Bryan Cranston and Аrrоп Paul tell ushow their sensational show slowly took оver the world…

Hello chaps! We’re a bit gutted that Breaking Bad is coming to an end. How did you both feel after seeing the last-ever ep?

Bryan: I had a big smile. I’m going to quote Dr Seuss: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” That’s the way I felt. We did this and it was great.

Aaron: It was devastating. Bryan and I read the final episode together out loud, at his house. When Bryan read the final description that said “End of series”, it was a really intense, emotional experience. We just looked at each other for a solid 15 seconds without saying anything, but both of our eyes were tearing up.

Is it true you’ve both had Breaking Bad tattoos done?

Bryan: I got this tattoo [shows Nuts his right ring finger]. It reads «BRBA», which is the Breaking Bad logo.

Aaron: Mine says “No half measures”. I remember I was walking around saying how terrible it was that the show was ending, and how we should all get matching tattoos. I said it as a joke but it snowballed into reality very quickly. So straight from the set, we all went to a bar and one of the crew, Robert, is a tattoo artist, so he tattooed all of us.

There’s a fair chance that a few people still haven’t seen Breaking Bad from the о start. How would you sell it?

Aaron: It starts out intense and each season gets progressively darker. It’s a crazy, violent ride but it’s a fun one. When we shot the pilot, we knew we were part of something special, we just didn’t know how special. I remember thinking, “Holy sh*t, I’m lucky.”

Bryan : I had no idea where Walter White [Bryan’s character] was going. When I read the pilot, there was no indication of the character’s transformation. Vince [Gilligan, creator] told me at our first meeting that he wanted to turn a good man into a bad man, and I realised that, if successful, it would make TV history. And we did.

So what can you tell us about the final series? No spoilers!

Aaron: I’m not going to say anything. The first episode starts with an intense, violent punch in the face, and it never lets up. It’s just a constant sprint to the finish line. I think it’s perfect. In our past seasons, there’s always been an episode or two that’s allowed the audience to take a break from all the madness before the intensity starts up again. But there’s no room to breathe in the final eight.

It must be insanely intense to film, too. How did you lighten the mood on set?

Bryan : I would walk around in my underwear or less – ha-ha – to try to make someone break. Usually, it’s Anna. I like to crack her up.

Aaron: He’s always pulling pranks. There’s a scene where Walt shows up to Jesse’s house with a gun and says, «Take care of it. Handle it.» It’s a pretty serious scene and, in one of the takes, Bryan pulled out a water gun shaped like a long penis and started squirting me with it!

Do you have any advice on how hardcore Breaking Bad fans can cope with the withdrawal symptoms? Aaron: There’s nothing I can say or do to help with this. I’m still dealing with it. It’s going to be a long, tortuous ride for us all, but I’m here with you. Just re-watch it over and over again, and watch it with people who haven’t seen it yet. You can almost re-live it through their eyes because you see the excitement in them.

We’re wondering, what’s the bright blue crystal meth on the show made out of?

Bryan: It’s flavoured rock candy. You can eat it! At that 16th hour when we were, like, «Ah man, I’m hungry,» the whole cast and crew would all eat it, looking for a little hit to get us through the end of the day’s shoot.

Both of your characters are pretty fearless, but what scares you in real life?

Aaron: Lots of things scare me. Bryan Cranston being at the top of the list! Heights scare me. Plane crashes scare me – my wife was in a plane crash and it was terrifying.

Bryan: I’m not keen on climbing mountains. Like those guys who climb up on those pikes and sleep for the night. That’s not something I would enjoy.

What other telly box sets are you into at the moment?

Bryan: House Of Cards with Kevin Spacey I need to watch the original from Britain.

Aaron: My wife and I are watching The Wonder Years from the start. If you haven’t seen it in a long time, it still holds up. That and Game Of Thrones – the polar opposite!

You drove to the Breaking Bad premiere in the show’s RV van. Were you tempted to nick it as a souvenir? Aaron: I asked for the door and they said, “We’ll get back to you.” It looks like the RV might go to the Smithsonian Museum for a bit – but that might be something they’re telling me so I can’t have it. I got the Jesse Pinkman licence plate from his first car.

Finally, what will you miss most about Breaking Bad?

Bryan : The cast and crew. But all good things come to an end. You want people to say, “Breaking Bad was a good 62 episodes and I’ll miss it.” You don’t want to hear, “Breaking Bad – is that still on the air?” We’ve told our story and it’s time to turn off the lights.

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