DATA — Aircraft

DATA - Aircraft

Criteria for selection of commercial data centers may vary. The boundaries between countries are becoming less and less an obstacle to «move» IT systems and / or services. For example, as described Sperga Maris, one of the major customers of the new data center Dattum — Russian company, decided to move its servers to Riga from London. The reasons for such a decision became lower price, the presence of Russian language support, as well as significantly lower latency during data transmission. When you access the servers in London, the latter value is 60 ms, and when they are placed in Riga — 19 ms. Finally, from Moscow to the Latvian capital can be reached in just half an hour, which was an additional factor in favor of the data center Dattum.

Suppose a commercial data center selected. Next, you need to move some IT services. This problem can be very difficult. His experience of the transfer from one data center to another system Zar shared Offline Robertas Balkis, Manager Sales Support Company Hostex BDC. Customer project was the company Rimi Baltic Group — the largest in the Baltic region retailer with 234 stores in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The SAP system serves approximately 2,800 members, and it is critical for the business: in its inaccessibility stop all the logistics and movement of goods, and in the end — and customer service. Valid only several hours of downtime a year.

Initially the system is deployed on the platform HP Integrity rx8640 Itanium2, it was in a data center in Germany. «Move,» it was one of the data center in Vilnius Hostex BDC on the classic servers HP C7000 / bl460S G8 with Intel x86. The transfer process should not be interrupted during operation of the chain stores and logistics centers in the Baltic States. Duration of the project on migration was to be three months, and the duration of maintenance downtime — a maximum of 12 hours. For failure or delay in the project was provided by a fine of 1 million euros.

For some time, the system was divided between Germany and Lithuania — one of the resources are in the same data center, and the other — the other, requiring serious efforts to control and ensure coordinated functioning. During the migration, the load on the servers and storage systems is becoming significantly more than during normal operation, therefore, to maintain the necessary performance required to establish a provisional system that became a buffer between the source and destination. Finally, the capacity of networks between Lithuania and Germany was not enough — «hard to get a gigabit channel really only available megabit» laments Robertas Balkis. Therefore, most of the data (of the order of 10 TB) were transported by plane — in a suitcase with a special system, including server and storage systems. Through a network of transferring only the data changes.

Russian companies and organizations are beginning to not only theoretically understand the benefits of commercial data centers, but also to extract them in practice. A growing number of success stories of the cloud consumption model of IT, including the model of «infrastructure as a service» (LaaS), contribute to a further increase in the number of customers interested in such services.

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