All That Jazz

That day I was playing «Chorus» by Gioachino Rossini. Very simple and small but achingly beautiful work — one of those that I was able to show all his skill playing the legato.

We had to audition for the competition, which was to take place in another city. After this impromptu concert teacher again threatened by the fact that I have to play on the big stage because I was talented, and he made me. It was very funny. I packed up and trudged home. And as always, the first thing crawled home in the «Facebook». The lessons, food, everything else can wait. On the «Facebook» I was waiting for the application to friends from a certain Denis Berezovsky and message.

With the first pictures I found him, the boy with a saxophone … I guess a couple of years ago, I was even in love with him. Denis was not handsome — that’s for sure, but he had great eyes the color of brandy calm and modest smile. He was not handsome, but his charisma attracted as world’s most powerful magnet. He played well, even had the winner of the All-Russia competition of young performers, his father was a saxophonist, and generally a lot of things I know about him. I Knew. Then. I’m shaking hands clicked «Add to Friends» and opened the message. His eyes darted to the avatars: Yes, he was online. «You played great today, I do not think you can be my rival. I would like to play with you, «- said the smiling face on the background of the piano. I am with my peculiar malice asked, «What?» The answer came immediately. Winking smiley. Precise and to the point. I quickly typed: «Okay. Tomorrow at seven in muzykalke in our office. » «OK». It was very brief — just a brother of talent. The next day, at seven he was waiting for me.

— Hi, — he smiled trademark smile.

— Hi, — I smiled. Our dialogue was like a duel «Who is charming?».

— Do you really saxophone Brahner? — A little astonishment and disgust with the share he asked.

— What, in this case music store salesman confused. I play Trevor James.

— Trevor James? Really?! Give play? -one concocted muzzle cat from «Shrek.»

I dutifully gave him a saxophone and he played it a passage from «Merry saxophonist» work that we had agreed to play two instruments.

— And I have here Yamaha … Damn, I’m now also want to Trevor James! — Denis said cheerfully.

— Yamaha also great. At first I also wanted to, but playing in the store at all, stop there — I said briskly.

There was a slight pause.

— It may already play? — He asked.

— Lets do it! — Foolishly I said. If pretty boy I conduct myself at all absurd.

He took the game more difficult, but I got the most beautiful. I let go of a lot of good jokes about his game, and he — about my. We did not notice how the lesson went to talk. As a result, we have something extraordinary: beautiful and professional. Probably to get a good result, when you play a duet, you feel something for each other … An hour later, we have already read fluently with a sheet with all the nuances and touches. Half an hour later we drove a stick of muzykalki vahtersha Aunt Galya. We walked down the street and talked about everything. The last rays of the sun warmed our backs, and the air smelled of cinnamon rolls and freshly brewed coffee. There was a smell of coffee, which opened recently.

I noticed it before, but it did not come.

— Look, there’s a coffee house opened — said head over heels in love has me.

— Let’s go? — Dennis suggested. — And I was hungry, and you might, too.

In a small basement soared some elusive atmosphere of America 30-ies. Jazz, coffee, business people in raincoats.

We sat down at the farthest table.

— I have a cappuccino, please, and cinnamon rolls — said Denis.

— And me orange juice and cheesecake.

Denis went on to tell about his trip to St. Petersburg, but I abruptly interrupted his story:

— Listen, — I said softly.

In the coffee shop to play a song by Louis Armstrong Go Down, Moses. My favorite song. I gripped her hair and upper lip snaps his fingers to the beat. Then, in a fit of passion for music has left on a chair in the space between the tables, but a unique view of the waiter made me obediently back into place. Denis laughed. I think I was born to be a clown, but chose music. Dennis continued the story, but I have not listened to: observe the movement of his lips, his eyes, his hands … Somehow it sounds sickly love, fall and jazz. It must be diluted. Yes, perhaps I will. And I ordered a black espresso.

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