamous EB Mizulina and began to discuss options to counter this trouble.

In addition to the aforementioned fans cultural speech at the round table was also attended by representatives of the Internet industry.

It must be said, kept a stiff upper lip — all the ridiculous ideas of concerns of the parties had one answer: «Your ideas are not feasible in practice.»

Indeed, how to clean the Internet of foul language? The state can not defeat the pirates and pornobaronov and them, by the way, is much less than people using in his speech swear words.

In addition, First Deputy Mizulina and, concurrently, an MP from

«United Russia» Olga Batalina considers it necessary to introduce responsibility for virtual obscene statements. Our educated and advanced in law the deputies apparently forgotten that they recently adopted a law on libel, which, unfortunately, is working — quite a few high-profile cases of insulting the social networks have been considered by the Russian courts.

It pleases only one thing — the whole fraternity defenders of literary language (which, incidentally, is also often used strong language for professional purposes) to anything in the end did not come. It is currently obvious that this action was aimed to create extra information noise pozadirat online audience, thereby distract her from discussing the more important news. The stagnation of the economy, for example.

I would like to end the article with advice for the committee. Dear guardians of order, if you want to remove from the Internet mate, insults and lust — move out of children.

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