But the gang from Dismember there are several properties that combine not only with her colleagues in the genre, but also with rock music in general. In particular, it has a drummer named. If you are interested with what was then confided — Fred Estbi, while he is incredibly proud of the new product, pompous noticed about him:

"It is in fact the first album, the creation of which was attended by all members of the par Dismember! Mark did everything: wrote the music and lyrics. This has been achieved by nashegb common understanding of death metal. All of even the shortest times, invented by one of us, going directly into the whole song."

It’s pretty funny to hear about the unity of all members of the group, whose name translates as "dismember". However, more fun to hear about the meaning of death metal at a time when some of the former fans of this style gradually forgiven him.

«In fact, today, death metal do not become as easy as in the late eighties." — Says Fred. «We’re never again going to do an album that from the beginning to the end it sounds exactly the same, because we already had two such records. Songs must be diverse, but it should be noted that we are considering Dismember only as a death metal band. If suddenly someone of us want to do something else, he will do it only in a separate project."

But all this does not negate the fact that Dismember frankly merge with the total weight of the Swedish death metal bands such as Unleashed and Entombed. As our friend to get out of such a charge?

«We will not allow us to brush one size fits all!"- In righteous anger, shaking their sticks drummer. «We simply love the traditional death metal. But for us, music is not a lifetime, or expression, it is not necessary to take Dismember synonym for our existence. Command

— A part of our lives. It connects the five of us and expresses our individual properties. We were just young guys who enjoy life, and we will make every effort in order to receive these pleasures. And Dismember plays a very important role."

As for his personal life, Fred, that he, like all Swedes are not so much free time. He once worked in the ‘House Of Kicks’

— Stockholm’s leading metal shop, and yet he bungles the right hand in the studio of Thomas Skogsberga Sunlight. And most of the time when he began to devote his own music (and the family), the time for creative growth had not increased.

"After the release of this album by our company, we realized that we finally achieved fame"- Happily announces Fred loaded personal life that does not allow to give a lot of effort before to promote their creativity. "We realized that the new drive has a real success. This fact is even caught us a little bit of fear. But then we realized that Dismember with its commercial interests and artistic pretensions, is the only thing in our lives, making it easier for us to walk the world. «

But in his texts, as well as the music does not feel special life of ease. Fred’s words on the matter:

«I am writing in his songs about the dangers of all to obey the violence of the impact of policy at all human."

In fact, on the ground, Fred would have to write songs about the harmful effect of the WHO, brutal music for all human and non-human. For a good death metal plague any scarier — that is what we and love. You have never had a suspicion that the death metal — it does not "deadly Music"And the music of Death, melody and cacophony, she writes to increase the number of its unwitting customers?

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