Battery Stamina


He likes the camera but complains about the battery life being short and I wanted to know if this is a known issue or if it’s a faulty camera?

A: As you’re well aware, Richard, the Samsung Galaxy camera is a product that’s designed to bridge the gap between compacts and smartphones. Much like a compact, it provides an optical zoom that gives it an advantage over a smartphone, but also features Integrated 3G technology and cellular network connectivity to give users like your son the chance to upload and share images on the fly when not in range of a Wi-fi hot-spot. With a long zoom, large 4.8in screen and Android operating system to run, it asks a lot of the Galaxy’s fairly small battery, which is identical to the battery as used within Samsung’s Galaxy S2 smartphones. So the short battery life is not a fault with the product, it’s a result of running power-hungry applications and functions. One solution is to buy the Samsung Battery kit (£29) that contains an extra charger and battery so a spare can be carried at all times. Alternatively you could buy a portable power pack that’ll allow you to trickle charge the camera battery without having to remove it, via the handy micro-USB port Whichever option you choose, it’ll help keep the battery level topped up and your son won’t be forever searching for a mains socket.


What is native ISO?

Q: ln your reviews I’ve noticed that you refer to «native ISO». What does this term mean exactly’5

A: The term «native ISO» is used to describe the sensitivity where the sensor offers its best performance as determined by measuring its dynamic range and noise. while some older DSLRs perform best in these respects at ISO 200. Some manufacturers used to publish the native ISO as part of the camera spec, but many have stopped and any settings below the native ISO are indicated as L or 10. J, L0.7 or LI.O.

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