Daring frequency

Daring frequency

Six artists that fully reflect the spirit of young music: punk from the sleeping area of ​​London, the Swedish techno and country erotomanka.

GENIUS RAP Chief Keith Chicago

Chief Keith lives in a large two-storey house in one of the northern suburbs of Chicago. Keefe — nee Keith Kozart — moved here in December, at the insistence of managers who have decided to take him away from the bandit’s South Side. However, since the rapper was often away. At the beginning of the year, he spent two months in prison, violating the rules of probation for carrying a weapon (gave an interview to the shooting range), and recently visited Paris, where he recorded a track for the album Kanye West.

For the most part Keefe home runs. He writes a sequel «Bang» — mixtape of 2011, which made him known outside Chicago. The rapper made a breakthrough last year with «Do not Like» — hypnotic hymn of hate, which is then remixed Kanye for his collection of «Cruel Summer». In December, Chief debuted at Interscope disc «Finally Rich», which lit up 50 Cent, Rick Ross and Young Djizzak.

Cephas accused that he was the person samoupoennogo nihilism. «It scares me — said Lupe Fiasco. — Almost all of the guys, kill people in the streets look like Chief Keith. » Manager rapper Idris Abdul Walid claims that his ward incorrectly perceive. «People do not see it when it is open, — says Walid — when he spends time with his family.» Walid recognizes that Keith and his team — a product of the Chicago gangster chaos: «We need to know what is happening in igashih cities, because these guys are raising themselves.»

BLUES-Tear Deap Vally

Heavy blues from mashed cheerful blondes

When guitarist Deap Vally Lindsey Troy was a teenager, a rock musician she adored more than others: «It sounds silly, but it’s Courtney Love — she says. — She was so primitive and uporotyh. » Teaming up with shock worker Julie Edwards, Troy she sets all the heat. Zafuzzovannye riffs duo helped them to get to the «Voppagoo» and «Lollapalooza» — did Troy main hottie season. «I take it in their stride — she says. — It’s just a part of the magic of rock. «

REP prodigy Joey Bedes

New York rapper is already perceived as the second coming of NASA.

While young rappers are exhausted in the pursuit of trends, eighteen Brooklyn MC John Bedes made a name for himself, staying true to clear bits and blunted rhymes East Coast 90. But in his retro style there is nothing frozen. He even persuaded bit of genius golden age DJ Premier track record with him — no small accomplishment for a guy who has not even born when there was «Illmatic» — classic collaboration DJ Premier and Nas. «And now, — says John about his team Pro Era, — there were only us.»

COUNTRY DIVA Ashley Monroe

Nashville heroine knows how to save the marriage «50 shades of gray»

Sound Ashley Monroe — a classic Nashville. Texts — in a much lesser degree. The examples do not have a long walk. In his breakthrough hit «Weed Instead Of Roses» native of Tennessee called heavy metal and «whips and chains» of the best ways to spice up a dull marriage, and her new album, Like A Rose »contains the first ever reference to the country» 50 shades of gray. » «I only sing about what I know myself — says Ashley. — And it happens to me all. Recently, I met Willie Nelson and such, ‘Wow, you’re Willie just gorgeous smell. «

KING raves Eric Prydz

Swedish DJ in the underground electronic displays charts

He could be Pete Best dance music, but Eric Prydz, ex-member of Swedish House Mafia, is not resigned to the fate of the loser. Writing is one of the largest electronic pop hits of all time «Call On Me», where he sampled Steve Winwood, Prydz made his sound is much tougher. Today, he picks up on the ears festival crowd with techno and house jams that are stiffer and are simply better than his former colleagues in the Mafia. «I do not make music to publish it — he said. — I make music that I was missing. «


Punk upstarts revive the spirit of the 77th euphoric performances

This ecstatically funny British punk band achieved the popularity of the old-fashioned way — bypassing majeure London clubs and trying to create their own scene in the sleepy district of Lam bet. An excellent debut disc Palma Violets «ISO» is associated with The Clash and garage rock 60s. The band has a distinctive British sound, which the British rock lately sorely missed. «Today London is filled with dream-pop in the style of the 90s — says bassist Alexander» Chile «Jesson. — We do not have anything against etoge our music to a greater extent … with eggs. «

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