1. Let’s go around the world.

The average level of self-esteem in women, surprisingly, may vary significantly depending on the place and date of birth.

According to a survey conducted in 53 countries by experts of the World Health Organization, the highest self-esteem in the world have:

— American,

— Englishwoman,

— Swede,

— Germans,

— Italian,

— French,

— Spaniard.

Our compatriots are approximately in the middle of the list, and it’s short women godforsaken Australian tribe, who did not know what and how to value themselves, but feel quite happy and satisfied with their lives.


Why is American so appreciate yourself live better than anyone on the planet, reaching some extraordinary success? No, they regularly take courses of psychotherapy. In the US, even a National Association for self-esteem. And in California, training on self-esteem people in the state are paid from the state budget.

82% of respondents scientists residents of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Detroit could immediately name the 8 most important criteria by which they evaluate themselves. In other countries have coped with the task of 3 to 7% of respondents. Do you work? Do not peek! Drinking himself was at the height of American women can not be said about those who did not recall a single criterion. But if you do not know what determines the self-esteem, how to influence it?

PUSH UP FOR-British.

British psychologists have noticed that women’s self-esteem often has a decisive influence of the little things that others do not give value.

One of these factors — MODEL BRA!

If you do not have enough self-confidence, it is simply to put another bra and see what happens. It would be the model was the effect of push up. As a result of the London survey among Englishwomen from 20 to 55 years, a bra, a maximum lifting breasts, increases self-esteem 75%.

ITALIAN siesta.

Psychologists University of Rome have found a way to justify the need for a long afternoon rest, here called siesta. According to them, it is necessary always to women, but especially of the fair sex in dire need of a siesta in the middle of the week.

It turns out: in the third hour of the day on Wednesday, they feel downright inhuman fatigue and lose faith in himself, because the biorhythms of the female body at this point go into a deep minus.

Increase self-esteem at this critical moment the Italians helps full-fledged TIME RELAX, sex or SHOKOLOAD. Effect smoothly enough until the end of the week. Do not believe it — see for yourself!

Discount for self-esteem.

How much we appreciate ourselves, it depends on the date of birth. This convinced astronomers and scientists. Specialists from Sweden have offered thousands of compatriots to pass 2 tests for self-esteem. Summing up, they noticed that the respondents were born in the same time of year often respond to the same questions. Another discovery: women born between February and April, marked decreased level of serotonin, which can be regarded as a prerequisite to the development of depression and lack of faith in himself. But according to astrology, low self-esteem have born under the sign of Pisces, Cancer and Virgo. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius and Lions put themselves at times too high. To adequately assess themselves Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius.

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