Here and urgent efforts are over, all planted, watered, fertilized. It’s time to enjoy the garden. Growing trees, flowers, soft grass lawn … Oh, just enjoy the morning sun, make their way through the foliage, or evening silence and the freshness of the garden.

But we are organized: the obvious beauty and certainly will provide what you need to change, to alter, to complete … And if you are busy at work and can not devote much time to my cottage house, what to give up their pans? No way!

Smirnov from the Vladimir region, for example, believes that the unusual plot can make the plants themselves. If the butterbur plant, then get rid of weeds, and he can grow for many years without supervision. For a busy person, and we can choose roses that do not have to spend a lot of effort or time to care for these beauties. Florist Ilyin detail about them. And especially for busy people we offer a sketch of a flower garden that requires little maintenance.

Appendix «Flowers in the garden and at home» at this time, too, addressed to busy people, the author explains how to use S.Voronina phlox in the garden design.

And of course, now is the time not only to dream about the changes in the garden, but do harvesting of stocks for the winter. On the pages of this issue you will find many unusual recipes that readers sent «PX». If for home canning time not so much, but to abandon the jam from the garden you do not want to use the recipes canning «in haste» from «Outdoor Kitchen».


Sometimes work takes so much time that constantly take care of the garden plot already has neither the strength nor the opportunity.

And you want to make a «piece of the motherland» beautiful.

Do not despair, you can always find a suitable option.

In this case, however, have to choose is not very demanding plants to resort to tricks to minimize the portion of care.

Ouch Astok Klabukova Vera Feodorovna in the village knows, despite the almost impenetrable to outsiders eye put a fence around it.

By the way, the fence looks very unusual: a metal guide staggered sewn wide unsurfaced but peeled planks covered with dark glazing paint, which shines through the structure of the wood. This fence will protect from curious passers-by and at the same time preserve the identity of the site. In addition, it managed to avoid harmful to plants turbulent eddies of air, resulting in the device consistently solid fence. Care of such a fence is virtually: quickly dries in the wind, the boards do not rot, and poles installed reliable.

Vera Fedorovna — one of the few remaining old-timers in the village who received land from the farm. Previously, there stretched the open field, but now that the area is already built up and populated areas, hard to believe it. The first structure of the hostess, like many others, was a small brick room. Then built a shed, the same appearance, but the construction of a house spread over several years.

The first section of the years played a purely utilitarian role — supplied the family with fresh vegetables and fruits. And so almost all of its area is occupied by the beds, fruit trees and shrubs.

Over time, the owners wanted to land not only provided the family harvest, but was nice and comfortable for living. And when, on the occasion managed to acquire an additional 6 acres in the neighborhood, work has begun to boil. Garden «moved» into new territory, and the central part of the vacant plot began to equip as a recreation area. Now only the old garden is still in the same place, although the landlady considering move some trees to a new site.

At first, make the area as she saw in a dream, disturbed, as often happens, difficulties with finances. To be beautiful all at once, you have to plant large trees and shrubs, but they cost a lot. Wait just lift the plant is small, too long. If you are choosing — finance or beauty, Vera Fedorovna acted as a competent economist: estimated costs for the improvement of the site and dividing the resulting amount by 12 months. Thus, the monthly amount required to favorite activities, was not so great. Especially that perform all work in one year it was not necessary.

So over time at the site were various ornamental trees and shrubs. On tuyah son mistress topiarnogo gain a knowledge of art, forming various geometric shapes. An old well made of concrete rings surrounded the local stone, built a roof over it and found tubs of geraniums, adding to this cozy corner of brightness and color.

In the heart of the plot is a large and deep pond with a waterfall. In addition to decorating the territory it serves and more practical purposes — here in hot weather you can swim, good water, even the sun does not warm up to the state of fresh milk. A murmur of flowing down the slope from the Stone Brook gives charm gatherings in the nearby gazebo with a barbecue, which often going to a large family of Vera Feodorovna, relatives and friends.

Typically, ponds, whose shores are covered with plants that look very picturesque, but require more care, as falling leaves clog water. Here, on the bank of a pond paving paved path, the hostess was able to get rid of the temptation to put collateral to plant closer to the water. Inevitably have to comply with the sanitary zone, and clean the pond so often no longer necessary.

As the plot changed, the old building began to look far from harmonious. And they, too, had an ugly place obnovlyat.Na bathhouse appeared workshop. This has a strong structure not destroyed, just a little bit lifted the ceiling and upgraded the space inside. So there was a comfortable workplace, and where you can store tools, and master something if necessary. The new bathhouse is located in an annexe to the house. It looks small but inside is spacious enough, even managed to arrange pool.

Former barn also changed the «profession.» At the first floor you will find a gym, and the second, heightened, get cozy room where guests can stay. Login to arranged outside and builders first question arose: how to make the invisible apparent weightless support under the porch? We decided to cook it from a thick metal parts, then this powerful design to decorate using foam and paint. Since the foam was attached to the metal poor, for extra strength it had to pull the strip rope. It only remains to hide the presence of the rope (with a new layer of the same foam) to support evolved into an old moss-covered tree trunk.

Carport and an aviary for the dog owners have made relatively recently, also adhering to the style of the site. There have been used dark-colored edging boards, such as on the fence, and highlight buildings given metal parts.

All the buildings on the site, including a barn, where live pigs and poultry, decorated by in the same style. That is scattered houses were able to «collect» as a mosaic, into a single composition, related network lined with crushed stone paths. They are easy to maintain in order — except that from time to time required to sweep the fallen leaves of trees and shrubs, or beveled blade of grass. Even the land of the flower beds, which are many in the area, does not pollute the path — thanks to the wide and high curbs of the same stone. This, incidentally, is very convenient for the care of the flowers: the hostess does not require any bench or mat under your knees. Weed, however, we have rare: the plants are planted close enough to one another, and their leaves produce a dense shade that rare weed can withstand such conditions.

While at the site, not-possible to imagine that in the far corner, behind a high fence lively raspberry, which gives the fruit until frost, time-burghers a real farmyard. There are growing more pigs, and chickens the family found shelter under the thick branches of lilac, braided also parthenocissus. With this protection of the attack of raptors birds are not threatened. Traditionally, keeping animals outside the smell is not felt: all waste is composted and quickly attracted flies.

Of course, the call station is fully prepared rarely what the hostess could, and Vera Fedorovna no exception. Every year it is something here changes, repot the plant, has different beds. And so, it has created a vivid picture is always pleasing to the eye, but still continues to provide the family harvest.



Becoming the owner of the site, its owners seek to block and used for any of the available materials.

As a temporary protection against even casual visitors will approach the fence from scrap materials — twigs or brevnyshek. Such a fence (as defined boundary fencing white-red signal tape) will be cheaper all. But the durability and reliability of its poor. If, however, more effort and a little imagination, the fence from scrap materials can be very stylish and elegant. Just keep in mind that such a structure, if it is greater than 1.5 m in height, requires, like wooden fence, reliable pillars.

Otherwise, it may skew after winter.

Grid, as well as sections with a grid — one of the most common materials — will cost more. How much? This will depend on the extent to bury the pillars into the ground (preferably not less than 80 cm) and whether they are simply clogged or zabutovany zabeonirovany. In the first case it is practically impossible to put poles on the level, and their verticality can not be guaranteed. Butovat (fill the pit with gravel) it is advisable to sufficiently dense (clay, loam) soil. This way you can set the poles on the heaving soils. Concreted the poles can squeeze in the spring, if they are not buried below the frost line. Belt reinforced solid foundation for installation in any soil. At the price of the material impact of the fence mesh — galvanized or black steel or steel coated with PVC. Costly to fence with reinforcing proheavy (it is passed through the mesh and welded to the posts above, and sometimes even from the bottom of the fence). This method prevents the sagging of the grid and its unsanctioned output. The latter, incidentally, the least Durability: plastic is losing tightness, as the grid begins to rust, which means that it, like the grid of black steel, have a regular paint.

One of the unpleasant features of mesh fences — they do not cover the area from prying eyes. What compels a start on the grid perennial vines or plant around ornamental shrubs. In the latter case, if you use hawthorn and dog rose and cut them regularly, to overcome this obstacle would be problematic in any season. And while the plants are growing, can be sown along the fence of tall flowers, say Alcea, annuals or curly, or if finances allow, to fix on a fence scrim. She, by the way, and the wind will delay, and not spoil the landscape.

Equally popular among developers and wooden fences to isolate the site and from the wind, and by passing people and cars. Fence for fencing and good garden, which will be vposled tion-decorated streets, and to create a continuous high intake, for example, in the area bordering the highway. From the boards, with a little imagination and work, you can create a very beautiful fence. Another option — to buy figured fence. But note that any wooden structure would have to paint regularly.

Columns for the wooden fence is necessary to use metal or asbestos-cement or put them on a solid brick foundation tape to protect the hollow columns from moisture. Now metal poles usually do brewed with sealed metal or plastic removable covers. If such protection is not possible to produce wood inserts, harmoniously combined with the style of the boron-and brick pillars to protect the special metal caps kryshkami-, the benefit of releasing a lot — for every taste and budget.

Another weak spot of a wooden fence — the ends of the boards. Often, to protect them using a metal strip. However, using a curved strip of tin fence can be turned into an obstacle for intruders.

Of course, this is not all the possible options. In addition to the frequent fences of gofrolist in recent years have increasingly seen the transparent enclosure made of polycarbonate and metal picket, stylish plastic fences and decking, imitating natural wood.



Very often, an old house, bought with the site or had inherited, it is necessary to put in order: to correct foundations, windows and doors, and of course, paint.

Even very thick logs without a protective cover for a few years, losing not only the appearance, but also strength, crack and crack.

With an old house to work a little differently than the new. First, not always satisfied with the color, which were painted wall. Secondly, sometimes unknown to the type of ink used. But the new coating may be incompatible with the old one.

Before repainting the walls, inspect them. Perhaps some areas in need of repair. Places where there was mold, and trimmed coat with antiseptics, rotted boards change with new ones.

Choosing the paint for the facade is the same (or same type), where the surface has been painted before, that is, oil painting with oil, and on acrylic — acrylic. In most cases, coat the other type can be, if the base is completely pre-clean the paint from the old.

By the way, to determine the type of paints can be on the eyes. Oil paint often cracks across the grain of the wood, or even «in the box», and acrylic — mainly along the grain. Furthermore, acrylic feels like a thin skin, and it can be rolled into a roll, in contrast to the rigid shell formed by the oil.

The surface should be thoroughly prepared for painting. Purified from old paint wall may have to be sanded and primed. In the future, the old house paint as well as a new one.

What paint CHOOSE?

Choosing the color of exterior paint, guided by a combination of colors of the walls with the color of the roof and the foundation. For example, if you have a roof of red or bright-brown facade is painted in warm shades. If you have a blue roof, the walls do whites. Dark brown or gray roof will go well with pink, light blue, green or pale yellow walls. But home base worth doing is darker than the facade: it is visually give the house stability and reliability.

How to apply PAINT

1. Periodically stir the paint, do it were the same shade.

2. Do not paint wooden surface under the scorching rays of the sun — the paint dries too quickly, and can be cracked.

3. Both the paint and antiseptic should be applied only along the grain of the wood.

4. The ends of the logs and planks rot the fastest, so there will be no more than cause an additional layer of antiseptic and paint.

5. In calculating the amount of ink, be aware that the real cost of the practice is often slightly higher than the manufacturer claimed coatings. Thus, on a rough surface (rough-board, plywood old) ink consumption is 15-25% higher than smooth. In addition, experts acknowledge that a covering paint consumption and its protection costs can vary significantly. Typically, the thickness of the protective coating should be not less than 120-150 microns.

6. It is advisable to buy just the right amount of paint: in different batches can not be the same shade.

7. When you finish with thick lacquers and enamels, it is desirable to heat them in hot water: it will save materials and will provide high-quality finishing of the film.

8. It is impossible to paint a second free of wet surface: it will spoil the smooth coat.

Questions envelopes

In August, at the front of the house and in the hallway, siding trimmed white clouds appear small flies. They sit in the rain and the heat. There are so many that the white color turns to gray. From these flies come from? The feed? And most importantly — how to get rid of them? L.Petuhova Orel.

Not seeing the insect is difficult to answer the question. It can be, in particular, Drosophila flies. Most of them appear in August, but the first frost harmful insects.

Fly Drosophila — small (2.5 mm), two-winged insects. It feeds on rotten fruit juice and vegetables, prefers warm (24-26 °) and humid place. Sometimes, pupae of these insects are found in Moist layer of mineral wool used for thermal insulation of buildings.

For a man Droz-philes are not dangerous. But fruits and vegetables in their presence deteriorate faster and earlier than usual sour milk (on the legs of insects and there yeasts lactic acid bacteria). A garden can attract them rotting under the trees fruits, overripe grapes, «aromatic» compost pile.

In front of the house flies bask, rest and climbing into the gap between the plastic lining, winter. Efficiency, and most importantly, long-term measures of protection they have. Insects are killed when gables from time to time to spray insecticides (10 Agita №0, dichlorvos, etc.), But in the vacant place will soon arrive new flock — and so on until frost.

With regard to the premises, then there is the most effective remedy for fruit flies — window grid and a vacuum cleaner. They need a few times a day, sitting on the wall to catch insects. And of course, it is important to eliminate all potential breeding sites of Drosophila: regularly emptying the garbage, keep fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator or a hermetically sealed container, do not leave open milk, milk products, kombucha, juice, jam and other sweet foods. O.ANTONOVA entomologist.

In the well water suddenly became cloudy. We have carefully examined it and found that the two lower rings have gone deep, and the top two, sandwiched soil, remained in place. In the crack namyvaet clay. Show you how to repair a well to water it became as before drinking.

L.Gracheva Kaluga region.

Offset well rings, and often shifted the upper 2, a maximum of 3 ring — one of the most vexing problems often arise after the winter in areas with clay soil. For the repair will have to dig a well to the place of the defect, and then fold the ring again. To further such misunderstandings arose, the ring is fixed with special steel braces thickness of not less than 10 mm (on each joint is required 6 staples). Drilling holes in concrete brackets (this can be done with an electric drill or a hammer drill pobeditovym), you try to keep the diameter and position of the maximum coincided with the diameter and length of staples. The joints of the upper ring can be repaired with cement mortar. Previously from the joints have to remove the old, ill keep grout. After hardening the seams further coat with liquid glass. If surface water is under pressure, it is necessary to use gidroplomby. Mandatory certifi cation of these drugs is not, but some manufacturers are voluntary, and their compositions GSEN allowed for use on surfaces in contact with food with water.

The cavities remaining outside the well is filled close the washed river sand and CBC. This will minimize the mobility of heaving soils. N.KONDRASHIN, Kolodeznikov.

I have built at a bathhouse and would like to insulate the floor expanded clay. How warm will it?

O.Rybakov Voronezh region.

In the bath walls and ceiling steam is required to protect the foil to reduce heat loss. Placed under the foil lining. At home I did so: sheathed ceiling hardboard, foil stuck to it, on top of the sheathed clapboard. If there is a risk of leakage (eg, roof unreliable) of insulation is to lay 2 layers of roofing material, carefully taped all joints. As such floor insulation, then this option is, in my opinion, unfortunate: it would be great holodit steam, especially when it’s not hot. Minimum layer of expanded clay on concrete, carefully seal the preparation must be 20 cm, if you’re still lay a layer of expanded polystyrene, the layer of expanded clay can be reduced to 10 cm. That is to make a «cake» of 10 cm of expanded clay, 10 cm of polystyrene and 10 cm expanded clay. Note that the concrete block should be very reliable protection against moisture on all sides. Otherwise, otsyrev, it will not keep warm. On top lay a concrete preparation and on it — clean floor tiles. Design turn complex and difficult, but more importantly, there is no absolute guarantee that the concrete block not dampen. So I would advise you to do the bath floor (ground floor) of wood. At the bottom of a well ventilated underground girders over him, and then — repeatedly impregnated with antiseptics board thickness of 25 mm. On the boards are laid vapor and waterproofing are two layers of roofing material (but the joints and connections be sure to glue melted bitumen). Top place of mineral wool insulation thickness of 150 mm, that is three layers of 50 mm. Lay them overlapping joints. As insulation make another layer of waterproofing from two layers of waterproofing, as well boil joints and connections with a blowtorch. Having prepared the floor in such a way to make the necessary slopes, lay directly on the waterproofing of cement screed from the solution M-150 (one part cement M-500 in three parts of the river sifted sand) and do not forget about the fittings of metal setkirabitsy or plaster fiber glass, placing it in two and preferably even three layers. Clean floor tiles laid, when the cement is good sets. A.Andreev (Maximovich), builder

When we heat the oven, it is periodically «fired» into the room with smoke and sparks. How to fight it? G.Arova Sverdlovsk region.

The reason probably lies in the fact that not ignite combustible gases in the firebox of the furnace, as expected, but in the flue channels, and the combustion process was pulsed. To fight against this phenomenon is not easy. Since the furnace are all different, one can stop «firing» by limiting the total traction, but the other can not calm down any limitation or increase traction. However, it happens that such a problem is solved, laying into the furnace smaller pieces of wood.

S.MIHAYLOV, setter

The bridge from waste material

My garden is adjacent to the close located within SNT birch wood, which, alas, have become zamusorivat and secretly cut down. I read the Land Code, spoke with the chairman of the partnership and even joined his site has 6 acres, overgrown with birches and willows. But new territory when compared to the old site was nizinkoy which flooded every spring. That willow’s what I wanted to remove, leaving some birch trees in the area … and there were huge piles of branches. What to do with them?

I decided to make one bridge — the transition between the sections, which allowed smooth elevation changes. Took 4 pine a log, set them on the large stones, timbers tied it all on the jib, instead of balusters used willow branches. Most of the time it took to clean up from their bark. Flooring made from edging boards, adjusted the railing. On the pillars of pots set, where his wife every year planting petunias. So we get our unusual bridge.

V.Tkachenko Chelyabinsk

Fish kit

Enclosed storage materials get long to frame will fit 6-foot planks and beams. But the contemplation of monotonous walls and a flat roof brought back the gloom, and I decided to play a bit with the form. Above the entrance welded visor — to protect the lamp and the door from the rain. This visor and became head of the miracle of the fish. And for him, I painted the stylized body of this fabulous fish.

A.FROLOV Moscow region.

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