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Test the chocolate ice cream

1. About water

As you know, every inhabitant of the middle band on the day advised to drink at least 2 liters of pure water. But the water in most of our cities do not pour her a glass from the tap, so we go for it in supermarkets. And then we try to choose the best.

Water in a developed society — fetish. She immediately visible quality of living standards in the country. There are national characteristics: for example, the Americans are very pragmatic water — as long as it had a high degree of purification. The mineral composition, origin and subtle nuances of taste of the average American, as a rule, is less concerned.

Europeans, by contrast, qualitative indicators are concerned seriously. Water — the shrine. Drinking tradition of Europeans associated with certain brands of mineral water, over the centuries to prove its flawlessness. Just purified water here nobody cares: it must be useful and have a history. So, the owner of the green one shop on the island of Ischia told me that no other water than their own — and dozens of sources on the island of volcanic mineral water — the indigenous people do not drink. However, tourists require «Bon Akvu» stores and «Perrier» in restaurants that look Luigi makes them a little crazy. He buys her meekly in Naples and the ferry carries drinking water from a flask, recruited from the tap in the garden.

The average European, by the way, drinks annually more than 100 liters of mineral water. Russian — just 10-25 liters, including bottled mineral water the so-called premium. But is the spectacular name corresponds to the content of the bottle?

Premium, the first, then everywhere …

Water premium in its composition has only a unique combination of mineral salts, stable chemical and physical properties, is extracted from artesian wells, and packaged on site.

Internationally recognized classification today releases the water and premium water first category.

Water premium extracted only from artesian wells are not within 50 km from the features of settlements and packed only on the spot. A high-quality water wells registered in the State water register.

Water is first class, too, is produced from artesian wells, but not packaged close to the source — to the point of packing it carry in tanks. Or is the so-called deep water purification. 95% of bottled water on the Russian market — first class.

But that is not all. The raw material of our wonderful state standards allow another substrate for the production of water of the first class — the «centralized, it is water!» Reverse osmosis water from the tap is purified to a state of distilled, and then enriched with minerals and salts, bringing «back» to standard drinking.

In other words, in the supermarket or expensive gastronomic boutique we are dealing with two categories: water natural or specially prepared. According to GOST 52109-2003 «drinking water, packaged in containers» can be from underground sources (artesian, spring, spring), from surface water (river, lake, glacier). «Aqua Minerale», for example, is extracted from an artesian well near the Sheremetyevo and passes the most severe high-tech cleaning, for which reason it is absolutely safe, but mineral water then ceases to be. Manufacturers important to create for your product profitable way, so on the label ordinary drinking, but not premium water we see, «ecologically sound», «Live, Magic,» «deep healing», «mountain» and «crystal clear mineral water «.

The European standard is inexorable: the water can not be packaged anywhere except the place of production. Russian standards are much milder: the manufacturer shall indicate on the label the only place the name of the well, and only where it was spilled, known only to his conscience.

According to our label is difficult to distinguish pure drinking water from the natural. What is absolutely impossible for the Codex Alimentarius — the main UN food standards. After joining the WTO, we can not ignore this fact.

The origin of the water and the method of packing is very important. But nutritionists say that all-still more importantly bouquet of minerals and how it corresponds to the mineralogical, geological and climatic conditions in your region. Simply put, the local mineral water pre-overseas is almost always preferable.

Formulation Department.

Sulfate, chloride, bicarbonate, sodium, calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, ferrous, arsenic, boron, silicon, iodine mixed … Types of mineral water can be listed until the morning.

Hydrocarbonate water reduces the acidity of the stomach, chloride — regulates digestion, stimulates the metabolism, sulphate necessary for liver and gall bladder, and so on. D. It is clear that without the doctor himself to assign the water is unsafe.

But this is only if the water is really therapeutic. Dining room, even having in its structure all of the components is harmless, if the label is written: the salt content of 1 to 10 grams per liter. It is worth also on choosing a water treatment or just getting used to a particular brand, check with its manufacturer in the list of members of the Union producers of bottled water, which is part of the European Bottled Water Association (WE).

Money for the barrel.

Water — the case where the price is most important. The usual chain stores really hard to find good quality water.

St. Petersburg My friends who are watching their health, praised the local «Akvanord», «Tamiris», «Hvalovskaya Premium». «Rodnikovy edge.»

In Moscow, wealthy people drink Cape Karoo of South Africa, Elsenham, Fiji Water, Fin, Sierra Cazorla, Taunusquelle, Tu Nan, Voss, Wattwiller, Vichy, Ceiestins, Volvic — from Germany, England. Norway, France, and it is about 300 rubles. 750 ml and up to 2 thousand. rub. for the five-liter container.

Especially watching the image of the buy and Bling H20 — must-have for celebrities, the invention Hollywood screenwriter — in bottles with crystals Swarovski. Here, as you know, nothing to do with water.

The most popular segment of high-quality imported water today — all familiar Vittel, Perrier, Evian, Aqua and Ranna, San Pellegrino, Lichtenauer, Lauretana, Ramlosa — about 70 to 120 rubles. trehsotgrammovuyu per bottle.

Russian manufacturers of premium water in our market a bit, about 5%.

This has positioned himself as a recently introduced Kaluga «Seryab» (though why water filtration premium silver?), Baikal «Basis» (Osnova). «AkvaIdeal» which site offers to familiarize with the treatment scheme (that water premium weird), «Elbrussiya» from Teberda and Arkhyz, Jaline (aka «Zhaline») from Lipetsk and dozens of brands. All of them are in a relatively low-cost segment. For example, a bottle of Evian polutoralitrovye plastic on average in Moscow is 80 rubles., And 1.25 L «Seryabi» in plastic — 65 rubles. Perhaps, in every region of Russia has a dozen competing manufacturers of drinking water, but the truthfulness and quality products boast not all of them.

Before the contract with the supplier of bottles for the cooler of long-term relations …

• Make sure that the documents contain detailed information on the composition of the water extraction site and the process of packaging.

• generous invitation to a mini-tour of the business owner to confirm the accuracy of the origin of the water. But refusal should lead one to think.

• Keep high-quality bottled water experts advise like a good wine — in the supine position and in a dark place.

And without water?

Dehydration — a loss not only fluid, but the main thing — the vital salts. Often it happens unnoticed, especially in children and the elderly.

1. The first sign of dehydration — headache, lethargy and irritability. So do not run in the heat immediately after tsitramon — first just drink a glass of clean water.

2. In the plane 1 hour of flight requires 1 cup of water — the air is very dry.

3. A glass of any alcohol, coffee and even black tea also requires a glass of water. Not to mention the smoked cigarette.

2. The universal favorite.

Past tasting chocolate ice cream in our editorial board could not pass anybody. Even those who say that it does not like. It turned out that like all good ice cream. Name five chocolate desserts, which were eaten cleaned.

1.Slivochnoe cream Viva la Crema «Belgian chocolate», Glacio, Belgium, 104 g

This is not ice cream, but practically frozen and melted chocolate. It affects the average percentage of milk fat — only 10% — and the addition of relatively large pieces of Belgian chocolate.

2.Plombir chocolate Swiss Chocolate Movenpick, Switzerland, 510

Rich and generous taste chocolate ice cream with chocolate crumb same. Mass fraction of milk fat, 13.1%.

3.Plombir chocolate Swiss Delice, Midor Ag, Switzerland, ’76

Good ice cream for those who love milk chocolate.

It is distinguished from other soft taste and special nepritorny hrustinka — thanks to the inclusion of the pieces of chocolate. Mass fraction of milk fat -12.8%.

4.Morozhenoe Barattolino Cioccolato, Italy, 500 g /

The Italian ice cream tastes like a chilled chocolate ganache. Almost cream has a pleasant creamy consistency. Mass fraction of milk fat, 11.4%.

5.Plombir chocolate «Clean Line», Russia, 450

Ice cream prepared according to the current state standards. It is not sickly sweet, although it contains condensed milk, has a dense and homogeneous consistency. On the palate, it is clear to read notes of cocoa. Mass fraction of milk fat 12%.

On a note:

• According to the current STATE, ice milk must contain from 0.5 to 6% milk fat, butter — 8-10%, and cream of 12 to 20%.

• It is best if the component in chocolate ice cream will be as close as possible to the composition of the chocolate, that is, it will include cocoa and cocoa butter.

• High-quality ice cream can melt very quickly. If you took it out of the freezer, and it is soft, it means that no vegetable fats there has not been. In addition, ice cream with vegetable fat has no right to be called Sundae. This is a lie.

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