Breast milk — the best food for your baby

Breast milk - the best food for your baby. But what if the life circumstances are such that you can not continue breastfeeding? In such cases, doctors generally recommend infant formula. Everyone knows that they are made from cow's milk, but there are also a mixture based on goat's milk. Their benefits should talk more.

It is known that due to the structure of protein molecules goat milk is easier to digest cow. In addition, goat milk cow is richer in content of some natural minerals and vitamins (vitamins A, D, and minerals Ca Se), and folic acid, vitamin V12i Zn have higher bioavailability.

There are other benefits that we consider the example of the recently appeared in Russia on the basis of a mixture of goat’s milk Kabrita® GOLD (Netherlands).

With a view to the maximum possible adaptation to the natural breast milk in goat’s milk are added:

• Whey proteins natural goat’s milk — to adapt the protein composition of mixtures Kabrita® GOLD

• Complex DigestX® — to adapt the composition of the mixtures of fatty Kabrita® GOLD, comfortable digestion and reduce the likelihood of constipation and colic

• Lactose-for adapting the carbohydrate composition of the mixture

Kabrita® GOLD

• Vitamin and mineral complex — to achieve recommended levels of vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients.

according to the age-related physiological characteristics of a young child.

In addition Kabrita® GOLD mixture enriched with a complex of modern ingredients such ingredients of breast milk. They help the harmonious growth, development and protection of the child.

Essential omega-acid DHA (w-3) and ARA (w-6) contribute to the proper development of the brain and vision.

Five major breast milk nucleotides that make up the mixture Kabrita® GOLD, positive effect on the improvement of the immune response.

And, of course, included in the mixture prebiotic GOS — FOS and probiotic Bifidobacterium BB-12 *, which in combination with each other maintain healthy intestinal flora, the development and strengthening of the immune system.

It is important to note that the formula for babies from 12 months and enriched with mineral nutrients, which ensures the continuation of the effect of breastfeeding.

Mixtures Kabrita® GOLD have a mild creamy taste. The manufacturer shall make every effort to minimize the content of ingredients that are naturally not present in breast milk. The composition Kabrita® GOLD no maltodextrin, soy lecithin, crystalline sugar, flavoring agents and fragrances. Such respect for the creation of recipes for children reduces the risk of allergies.

Kabrita * GOLD — healthy and tasty alternative to mixtures of cow’s milk, which can be used as a daily nutrition of children.

But, of course, the most optimal mix for your baby’s pediatrician will recommend!

Proper selection of the mixture will be the first contribution to the full development of your baby!

A mixture of goat milk Kabrita® GOLD — a quality, useful and balanced nutrition for the baby.

The protein composition of mixtures Kabrita® GOLD adapted in composition to human milk. This means that the most soluble serum fraction balanced with casein in

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