Will the baby’s teeth healthy and smooth, and the smile of a beautiful snow-white and largely depends on your efforts. Closely monitor the growth and development zuboE needed from the first days of life remains.

Will the baby's teeth healthy and smooth, and the smile of a beautiful snow-white and largely depends on your efforts. Closely monitor the growth and development zuboE needed from the first days of life remains.

Bookmark primary education and primary teeth in the unborn baby begins at 6-8 week of embryonic development. At 5 months of intrauterine life the crumbs end formed the beginnings of permanent adult teeth. Thus, at the time of birth in the jaw bone of the baby already has the beginnings and milk, and indigenous. To baby teeth formed correctly, the expectant mother is recommended to follow a few simple rules:

We eat enough foods containing fluorine and calcium, and vitamins D, E, C;

We get rid of tooth decay. Kissing on the lips of the child after birth, you risk infecting it with this disease;

We try to avoid during pregnancy receiving antibiotic tetracycline — it can cause discoloration of the teeth baby;

We carefully think about the health — disease during pregnancy may adversely affect the formation of baby teeth. Influenza, measles, transferred in the I trimester, can cause deformation of the facial bones or certain milk teeth. If the infection is caught future mother for 5 months, may develop congenital diseases of the permanent teeth.

In babies, born before the term, teething depends on the degree of prematurity.

We were born very tiny teeth can appear in 11 months. Generally, the delay in eruption observed in 25% of children. If the teeth do not erupt in pairs, it alleges a violation of mineral metabolism.

The first went!

Before be cut, the tooth germ is under the gum in a special bag. At the appointed nature (for each individual baby) during the eruption of the front and rear walls of the jaw begin to grow and thicken, the displacement: the upper edge of the tooth penetrates the gum and out, and the lower, remaining within 1.5-2 years turns into a root. At the same time the tooth, initially small and oval, stretched and acquires a form required for the normal «functioning» in the mouth. During this period, babies may become restless. Gums they redden and swell. Whitish swollen ball on the gums indicate the exact location of the first milk tooth. In order

Usually, teething occurs within a specified time, in a certain order and pairing. On average, the standards for the child should be 8 teeth.

At the same time, and the presence of only 2-4 or of teeth is not a serious deviation.

According to the formula «N — 4″ is calculated the number of teeth that need to be cut to a certain age. «N» in this case — the child’s age in months. For example, at 15 months children already erupt and teeth (15 — 4 = s). On this basis, all the temporary teeth should appear in the crumbs to 2 years. Later eruption of — to 2.5 or even 3 years — is not considered a disease and is usually explained by the individual characteristics of the development of the baby.

The physiological process of teething in children depends on many factors.

In terms of the eruption could affect hereditary factors, habitat, health.

Satellites appearance of teeth

The process of teething is a physiological and most children do not cause serious ailments and discomfort. But some kids appearance of the first tooth is reflected in state of health. The main symptoms — inflammation of the gums, increased salivation, itching pain, fever, and diarrhea. However, these symptoms are due to other causes. After the appearance of the teeth may coincide with the introduction of complementary foods, cold. With what it is connected unwell baby, just can determine a doctor.


Hypersalivation — excessive salivation lasts up to 6-9 months. Although the active work of the salivary glands is characteristic for the first months of life, as well as the inability to swallow saliva. Therefore, the «streams» running down his chin, too heavy, at first glance, more often than not indicate problems. On the other hand, salivary discharge appear and various kinds of stomatitis, recognize that only an expert can therefore consulting a pediatrician will not be superfluous.

«Fever, pain, itching

The appearance of the teeth is not a local process. The crumbs are working in emergency mode almost all the systems of the body, and especially the immune and endocrine. So the rise in temperature — it’s not mandatory, but it is quite normal, especially when cutting the upper incisors. These teeth are longer than the lower and upper gum tissue is denser than the lower fabric. Septic (bezmikrob-ing) is the cause of inflammation and fever or discomfort. Such a reaction to the growing irritation of the baby tooth is itching.

The first aid from the «tooth» of temperature and pain — funds with paracetamol. Itching and pain in the gums removed gels with local anesthetic. It numbs the gums and thus relieve pain. However, it is recommended to do no more than 6 times per day. It is best to leave all non-lethal weapons for the night.

In order to remove the painful symptoms (anxiety, fever, sleep disturbances, swelling and redness of the gums), your doctor may prescribe a child complex preparations.

/ The kid will be happy to help themselves cope with the discomfort itself, if you purchase a toy-penetrating Tel any modification. Calming effect refrigerated dental chewing rings with liquid inside. To massage the gums fit and nipple. The main thing that dental massager is made of hygienic material, easy to wash and does not crumble. You can buy a special rubber lining on the cot bumpers — toddler will chew on them, thus massaging the gums.

To the teething process took less painful baby need calcium. Particularly rich in this element of the cheese. Not if calcium is still not enough, the doctor may prescribe specific medications.

IF baby teeth grow in the wrong order, not erupt up or down and at an angle — see your dentist. May be jeopardized health is fundamental, molars. CHOOSE Cutters

They are made of latex and plastic, water and inflated. Choose not too thick and heavy, the baby is not strained and stretched her mouth. Easy and convenient teethers latex with a relief surface. Sometimes manufacturers make them with aromas of fruit, vanilla. The advantage of plastic teethers — in the water or a non-toxic gel filling, which cools and soothes irritated gums.

When a baby was the 8th teeth, they must be cleaned 2 times — in the morning and in the evening with a soft bristle brush.

Factors affecting the teeth «sucking nipples and fingers for a long time. Because of this, the cutters can develop properly. So be sure to wean from the habit crumbs after a year.

«Rickets — delay terms teething takes place in South Ossetia% due to the breach of calcium-phosphorus metabolism.

«Runny nose and adenoids interfere crumbs breathe through the nose, thereby slowing the growth of the jaw and the dental arch is formed malocclusion. Such illnesses are in need of a quick correction.

«Too soft foods also contributes to setting the wrong tooth. Teach crumbs to chew. Gradually make vegetable soup thicker, with 8 months to enter the children’s diet dishes, cut into pieces.

Do not lick the spoon or pacifier before I give it to the kid. That and transferred mikroby.Esli your teeth affected by caries, the kid he is sure to be passed.

We protect teeth from an early age

To care for the baby must be oral birth. In the first months of life rather simple inspection of the mucosa. If it is pale pink, without redness, it is no cause for concern. Immediately after the first cutter mom’s time to take up the brush. Doctors recommend the use of a special device that is worn on the finger. Brushing your teeth need daily, preferably in the evening before bedtime. The most convenient way to do this using a special foam.


Do not think that the place of the patient appears healthy baby tooth radical. Caries — a violation of microflora in which bacteria produce substances that destroy the enamel. When the time comes to change of teeth, the condition of the flora in the oral cavity will be just as dangerous. It happens that the teeth erupt already decayed. In this case, do not delay treatment — help fluoride applications, strengthening of local immunity, a diet rich in foods containing calcium and fluoride, and, of course, a thorough oral hygiene.

Old wives’ tale tsptyayalyaya Sophia REMENSKAYA, orthodontist lltil’TiftllHilF European Dental Center:

«The process of teething Eetey, accompanied by fever and body, different from the usual prostuZy. When prostuZe but raising the temperature, there are other symptoms such as a runny nose, nasal congestion, respiratory failure, reddened swollen throat. To remove the unpleasant symptoms of teething baby can be used antipyretics and analgesics paracetamol-based, locally — special ointment liEokainom painkillers and anti-inflammatory elements. «

Often you can hear the advice, especially grandmothers, to give the kid who has started teething and itchy gums pomusolit bread. In fact, carbohydrates are digested to form in the mouth baby acidic environment in which bacteria multiply rapidly decay. We should not rub the baby’s gums with a piece of sugar. This manipulation may damage it, and the resulting wound gets infected. Broth

Dried or fresh herbs and fruits such as lime, raspberry, chamomile, cranberries, brewed with boiled water and infuse for 15-20 minutes. The resulting broth is used for drinking.


Liquid, particularly acidic and rich in vitamins, one of the best ways to maintain water balance in the body during a cold. This drink helps to promptly withdraw toxin gt; r ~~ Sina, offloads the ‘® kidneys, which in povy ^ elevated temperature and infections operates emergency mode.

Warming feet

We used the mustard powder. Dry mustard can be put in socks and put them on the night. Or do a hot foot bath, spreading mustard powder in water temperature of about 4o ° C.


And is based on an artificial fever. So you’re helping your body baby cope with the virus. Moreover, part-foot bath is good in cases where the child is prone to night attacks false croup. Warm up baby feet, you will cause blood flow to the inflamed nasopharynx, thereby reducing the chance of narrowing of the larynx.

Cold posset is very good — a drink made from curdled using lemon juice hot milk with cinnamon and saffron.

Rubbing vinegar or vodka

Use at higher temperatures. Wipe all the baby’s body, especially well in the place where the major arteries — the inside of the arms, thighs, armpits, abdomen.


The idea of ​​non-drug way to reduce the temperature is good, but the execution is worthless. Due to the rapid evaporation of the volatile liquids from the skin, such as an alcohol or vinegar, the body temperature drops. However, vodka and vinegar irritate baby’s skin. Moreover, with a strong concentration of possible intoxication. The right to put the child on the shoulders and hips cloth dampened with water at room temperature.

Once our grandmothers better than all the doctors knew how to deal with ailments lyuoimyh grandchildren. Broth and lotions, wiping, aloe juice and warm milk with honey, put the kids to their feet in a few days. Magazine «Shape-Mama» brought to you the most famous folk treatments and asked pediatricians to assess their effectiveness and safety from the standpoint of modern medicine.

Warming up the sinuses

Usually performed with hot boiled eggs or heated in an oven cloth bags of barley (40 ° C).



«OPINION OF PEDIATRICS efficiency is not always

This is a good way to treat a light cold, but with acute sinusitis, sinus and purulent discharge from the nose do not warm up properly.

Natural Drops

At a cold nose buried a few drops of beet or onion juice.


Distribution and inefficient way to treat a cold. It is designed so that the natural volatile contained in the juice destroy microbes and ease a runny nose. In fact, concentrated juice burn mucous, causing further additional swelling and difficulty breathing. The child can drip spout warm saline, a decoction of chamomile, calendula, yarrow. The smallest good dripping breast milk. Remember, it is necessary that the liquid to drip and not to wash the nose under the pressure, since there is a risk of its flowing into the Eustachian tube. Do not forget that for colds in the room constantly has to work humidifier — is very important, especially for infants up to three months.

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