And hydro

And hydro

Rounding the corner Arsenal shDe of snow blackened antique cannon, she stopped at the high portico sl ^ e ^ of the Senate.

Maxim Peshkov sedevshy se driving you-Skoch first Ch7g oppras «on his arm, and? Your car and actress Marg ^. ^ A..drsea in a fur coat that was once Roscoe ^ .. oh. Following his wife psyaoisya oo.ssky, stooping Gorky He hesitated until a young man in a short coat elk son Andreeva first £ gt; rakalt; cinematographer Yurpy Zhelyabuzhsky, dragged out from under the seat shiny zinc-five boxes of film. The duty commander, opened the door, all sections, and endless corridors / y. Mitrofanovskiё passed in the hall. Once there were high-profile criminal trials, is now on the marble walls hung kumachovye slogans, and in the middle — a white linen screen

* Bitter looked around for his family had few places s sitting on a lap full member toimoc «Sopargchoma Started Small» r «iki apparatus Kremlin vperedp — cadets’ military school VTsIK approached journalist G.ev Sosiovsky

— Chte here for the miracle expected Gorky did not know? — I asked GL — Yesterday Ilyich told me: «Come tomorrow to the Kremlin to watch reel 9 cognition Komlo Classon Ets you with a real person. Take a minute to defend and hydro. » I am ready ,, but kogs O1 and whom to protect a ‘*

— I what? — Bitter muttered absently — I did. It’s Yuri came up — with him, and I ask the same resemblance to Diogenes, I’ll go look for this person. He does not like to push does not mean the government. I do not know Klasson} And what do you know? Electric light, I suppose, use Besley ^ but a tram ride to the lady, and who did everything — ziat do not want to. Nepohvalno.

Robert Eduardovich Klasson e Gorky found the corner and almost forcibly seated nearby. He was an elderly, suhoschav’y engineer mustache, black piercing eyes. He sat Okay light jacket.

Noise broke all the doors turned Mr. Quick gait, almost running, entered Leni «-. Said softly. «Dear comrades!» — Looked for a wife. Nadezhda Daleks sat in front, among the students something they talked enthusiastically shook hands with Lenin Gorky saw Klasson and stood up, as if continuing an interrupted conversation said loudly

— Well, citizen Klasson. remember if you doubt! * But re-involution something happened!

Klasson was silent — have dimmed the lights and zag across the blue beam. Lenin sat next to Yuri.

— Art tovaoischm not quite ready, loud, excitedly said Zhelyabuzhsky -Nadpisey yet I will explain

On the screen floating gray fields, the pale sky, stunted trees. The wide ditches filled muck silently swarmed the women, wrapped in shawls DS eyebrows, bearded men in rags and Laptev s Here leaning bunch, they are up turning] a huge stump to pick up a crowbar in the land of branching cramps. Stretched chain are hollow elastic shovels turf clods dumped in the gutter, in which turning over the chain n iron shovels. An old man with a shovel, a hairy and indifferent, raised his dark, wrinkled face, wiped the sweat from his forehead and took a long look into the hall on the screen.,

-, ^ I shot spring Shatura — said Zhelyabuzhskim.-This method of extraction of peat called machine-srormovoch nym, but in fact it is hard manual labor.

— Work decorates man — unhappy someone said from the darkness. — You show, sorry, hard labor, not labor.

— Yes, this is ka bargaining — answered quickly Yuri.

The lights came on — mёgny replaced part.

Again the screen stretched endless swamp. People bent back, swarming in the mud, fended off mosquitoes chtoy at the end of the load onto the rusty trolley loose peat bricks — valuable three times the normalized fuel Burning, it gives the electric light, pushing the train heats towns and villages, saving forests, makes warping shuttles at a textile factory, artless cook food in the ruins of the mines of Donbass, cut off the enemies of the oil fields of Baku and Grozny All that is a young Republic of Soviets — a gray bricks of peat. #

— And now look at how to work near Shatura, in favor of «Power Transmission», on the river Dubna, near the town of Bogorodsk — loudly said Yuri. — Where the invention is applied Engineers techno / suds Klasson and Brick-kov — and hydro. Taken last week.

The room lit up: the screen furiously seething water. The foam floated swirls and splinter, transship lumps. Gently wash jets, who beat out beyond the frame, crawled out of the swamp stumps and snags. And here is the man he is one among the field, his legs wide apart and his eyes narrowed as a machine gunner, surely has a short trunk of jetting a jet down the boiling mess of dirt and the remains of long-dead wood.

— Russian peat bogs in comparison with foreign produce better, more high-calorie peat but they blocked stumps — explains Yuri. — No other method can not deliver so by manual labor.

— So destroying peat — again called out from the audience. — He should be dry, and it — with water … He and a hundred years will not dry out.

Again break. Lenin reminded Zhelyabuzhskiy as in the old days, when Yuri was very young, they were meeting on the island of Capri Something asked Klasson.

And in the room with the screen already looming large self-propelled machines. Splashing tracks, they lowered into the trench articulated sleeves and drink, drink peat muck, driven it through the pipes, poured away on flat ploschadki- And already dried out smartly seam runs a tractor with latticework cladding wheels from under the wheels stretch patterned track — a layer of peat sliced ​​neat bricks, of course, they still have to podsohnu ‘s, but almost ready. In the distance, on a hillside, waiting for their trucks ,,

— That’s all. — Yuri said wearily under aplodismenyu !. — End as they say, life-writing.

«Vladimir Ilol1 was very pleased with the performance of Yuri *, — later recalled Andreev. — Passing by me, fun to me whispered: «And? Yuri something we — what? «

The passage of bearded chief of «Heads of peat» Ivan Ivanovich Radchenko, party member since the time of Iskra, Lenin held by the sleeve. Behind him crowded the staff, among them — Sosnowski. Different

I Eagle sports «Ilyich fun gleaming eyes, as it were played off defenders and opponents of hydraulic extraction carefully weighing and evaluating every argument, — said in 1933, Yu Zhelyabuzhsky newspaper» Cinema «. — All of this — in an incredibly fast pace, immediately seizing on the fly each new idea. «

— Must be able to use their wealth — said Lenin. -So, And name the tape And that without even a well-signatures. We have a lot of illiterates. Let like this, as it is now, experts explain. You agree Classon citizen?


…Petersburg Institute of Technology, and simply Tehnolozhka at the end of the last century was considered a hotbed of seditious ideas. Who gave a demonstration against the government at the funeral satirist Shchedrin? Tehnolozhtsy. Young people are the same — well, fun to get used to the province, went b Roma, caring for young ladies as railway engineers and miners, cadets or future movers and shakers of the business. Years fact, the years go by, they can not be undone! And with the policy so far to books regicide However, as noted by the secret service, terror has lost popularity among young revolutionaries — read Marx, they want to shake the foundations. Here though the brothers Krasin «, Gleb and Leonid, handsome become engineers — rowed money hand over fist, and that they are? Collect illegal gatherings study «Capital» and «Anti-Dühring» rewrite article Plekhanov. And this — what is it? Classon .. son of a doctor from Kiev, Russified Swede and a German mother, twenty-two years, decent PLAYBACK Tania, and rub shoulders with the factory, he writes proclamations, friend! with Krasin.

In May 1891 after the funeral of journalist Shelgunova, which again sounded the wrong speech, Krasin brothers were sent from the capital under police surveillance. Robert Classon remained head of the circle. He was told that the circle asking cute girl students, her name is Hope. B understands the theory is weak, but betrayed the people wholeheartedly. Krupskaya — a wealthy family, and Nagy broke with them on their own lives, teach ^ workers and Smolensk echerne-oskresnoy school

Robert whole day poring over the blueprints tion board: counting, features and grow shevyval his thesis project NovyR locomotive, loud-mouthed, fast bright, — GL promchitsya, vspugivaya a century wilderness, across the expanses of Russia By the evening for the club need to prepare an abstract of the surplus value, to strive to trip to practice in Germany — whether to the girl students here? Suppose she reads.

Not chubby, quiet and business Nadezhda Krupskaya * easily caught tehnolozhtsev £ mug. She pozhaluyg even better than they understood the workers — the same working class, which honored the young Marxists, who believed in, but did not know Golko. From it went » strings for the Nevskaya Zastava on Shlisselburgsky path where a small teacher long considered its

Evenings burning kerosene lamp with a green glass shade noisy samovar. Strict mathematically clear stand up before the eyes of the contours of circle members of society, how it drew Karl Marx Here basis — daily work, the production of material goods; Here nadstroyka- right ideology, religion; Now the perpetrators of human disasters — the exploiters and their hired servants here are the origins of power, capable of realizing the dream of justice, brotherhood m — the working class. German quotation, Russian poetry, hot guitar songs

And outside — White Nights of St. Petersburg, the sleeping house, the policeman sticks ny corner, some kind of whispering in the pot with the janitors and more — immense, motionless country Russia …

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