Bandsawn Basket

Baskets come in all shapes and sizes, and they are made of many different materials. This one is truly unique-it collapses flat for storing and is quite a conversation piece.

Choose a straight—grained, knot—free piece of hardwood that’s about 3/4″ X 7″ X 13″. Sand the top and bottom surfaces.

Start by laying out the pattern. Draw a straight line horizontally across the middle of a large piece of paper, and another line at the center of the first running 90° to it. Where the two lines intersect: measure 3″ in both directions along the horizontal line and make a small dash line. The left dash indicates the left swing point for the compass.

From the right dash line, measure down exactly 1/8″-—this will be the right swing point for the compass.

Using a good compass, and starting from the left swing point, swing a 1-1/4″ radius arc. Keep swinging larger and larger arcs at 1/4″ increments until you reach 3-1/4″. From the right swing point, start with a 1 -3/8″ radius arc and stop at 31/8″. Take your time; this must be as accurate as possible to insure a proper fitting basket. The last arc. which is the handle, is 5/16″ wide, not 1/4″ as are all the other arcs. Carefully, draw straight lines connecting the arcs on the right and left ends as shown in the top view. Shade in the 5/16″ wide handle so you will remember If.; where it is.

Measure 3/8″ to either side of the i vertical center line. This indicates the location of the base. Your drawing should look exactly like the top view of the basket illustrated.

Using rubber cement, coat the back side of the paper and let the glue dry completely. Wipe the surface of the wood to remove all dust and attach the pattern to the top surface of the board.

Transfer the two lines for the base piece to the bottom surface of the basket —be sure to keep it directly below the two lines above. Bandsaw the outer surface of the basket, keeping just outside the line. Sand down to the line, keeping all edges square. Locate and drill the two 1/16″ diameter holes centered along the outer edge of basket, and between the two lines that indicate the base. Make one hole 3/4″ deep where the 3/4″ long tack will be located, and on the opposite edge, drill the second hole 1/2″ deep to accept a 1/2″ long tack (see illustration).

Cut the inside surface of the handle to separate it from the rest of the basket. Sand the outer surface, again keeping all edges square.

Adjust the band saw table to 6° and starting from the largest outer arc. cut around the basket keeping on the line all the way around. Cut until you get to the area marked, “stop cut.” Shut off the band saw and carefully back your way out.

Turn the basket over and glue the base piece in place. Take care to glue it exactly across the center as shown. Locate and glue the two 3/4″ X 3/4″ feet in place.

Temporarily add the handle with ^ two finish nails. Pull the basket up into shape and check the length of the handle ends. The ends should be trimmed so the basket is extended to its highest possible position. That way. the handle will lock the basket in the open position. Round one comer of the handle at each end so it will snap into place easier. Sand all over, and the basket is ready to Finish.

Install a tight-fitting 3/4″ long brass tack to one side of the handle and a 1/2″ long brass tack to the other side. Check for a good tight fit.

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