White Guard

Varieties and hybrids of cucumber with unusual fruits white bred breeders from different countries: Bidigo-Lunga, Snow Leopard, Snow White, Bride, White Angel, Chinese white, and so forth. Among beloplodnyh varieties of cucumbers greatest recognition in Eastern Europe have gardeners enjoy the variety of Italian selection Italian White (MEZZO LUNGO BIANCO).

It is an early variety. Scourge of the cucumber plants are not very long, and the cucumbers white, barrel-shaped, with a few pimples, 8-9 cm long. The flesh of the cucumber sweet and gentle, but with insufficient care, these cucumbers grow bitter.

In this regard, you can pay attention to a hybrid white angel, the harvest of which is never bitter under any circumstances. These white cucumbers are great and fresh and canned form.


It is best to grow this variety in the greenhouse. Farming is similar to the conventional technique of growing cucumbers.

In the fall of ground in a greenhouse is necessary to dig and fertilize. The Italian white exceptionally high need for potassium and phosphorus. The use of fertilizers, which contains chlorine, it is better avoided. But, in principle, you can do even without fertilizer. Only it is important to select the correct predecessors — a carrot, garlic, onion.

Seedlings are grown in the same way as any cucumber seedling. But we must remember that the Italian white, like the cucumber in general, is very delicate and fragile root system. So you can not make a dive. For one small enough for one pack greenhouse seeds.

The soil for planting in the autumn of gaining from the areas where previously not grow cucumbers (best from the corner of the site where planted shrubs). It is a guarantee that the land is free of pathogens of various diseases of cucumber. Plus containers promorazhivayutsya ground until spring in the barn or under a roof to killing harmful insects. Since the Italian white — sort of unpretentious enough, this cultivation of seedlings for planting enough. While gardeners often become the ground in the shops for vegetables which are mixed with the land at a ratio of 1: 1.

Rush to transplanting is not necessary: ​​Italian white is growing rapidly, and in our latitudes is warming slowly. The result can be developed into seedlings. If your house is warm, sprouts hatch within a week. Plus two or three weeks before transplanting into the ground — and that’s a term you sowing seeds for seedlings in view of the usual timing of the heat in your area.

Care cucumber varieties of Italian white does not have any features. Dislikes chlorinated water, watering the cucumbers need only warm water. It is recommended from time to time when watering dissolve in water drug against fungal diseases (e.g., fitosporin-M). It is very important to maintain the correct temperature regime: the greenhouse open day to night — close. In general, the yield of Italian white cucumbers keep up to 2-3 weeks earlier than most varieties.

If you want to be healthy — Tempered!

Cucumber seedlings, especially varieties come from warmer countries in need of quenching before planting in open ground, and even in the greenhouse. Your plants should be taught to a somewhat lower temperature, the wind, the sun’s rays. A week before transplanting the temperature in the room where the seedlings should be reduced to 15 ° C during the day and + 12 ° C at night. You can do this by opening the window. If you do not want to freeze with the seedlings, there is an option to make it to the glazed balcony or terrace. But we can not allow drafts! If the weather is warm and there is no rain, you can even make a short while seedlings under the open sky, in the street. Time «walks» should gradually increase.

About ready to transplant seedlings in a greenhouse or open field indicate such details of her appearance: each seedlings available five or more dark-green leaves, it is not less than 25 cm in height. Seedlings grow vertically. Also, the plant must be sufficiently thick stem and short internodes.


In the presence in the garden is well insulated, covered with several layers of film greenhouses, seedlings are grown right there: sown in the last decade of April a small flower bed (which cover the light with a thin film), and after 20-25 days the plants are seated throughout the area greenhouses.

The technology is different from growing seedlings on a windowsill. Seeds (one seed per pot) was placed at a depth of 2 cm in the peat-humus pots measuring approximately 10 x 10 cm. Pots filled with nutritious soils (how to grow seedlings at home), and then poured a solution of sodium humate (1 tbsp. L. 10 l). The solution should be hot (temperature about 50 degrees). Dig the beds and sprayed with hot copper sulfate solution (1 tbsp. L. 10-liter bucket of hot water to 80 degrees, about one and a half liters per square meter of land). The pots are placed in the garden bridge in a manner closely. If the weather is warm established, you can feed the seedlings. For this purpose, 10 liters of water, heated to a warm state, we must take a glass of liquid mullein. Mineral option — for the same amount of water 1 tbsp. l. fertilizer «ideal» and 1 ch. l. fertilizer for cucumbers (2 L mixture per square meter).


Initially, the White Angel created a hybrid for growing in greenhouses, but learned how to grow his practice even in the open field, where he feels great and is actively fruiting.

CHOOSING A place to land

For early cucumber when grown in open ground it is necessary to correctly choose the location. Best of all these plants is on the ground, having a small slope in the southern or south-west facing. Optimally, if the north and east, where cold winds blow, the trees cover the area. If your area is flat terrain, the slope can be artificially — to create the mound with the base meter and a height of 25-30 cm, making it the southern side of a gentle slope (an angle of about 30 degrees).

Sowing in open ground cucumbers recommended somewhere for 7-10 days until the last spring frost. Some prefer to sow the seeds sprouted, but they quickly sprout and may die due to frost. Dry seeds will suffer stoically cooling, but seedlings will have to wait a long time. The best option — wetted seeds, it is resistant to low temperatures, and at the same time giving enough early seedlings. Sowing seeds in the ground should be 50-60 cm apart, and the distance between rows should be at least 40-50 cm. The seeds are placed at a depth of 3-4 cm. It can be in one well to sow a few seeds of different processing dry soaked, germinated ).

Mulching peat or humus (layer 1-2 cm) will not allow the soil to lose moisture and heat, and allow the seeds to ascend quickly.

There are tricks of warming soil. Can manure or silage hybrids (herbal waste and straw), interspersed with superphosphate in the proportion of 250 ml per square meter, the trench width 25-30 cm wide beds. A layer of «insulation» must be 10-15 cm. Ditch fall asleep fertile soil with wood ash (250 ml per 10 liters of ground).

On cold nights early cucumbers need to cover the film. Plants need fertilizing with organic fertilizers, may also impose a bed of fresh manure.

Thinning seedlings, better pinch off the extra plants, and not pull out by the roots — this will damage the delicate root system left the plant.

Early cucumbers need nipping over the fourth leaf. It suspends the growth of the main shoot and stimulate lateral shoots, which appear female flowers.

White Angel is recommended to feed the urea solution (2 tbsp. L. To desyatilitrovoe bucket of warm water), as well as, at the stage of fruiting, potassium nitrate (3 tbsp. L. On the same amount of water).

In central Russia cucumbers gathering of this sort in the open field beginning to the end of July.


When growing in open ground, if the summer was hot and dry, especially important watering, otherwise the cucumbers will be bitter. However, the white angel — a hybrid that does not taste bitter even when the negligent care, but, nevertheless, it will react to the lack of moisture reduction of the crop. Moreover, without adequate and regular watering is useless dressing. Watering cucumbers, as is known, warm water (27-28 degrees).

Humidity is very important for the White Angel. The heat can be carried out a refreshing shower for cucumbers: watering spraying action that will save the plants from overheating and increase humidity. If the summers are dry and hot, as is often the case in recent years, and the humidity is insufficient, at the cucumber plant may disrupt water balance.


This should be done on a regular basis: the more collect, the more will grow. Develops into the fruit pulled on too many nutrients, and this delays the formation of new ovaries. In the early fruiting early varieties of Italian breeding crop harvested in just a day, and in the midst of fruit-bearing — every day. Harvest cucumbers better early in the morning, so stay fresh longer cucumber and crispy and can be stored longer.

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