All generations

All generations

Agnes L. had a wonderful sense of humor, which combines in its nature with the infinite concern for the fate of children. Contemporaries Barto always celebrated in the works of the poet amazing understanding of its young readers, their feelings and emotions.

Colleagues and friends

Barto was a person extremely open and sociable. She had warm relations with many colleagues whose opinion was very important poet. Her daughter, Tatiana Scheglyaeva, recalled that when from the pen of Agnes Barto was born a new poem she read to their children, writers, artists and friends. For her, as a person looking for it was important to know that you liked and what needs work. Michael Bright and Leo Kassil were among those to whom Agnes L. read his poems on the phone. The number of close colleagues also included Alexander Fadeev, ready at any time to listen to new works Barto.

Many well-known writers as Agnes Lvovna turned to for advice. For example .Sergey Mikhalkov could call Barto, even at night. The question: «What’s wrong?» — He replied: «It happened: I wrote a new verse, you read it right now!». Barto and Mikhalkov associated warm and friendly relations. But, despite this, they could argue about the fate of children’s literature at such high tones that all home immediately understand who is talking Agnes Lvovna.


Agnes L. has always been simple and straightforward man. Several times it was chosen to high positions in the Union of Writers, but it was not very «friendly» person in an organization: has always defended his point of view and was not afraid to argue with management, so long in such positions are not delayed. Be able to write, remaining itself — that’s what it was for her main.

Courage Barto was not to occupy. So, along with Leo Kassil she helped the family of his friend Eugene repressed Taratuta without fearing the consequences. With Kassil Barto a close friend, for many years they were in children’s literature, one might say, side by side. The writer left of Barto notes in his diary, published articles about her work. Agnes L., in turn, told about Kassil in «Notes children’s poet» dedicated to him some poems. Lev Abramovich wrote: «Yes, friendship is Agnes Barto with tens of millions of its young readers. Friendship fun vigilantly, exacting. Friendship is a long and strong. Barto knows his readers can in their own way to look into the most different corners of their lives and suddenly take and bring the tab into the sunshine of a braggart, zaznavaku, secret tape, an imaginary hero, mash or over-fashionistas that guys our unmistakably recognize someone from their friends and girlfriends.

Well, how aware readers Agniyu Barto, and say no longer necessary. It is worth it somewhere on the big literary matinee children start reading his most famous poems, the whole huge hall together, in unison, outpacing the author taken to chant verse by verse by heart … And not without reason called the name of Barto of the first wherever it comes our poetry for children …. «


«The painting, basket, cardboard and little dog ..»

All colleagues and friends knew and loved poet in her sparkling sense of humor. Barto was a great lover of practical jokes. Most often, they come across a writer and broadcaster, Irakli Andronicus. One of the most famous jokes took place when Andronicus led the TV show in the flat Alexei Tolstoy. On the screen, he showed photos of famous people. After ether Barto calculate how much time you need Irakli Luarsabovich to get to the house. And called an old friend, finding him right on the doorstep. Posing as an employee of literary editors and deliberately distorting the voice of Bart Andronicus taken aback: «…» — said Irakli Luarsabovich. What he heard the answer: «Do not worry, maybe we have a bad image in the TV, we fix it, fix it ….» Andronicus calmed down, believing that such a frame is still not allowed to broadcast. But as it turned out, it was too early to relax. «- Asked the presenter. Some of them «, — the employee responsible imaginary literary editors. «Excuse me, you seem to think I’m the same age as Leo Tolstoy? — In the voice of Irakli Andronicus had heard resentment. — Do I look so your TV? Its really need to fix. I barely murmured, when the great Tolstoy died. » And then a woman’s voice asked him to note in his notebook: «Write! Drawing Number One. » Andronicus laughed: «colossal! As you caught me? I just went into the house! «.

A sense of humor never failed Agniyu Barto. One day during the war, the poet returned from Moscow, where to go on the terms of reference, in Sverdlovsk. From the baggage she was carrying only a piece of cardboard attached to it men’s boots. However, access to the Urals without incident Barto was not fated. Here’s what she wrote: «A few hours later the Red Army entered the carriage and said loudly: "Who’s fellow writer? Get ready! The chief told me to give — our route changes. Before reaching the Yaroslavl train slowed down near the bridge, and you jump, I will podsoblyu".

We went out to the playground, and when the train went slowly, I jumped off the stairs and slid down the sandy embankment. Stingrays and cardboard with boots, a Red Army threw it behind me. Catching his breath, involuntarily recalled: "painting, basket, cardboard and little dog". I felt like a dog. Then he laughed: "However, on the way the dog could grow". Saving sense of humor! How many times it has helped me to master myself. «

International experience

After the war, Agnes L. was often abroad, making a trip to Japan, Bulgaria, England, Iceland and America. It gave her a new material for an exciting theme brotherhood of nations. «The character of the people I understand better through the children — Agnes L. wrote. — And so, in whatever country or came from looking forward to seeing them. «

In Bulgaria, the poetess was an interesting case. In the town of Byala Slatina, she stayed in the same family, where there were twelve year old girl Petrina. The room Petrina L. Agnes drew attention to the large box of biscuits, standing in plain view. It turned out that the girl keeps her letters from children all over the world. As a real pioneer Petrina was keen on the idea of ​​friendship among peoples. In a conversation with the poet, she said: «If all the world’s children will make friends and chat, then, as adults, they reported not allow any misfortune on earth, no war.»

Bulgarian poetess girl asked to help establish a conversation with the guys from Moscow. In the capital of Barto he told the children about his meeting with Petrina and television reported her address. The result of this speech surprised everyone. Three thousand letters ten days received the Bulgarian pioneer of Soviet children. The children wrote about what they care about to read a book about the future plans. For example, in one of his letters were lines: «… when I grow up, I will try to find the germs of death, so that people are no longer dying. Enough is enough! «.

In the first twenty-four letters happy Petrina said gently. But the next morning she came to seven hundred and fifty more messages. Followed by a call from the post office: because of the huge number of emails the staff could not work properly.

However, the smart guys found a way out of this situation. Pioneers organized Saturday, unloaded the post office, and then collected in a summer theater rally. On it they decided to distribute a letter to all the children in town, so they responded young Muscovites. It turned out that for such a small town as Byala Slatina, the volumes are too great: the letters continued to come, in total there were about seven thousand. Then again, the guys did not panic — they appealed to all the pioneers of the country, so that everyone who has the desire, said Muscovites. So Agnes L. helped many children from Bulgaria and the Soviet Union to enter into a friendly conversation.

Alarm number 1

Literary critic Igor Pavlovich Motyashov was struck by Agnes Barto concern for children’s fate. He recalled: «In all my life never met another person, which would have such a powerful charge of anxiety — for the fate of the world’s children, for our children’s literature, for his own work and creativity of fellow writers’ workshop, which was in the shower Agnes Barto Barto … She often repeated the words: ‘The alarm number 1". She characterized the attitude to childhood, to his present position in the various countries, and to his tomorrow. This anxiety, in her deepest conviction, must be accompanied nowadays every conscious adult citizen of the earth … «.


People’s Artist of Russia, Natalya Selezneva actress recalled that owes his film career was Agnes Barto. The fact that in 1953 it adopted a writer Natasha was still a little girl, the role in the film «Alyosha Ptitsyn produces character» was filmed on the script Barto.

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