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Sports Roadster Jaguar F-type — a true manifesto of all British: impeccable manners and sensitivity, a drop of snobbery, natural passion and excitement and, of course, imperial ambitions

Sergey Ryabov

Summer 2013th dawned for the UK really symbolic. First, the entire country, with tears in the eyes of celebrated 60th anniversary of the coronation of Elizabeth II, and soon the subjects of Her Majesty and all were in a state of euphoria: July 22, at 16:24 GMT, the light appeared the long-awaited heir — Prince George. I think he was much surprised if he ever talk about the hype that accompanied his birth. Phlegmatic British almost every day watching the growing tummy Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, bought caps and other baby things with royal symbols, inspired knitted sweaters and master baby crib as a gift, and some glossy magazines even recorded recently in the «style icon» … Similar emotions probably experienced fans of the British automotive brands Jaguar, for years dreamed of the emergence of the successor legendary E-type and the return of «cat» brand in the elite club of manufacturers of sports cars. How to put it mildly, long, but the result exceeded all expectations. And if Prince

George only the third in line to the throne without any options, the new roadster Jaguar F-type — a significant bid for the crown and scepter in the segment.

Matter of prestige

Nine hundredths of one percent, or a little over 73 thousand. 81.8 million vehicles at the end of 2012 — is the share of auto sports

MISSION OF E-TYPE-attract young buyers and HI-nut of the British brand in the elite club of sports cars MAKE-Lay mobiles in total global market. Impressive proportions, is not it? From a formal point of view it is difficult to imagine a more unfavorable segment for investment in the auto industry. Well, except that electric vehicles. However, brand director Adrian Hallmark Jaguar these figures did not hesitate: he said, the production of sports cars — no matter the benefits, and prestige. «F-type will help us to attract young customers and to revive the glory of the Jaguar as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sports cars», — says Mr. Hallmark.

Hope fans of the British brand to the emergence of a successor of the famous roadster E-type, are available with 1961 and 1975 and a recognized icon of style in many countries, the first glimmer back in 2000, when the Detroit Auto Show was presented

F-type Concept. As in the same year

Jaguar made its debut in the «Formula 1», it seemed that the sporting ambitions «cat» is about to come true … The reality has become more brutal: the financial problems of the parent Ford Motor Company quickly cooled the ardor of the British.

However, already in 2008, the company, together with compatriots of the Land Rover came under the control of the Indian group Tata Motors, which, in turn, did not spare money for the development of new fashion toys. The reason is clear: the status of Indians in the global car industry after purchase instantly changed as the Indian girl who was in honor of the marriage noted bindi.

Many years of tradition and craftsmanship, being coupled with virtually unlimited financial resources, soon brought the desired result: the Jaguar, and Land

Rover from the late 2000s are experiencing renaissance. The British, of course, wanted to release the Jaguar F-type in

2010 — just in time for the 50th anniversary of the famous predecessor.

However, the construction of the car even in the presence of money requires time. The prototype was the novelty concept C-X16, which debuted on the Frank-

Hilti furtskom Motor Show 2011

I a year later in Paris and arrived

^^^ g production version of the F-type.

■ mind-games

Super clear, powerful, emotional and above all a living — such epithets awarded roadster developers. «In fact, we did what we wanted and not what is expected of us. This approach is more important than the technology around the world is becoming «- explains Jaguar chief designer Ian Callum. No doubt, the car really was bright. Squat lean silhouette, wide-set wheels at the corners of the body, raised the hood with the «nostrils» for heat dissipation, low-set grille, front bumper with double «gills», ultra-compact optical head with fashionable diode running lights — there is something to see. The only overtly controversial decision — the door handles, which are put forward from the case: first, it is not clear how much they «survive» in the conditions of dirt roads, and secondly, looks like Aston Martin. Representatives of Jaguar, however, in response to make the poker face. «In the process of creating the car of course we compared the design of many cars, pay attention to the strong points,» — says Mr. Hallmark.

The spectacular new look just in front, with a three-quarter angle. But the real victory — feed. And it’s not elegant and rear LED lights, no retractable spoiler, decorated with the word Jaguar, and certainly not in the amount of exhaust pipes, which can recognize the version of the car. While those that have been installed in our, resembles a vuvuzelas, really … The main advantage of the stern F-type is that when the roof down, it did not become similar to the helipad on the yacht Abramovich. It is very compact, and it immediately changes all the impression of a vehicle, at a glance from the side and rear, to realize we’ve got some serious.

The secret to success lies in a shortened platform cabriole-Tahko, which is built F-type: the designers have taken without further ado, and thrown out of the interior of the donor two vestigial rear seats. And turn the trunk into a clutch. They probably would have gotten rid of the front passenger seat, but at the cost of several heart attacks defended marketers. Joking aside, obesity creators roadster fought on all fronts. Body suspension and become fully aluminum — minus 35 kg, revised seat design and fasteners — minus 24 kg, optimized production-metal hood — another 12 kg. And so, step by step, even the windshield, «thinner» on 2 kg! The roof, of course, from the same cloth-tions considerations, folds and unfolds in just 12 seconds at speeds up to 50 km / h — very useful if you suddenly wanted a comfortable grip steering wheel, lovely «wells» devices …

breathe air and gasoline for some reason, ie, plastic metropolis. As a result, Mr. 3 ‘paddle the initial version of the F-type with petals «modest» V6 capacity of 340 liters. from. It weighs 1597 kg. Not bad.

Saloon cars fully focused on the driver, all the control devices department pointed us from the passenger handle, as if hinting: climbing tips you should not, and will ride fast, you can grab just in case. Front console is divided into distinct blocks, set in the heart of the traditional models of Jaguar Land Rover touchscreen — all the same pensive, like sheep on the roads of Wales. An interesting design idea — retractable sverhudispleya center vent ducts: after a while it seems as if the car lives his life. Engine start button is in line with the cigarette lighter, it definitely heats beneath-the desire to give a light to others.

Familiar to all the latest «Jaguars» washer gearbox control lever was replaced by a full-fledged, saying that the owners of sports cars like to shift gears so. Nearby original mode selector movement — from the winter to the dynamic keys, turn off the system «start-stop» and ESP, control cloth roof and a magic button with the image on it vuvuzelami, about the purpose of that later. The sports seats are extremely comfortable, with improved lateral support, to the place of the driver no complaints, except perhaps plastic paddle shift. Too discord they environmental tech luxury.

Phenotype DRIVING

Under the hood of new items offered two versions of petrol «six», the cardinality of 340 and 380 liters. from. respectively, as well as familiar on the top models Jaguar and Land Rover V8 petrol 495 l capacity. with all power units are paired with 8 stages chatym-automatic ZF Quickshift. We went for a test version of the V6 S 380 hp. from. Moment — and surroundings announce a joyful roar of awakening the beast. For one only opportunity to enjoy this moment again and again roadster forgive a lot … It is said that hunting jaguars issue which shakes the whole neighborhood. If you need somewhere to come very loudly and effectively, it is now provided by a flick of a finger. However, on the go and aerodynamic noise enough, especially after the mark of 120 km / h, so that the acoustic comfort can be expected.

The feel of the F-type behavior on the road ambiguous. The suspension is tuned pretty tough, which makes the Roadster extremely scrupulous in relation to any flaws leaf: at the usual Moscow ruts, waves and rolled our ship was a storm and had to hold the steering wheel with both hands. To informative steering, by the way, in general, there are serious questions, he seems too easy. The situation changes when you activate the dynamic driving mode in which the machine becomes more rigid and at the same time sensitive to the driver’s commands. But in theory this mode is designed to drive a sports track, not in the city …

But the well-coordinated work of the engine and transmission, the settings in which conjured engineers, impressive even in normal mode Drive: smooth and powerful spurts, filigree accuracy of response to accelerator pedal … It is necessary to accelerate and make several overtaking a row — no problem, wants to control skid — easily. Delight! Jaguar F-type -sinonim road excitement, he versed in all areas of asphalt physics, but also requires appropriate skills of the driver. The logic is simple: the better you drive, the more fun you get. Connoisseurs thrill will be enjoyed «dessert» called Dynamic Launch: for optimum acceleration from a place you can squeeze two pedals at the same time, willing to wait for the reports-of the system and release the brake. Hey, let’s ride!

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