Aspect2i and the Epson Print Academy are dedicated to black and white print making and who better to lead these courses than Paul Gallagher who is a Master Black and White photographer and printer with over 30 years of experience. Our course, “The Perfect Black and White Print” covers all the aspects of the black and white printing from converting raw files, tonal and post processing techniques and of course making exhibition quality prints. “Post processing software will never make a good image for you. A fine black and white photograph has to be crafted by the photographer who took it.”

Paul Gallagher


Founded by Black and White Photography magazine contributor, professional photography Jonathan Chritchley in 2007, Ocean Capture run photo workshops and tours to over 15 of the best water destinations worldwide. As part of our workshops in France, Cornwall and Dorset we also include intensive post production sessions, where you can learn the true tricks of the trade to enhance your photographs. We also run distance learning programmes for those who for whatever reason find it hard to travel. Please visit our website for more details.

Gary Groucutt

Gary Groucutt is an award winning photographer with over 10 years experience in teaching Photography and Post Production Techniques.

He offers training on a One to One Basis at his studio in Shropshire, including Photoshop CS6, Lightroom and Dreamweaver.

Gary believes Post Production is key to great photography. He will show you how to develop a visionary digital darkroom process, lifting your image above the ordinary.

All his Landscape Workshops include a FREE Post Production Day.


We offer a range of post production courses at Photofusion: Photoshop Level 1 & 2; Retouching Skin;

Introduction to Lightroom and Getting Colour Right.

Our Photoshop courses cover skill levels from beginner through to advanced retouching. Learn your way around Adobe Photoshop CS5 — how to use layers, masks and the automated functions, batch processing and actions scripts.

For those looking to develop a larger number of images quickly, our Lightroom course provides a comprehensive introduction to this powerful processing tool.

Prepare images for print, or screen using intuitive development controls to fine tune individual or batches of images, with minimal effort.

Finally, for photographers concerned about colour accuracy,

Getting Colour Right will teach you everything need to know about colour management.

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