Choose a plumber in accordance with the needs

Choose a plumber in accordance with the needs

American brand of Kohler and the French brand Jacob Delafon, operating under a single management, is well known in the Russian market of the sanitary. Painted plumbing, refined cast iron bathtub long been popular among our customers. The products of these brands distinguish deep respect for national traditions and constant innovation discoveries. Magazine «Kitchens and bathrooms» talks with Maxim Morozov, senior product manager for Kohler and Jacob Delafon in Russia.

Not so long ago the famous French brand sanitary JACOB DELAFON joined forces with well-known American company KOFILER. What brought this union? If priorities changed? What are the characteristic features of modern plumbing under the French brand.

Brand JACOB DELAFON became part of the corporation KOHLER Co. 25 years ago. At the time, the French brand has enjoyed a reputation as the premier expert on the cast-iron baths in Europe and beyond. Therefore, the leadership KOHLER, a world leader in the field of design for kitchens and bathrooms, it was decided to continue the development of the brand JACOB DELAFON running American concern, but at the same time preserve its heritage and recognizable French style. The main change was in the approach to production and promotion. These traditions persist today — the brand is successfully developing, maintaining their individuality.

JACOB DELAFON known for its cast-iron bathtubs. But such a bath today is not particularly fashionable in Europe. Although cast iron, which makes these baths, especially thin, but it is still iron. It is hard, it is less flexible than acrylic. What, in your opinion, the prospects of cast iron bathtubs?

In many countries the popularity of baths, indeed, reduced demand for giving showers. It is not so much material as to save space and dynamic way of life of citizens. Observing such trends, JACOB DELAFON offers a large number of shower solutions. However, if we talk about Russia, the cast-iron baths are still in great demand due to its convenience and long service life. Especially these baths are valued for their natural heat, which allows for a long time to keep warm water. Last year we introduced a cast-iron bath Reve unusual and very rare chiseled shape, which worked on the creation of skilled craftsmen JACOB DELAFON.

Brands KOHLER and JACOB DELAFON known for its innovative solutions. For example, recently introduced in the Russian market by Moxie shower KOHLER, which combines the flow of water and music. Moxie is synchronized via Bluetooth with your smartphone or MP3 player. In the manufacture of baths KOHLER now used a new innovative material litokast (lithocast). Dan ing coating is interesting because it is opaque, smooth and still warm to the touch. JACOB DELAFON presented unusual collection thermostats Aparu a thin shell, which, thanks to technology «cold body» is always cold and can be used as a shelf for storage. A new collection of ceramics Terrace shell pendant presented with a unique Freedrain, which excludes the presence of the sink in the traditional form and allows you to open and close the bottom valve push of a button.

Technology and design — that, in your view, should prevail in the modern plumbing?

In my opinion, the design of plumbing products is closely linked to its features and specifications. Purely a design thing may be of little use in everyday life. At the same time multi-functional product without a beautiful and convenient design will be boring and does not bring joy to the owner. Therefore, it is important to combination of technology and design, and is not something the predominance of one.

Now a lot of attention is paid to ecological sanitary products. We know that you have on this bill there are special programs. Tell us about them. And why sustainability is now so urgent?

Concern KOHLER regularly develops new technologies and systems that contribute to the careful attitude to natural resources. Many models are equipped with a bidet and a toilet flushing mechanism 2.6 / 4 liters instead of the standard 3/6.

This system allows you to increase the efficiency of flushing water flow, and the performance and strength are similar to the standard streams. Mixers are equipped with water flow limiter, among many models of shallow shells form. In the production of cast iron products 80% materials — products recycling. A packaging materials can be recycled. Thus, each person can contribute to protecting the environment by opting for products JACOB DELAFON.

What can you say about the Russian market, the sanitary? How has it changed in recent years? What are its prospects?

A large number of foreign brands not only come to the Russian market, but also transferred to the territory of the Russian Federation Production: buy or build factories, outsourcing work. Production volumes increased due to strong demand from the consumer. Increasing the pace of housing construction ensures the presence of a consistently high demand for all kinds of plumbing products and increasing production volumes. Promising for the development of considered segments: showers, corners and acrylic baths.

What advice would you give busy readers a selection of modern plumbing for your home?

Choose a plumber in accordance with needs and, of course, give preference to environmentally friendly solutions. Remember, the quality of products that are passed through a water or come in contact with it, should be high. Excessive saving can lead to tragic consequences. Choose a plumber serious, proven and well-known companies. Most popular brands in the assortment of the collection at affordable prices. Think over the ease of use and safety, if the family has small children: choose faucet with temperature limiter water bath with easy access, for example, with a special step. Remember that a person spends much time in the bathroom. In it, he begins and ends his day. Therefore the situation, including the appearance of sanitary ware, is very important. Give preference to the furniture, taps and ceramics of one producer, all perfectly combined with each other. If space is a small bathroom, make it a highlight with the help of compact objects of unusual design, which may enter into any plan. Take your creativity in interior design: many collections of ceramics and furniture are available in a modular version, which allows you to create your unique space!

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