Box of Gold

How to use this essential pantry staple in 4 delicious dinners

My pantry is never without at least one box of chicken broth. I reach for it when I make a quick sauce or to moisten a left¬over casserole. But more important, it’s my secret to fast, flavorful dinners. It’s an obvious ingredient for soup (like the amazing Loaded Baked Potato Soup on page 42). But I also use it to whip up week night-fast risotto with shrimp, corn and edamame or I turn it into a pot of Chicken Stew with Turnips & Mush¬rooms. Sure, if I had all the time in the world I might simmer meat, bones and vegetables in water for hours to make homemade broth—but I don’t, so that’s why I love boxed broth. Why the box rather than cans (or even bouillon cubes) ?

You can’t beat the convenience. With just a pop of the top, you have 4 cups of instant flavor, ready to go into any recipe.

Don’t need to use it all at once? No problem. Just close it up and refrigerate right in the box for 1 to 2 weeks. One taste of these recipes and your pantry will never be without it.

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