Your family.

Your family.

Instill a love of reading.

Remember that children are like a blank sheet. They come into the world without the knowledge, and they need to learn many things. A sure way to know the world — through reading.

Please invent stories yourself, no matter what (whom) they are important — they have to be interesting. Your tales are designed to awaken the curiosity of children, they wanted to learn to read on their own.

Read aloud to your child. And go on, even when he has mastered this skill. This will help increase his vocabulary, and joint discussions will learn to appreciate the good reading texts.

Make a shelf of books just above the child’s head. Curiosity will make him reach for the unknown (and invisible), will expand his literary horizons and learn to recognize new.

And listen to audiobooks. They also awaken interest in reading. Press the Play button on the tape recorder in the afternoon or during the trip in the car.

Often remember «well forgotten old.» Re-reading favorite books helps to focus on the characters, teaches follow the plot.

Go to the children’s library, sit in the reading room, look for a new book or look at the different editions of the same book. This will give your child understand that the book — more than the usual thing.

Sometimes best friends disagree …

Support baby! Your child’s best friend pushed? Ease his suffering.

Speak from the heart, start saying, «I wonder why Igor could do that …» or «I guess you did not like to hear Anya said …»

Stop to use the phrase «best friend / girlfriend.» It provokes high expectations, and partly so the child is trying to find the perfect «best friend.»

Support activity of the child outside the school record in the sports section, the creative circle. This will expand his circle of friends.

Watch for child nutrition

Its weight — in your hands!

Drinks are also considered!

Try not to keep in the refrigerator for sodas, energy drinks and sweet. Switch with the child in the mineral water with the addition of juice.

Set the «healthy rules’, for example, no food in front of a TV or computer. Proved: children tend to overeat while watching television.

Prepare in advance a box with snacks (such as fruit), do not allow your child to pull in the mouth that got between meals.

Always check the composition of the products that you buy for children. Follow bedtime. New Zealand scientists have found that children who slept less than 11 hours (total day) between the ages of 5 and 11 years, often in their teens are overweight.

Does not inspire as necessary.

Be a good example. Studies at Yale University showed, if parents encourage exercise (and sometimes themselves involved for the company), their children are less likely to gain weight. Why is that? The answer is simple: when the parents are engaged in activities with the children, they see it as fun, not as an obligation.

Limit the use of salt during the preparation and consumption of food. The more children use the salt, the more they drink.

And they drink more often, alas, soda. (Follow the recommendations — not more than 2.2 mg of salt per day for children aged 9-13 years).

The restaurant, order food to children from the general menu. Food in the children’s menu is almost always too salty, sweet or Refried. Let your child learn to appreciate the taste of real food, not MSG. Set the rules of conduct. To start, decide what matters to you (the child did not grumble? Insulted? Did not throw a condescending look at you?) And read the rules for all family members. Hang them on the refrigerator, if necessary.

Not reconciled with the bad behavior of children.

Explain. Help your child to express emotions appropriately, for example, say: «I understand that you might be upset rules, but each of us have roles and responsibilities that are important to follow.»

Invent a system of signals. For joint outputs «in the world», come up to visit the sign or expression that will tell the child that his behavior is unacceptable. So you can do without the explanation of the relationship in public.

Do not enter into a squabble with the child.

Do not copy the behavior in time of strife! The temptation is great, but try to pull myself together and show an example of a child, give the child to feel the same way as you feel.

Worthy! Protect your child’s life on the web.

If your child has reached adolescence, he probably already have a personal page on a social network. Our advice and a good anti-virus program will help him stay in touch with friends and be safe.

Help your child to complete his personal profile and make sure the settings he has chosen a high level of protection.

None Skip personal information (full name, age, city, school number) during the filling profile.

If your child is just beginning to communicate in social networks, I agree with him that the first time you will be together to approve requests to add as a friend. Let it be only those people whom he knows personally.

Explain to your child that you can not call anyone your password page.

This is a purely personal, even classified information.

Advise to refrain from too personal status of separation, quarrels or schooling. Such information can lead to injury and ridicule.

Explain that the status of «Ancestors are not at home, who to me! ? «May result in undesirable consequences. It is this search for information in the Network «predators» (the so-called potential intruders). If he wants to invite friends (and you do not mind) had better call him personally.

Speak to the child to listen and hear.

If your comments and tips with hostility perceived by a child, they say, «do not lecture me!» Or pic even worse — ignored, try one of these methods:

Expresses clearly and keep a positive attitude.

Instead of: «Enough to hurt my sister!» — Say, «If you want to communicate something to her sister, so to speak, so as not to hurt her.»

Ask questions, and do not offer solutions. For example: «Do you think two days is enough to write this work?» — Instead of: «You should start working on a project right now!» Questions are pushing for reflection and prove that you trust.

Collaborate. Explain that you are concerned about it (such as the child gets up late), say, «I noticed you hard in the morning to wake up. Do you think that will help you get up early? «First, let it express ideas, and then you.

Communicate daily. Be careful and try to capture the mood of the child — children often want to chat after school or before bed, do not miss this opportunity.


Greeting people by the hand, speaking to strangers and elders to «you,» looking his interlocutor in the eye and always keeping good manners, you teach children to be polite. Teach by example. In adult life it is useful. One advertising slogan sounded: «You never get a second chance to make a first impression,» and it’s true!

WISH good grades? DISCONNECT consoles!

Set a limit on video and online games. Studies show that kids who play a lot, 30% spend less time reading and 34% — for the study than those who play sparingly. Children must learn to postpone pleasure — not everything in life you get when you want. Let the fun will be «prize» for good study. Help the young person to find a job.

If a teenager has free time, and most importantly — the desire to make (entertainment or a new phone), offer options.

Narrow range of searches.

You should not threaten to work, which claim more young adults (employment in cafes, restaurants, shops). Summer camps, amusement parks, nurseries often employ minors.

Take a look around …

Your child goes to art school can help is needed just there? Or in the sports section, in which it is written? Employers often tend to hire those who are somehow already know.

Help your child create a resume, point it to his achievements, emphasize strengths. Summary of the child, parents can place on his page on the social network. Such business approach will not extinguished the desire to work. On the contrary!

Tell your child about his strengths. Push the teenager to use his strengths, for example, if your daughter is good at math, it can help the neighborhood children with homework. Son is well versed in computers? Advertise on the area — it is possible that his knowledge will be useful to someone. But animal lovers can walk the dog after school.

From theory to practice.

At least sometimes take their children to work. Or arrange with friends on a «tour». Let the children see all the stages of production and realize that money does not fall from the sky, but they have to earn. Another charge a teenager to go to the bank to pay the bills, maybe then it will cease to reproach you, «Where are your salary goes?» Show him all the expenditure items of the family budget.

Talk with your child about the appearance and personal care.

Acne — one of the most common problems of adolescence. They cause discomfort, often become a cause of ridicule and complexes. Help to cope with this problem.

Make sure that the teenager gets enough vitamin A, along with the food (raw carrots -kladez vitamins). Vitamin A helps to keep the skin clean.

Tell us what is best to wash with warm, not hot water — washing with hot water provokes more intensive sebum.

Show how to get wet face towel instead of rubbing it furiously — the friction causes irritation.

Encourage the teenager at least once a week to wipe the smartphone alcohol wipes moist. Mobile devices are teeming with germs.

Find the right beauty products for the face and hair. Teenage line -to priority!

Talking about sex.

Gather the courage to tell your child everything that he should know about it.

Of course, to educate the children on a topic somewhat awkward. But do not inflate the problem out of it. Awkwardness depart as soon as you start talking.

Even if the child says everything already knows, they say, they were told about it at school, still raise and said this topic. Honestly answer the questions of the child, rather than avoid them. Make it clear to the child that you think is important in a relationship and what kind of behavior from him waiting. Even if he does not agree with you, you need to start a dialogue.

Tell me a way out of difficult situations. For example, the classic: «If you love me, let’s have sex» -can say, «I’m not ready. And if you take care of me, they respect my wishes. «

Happy parents — happy children!

When parents are unhappy, unwell or emotionally depressed children feel it straight away. And it frightens them. The primary task of adults — to harmonize his life and state of mind. Showing children that you are able to manage their own lives, you give them to understand that you can take care of them.

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